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Southern League club fail with appeal against 12 points deduction, jeopardising playoff place

Southern League Premier Central club Mickleover fail with their appeal against a 12 points deduction, jeopardising their playoff place.

Mickleover have had 12 points deducted for fielding an ineligible player, due to a clerical error relating to the extension of a loaned player.

It now means that Mickleover now drop to 5th place just 6 goals ahead of Saturday opponents Stamford, who are 6th and on the same points as them going into the final weekend. Have a look at the table below…


The clubs appeal against a 12 point deduction, the maximum for fielding an ineligible player, was heard today. This followed the registration of a loan extension not being correctly registered on the FA system.

This was a clerical error and the club will tighten up on its internal procedures to ensure that this is a one-off occurrence. The club have cooperated throughout the investigation.

Including agreeing to waive the 14 day preparation allowed for these appeals in favour of 7 days, agreeing to timings on the leagues schedule to facilitate an outcome ahead of Saturdays fixtures. The club appealed at the severity of the sanction.

It was today decided by the FA that the original decision is correct and the club will be deducted 12 points.

The club- Staff, Management, players and volunteers, stand by the officials involved. The result of the FA decision today leaves us in 5th place and in the final off place. The play off place is in our own hands.

Please come to the game on Saturday and show the players your support for the fantastic season that they have had.


An appeal by Mickleover FC to the FA of the decision by the League to deduct the Club twelve points from its total was heard today.

The Appeal Board dismissed the appeal and therefore the deduction of twelve points shall be made with immediate effect.

The matter related to Lewis Ridd having played in seven matches between 27th January and 2nd March when his loan extension was not registered correctly.

This is how fans reacted as the Southern League club fail with their appeal against a 12 points deduction, jeopardising their playoff place…

@Dickofworm: Best of luck for tomorrow and the playoffs!

@Telford0nTour: Finally the fans know more about this decision and that this decision is now final.. Micklover have been officially deducted 12 pts leaving them out of playoff spots..

@iamlaurabarber: Harsh but oh so sweet😍😍

Phil Rowland: I am in London tonight but will be back for the game; awful decision but let’s get the 3 points guys 👍

Adam Newall: At Pride Park tommorow but wish Sports all the best. Turn this injustice into a positive and still get Promotion.

Peter Scherer: I believe the penalty was purely levied by the league and not the FA. But as an official team sheet is registered before the game, then why did the league not spot that the player was ineligible sooner Then the maximum games he would have played before the error was corrected would be one. But due to a league error been slow to react the points deduction is 12, when it could have been just three?

Adam Newall: Peter Scherer Agree the Registrations Secretary at the Southern League needs to take some responsibility for not picking this up sooner.

Martin Plant: Insane level of punishment for an admin error. Overspend by tens of millions and get 4 or 6 points and reduced on appeal but fill a form in wrong and you’re in big trouble. The football worlds gone mad 😡

Richard Cawood: Extremely harsh.

Geoff Noble: Further proof if it were needed that the FA is run by petty vindictive fools who are only interested in the Premiership and know nothing or care nothing about grassroots football….

James Richards Circus: Do the business on the pitch and move on. We all know its excessive and again can’t wait to see what the club with 115 charges against them receive in regard of a penalty. Hats off to the team for handling the matter so professionally after admitting an error.

Matt Reed: Take away the points acquired in the game with the ineligible player and maybe add 1 or 2 extra on top as worst case punishment….12 is ridiculous but let this injustice be fuel to the fire!

Lee Harwood: I know rules are rules but I think that’s excessive and if I’m not mistaken when a team goes into administration in the football league they only get a 9 point deduction

Robert Johnson: Seems a rather harsh punishment to me. Hopefully it will fire the players up more to get a win tomorrow and even promotion. At the Derby game tomorrow but good luck. Up the Sports! 🔴⚫️

Jo Fowkes: Disappointing about the decision but well done for taking it on the chin. I feel desperately sorry for the poor person(s) responsible for the clerical error but that is so easily done. I wish everyone involved with the club the very best for Saturday x

Stephen Barker: Seems harsh to me, I think if it was not just little Mickleover it might have been reduced. I am going to Derby game on Saturday but if get time, will try and get to game

Mick Sault: Go and smash them Saturday and then win the play offs. 👍

Harry Morgan: Same amount of points as going into administration that’s insane especially if it was a genuine mistake most times would be fined

Nigel Mason: that is still very harsh! s*it on the little club again and yet Man City break god knows how many rules yet are not even deducted a few points. good luck from a Brewer and hope you still manage to get promotion

Ray Bown: I find this decision tough and hard to take..especially when You see what’s going on in the Premiership with the likes of Everton..Forest..Man City and Chelsea all breaking financial fair play regulations.. Come on lads get that win tomorrow 🏆👍 and get that playoff game on Wednesday..

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