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Southend United are issued another winding up petition as more concerning details emerge

National League club Southend United are issued with yet another winding up petition as more concerning details emerge this week.

Two months prior to the filing of the petition, the financially troubled National League club settled a £1.4m tax debt.

The Shrimpers will now appear before the High Court on the 17th of May, after their season ended with backroom staff going unpaid for the past two months, were put up for sale on the 17th of March.

The latest petition was dismissed on the 1st March. But they were summoned before the court numerous times in the last 15 years for the same financial reasons.

Kevin Maher, the head coach of Southend said earlier in the week that he wanted to know the future of the club before he looked at improving his squad.

Southend were one place and two points away from reaching the National League playoff spots.

They have been under an embargo on transfers since September because they had not paid HMRC in a timely manner.

The full-time staff of the club’s office at Roots Hall is also waiting for their March and April salaries.

Ron Martin, the chairman of the club, is under fire, but continues to insist that it is for sale, according to Echo News.

This is how fans reacted as Southend United are issued another winding up petition as more concerning details emerge…

@gafferwoody: Here we are again… Ron putting the club up for sale was at the height of protests and media attention he instantly batted it all off and gained semi peace. We need answers not lip service Ron get out of the club we all love. NOW!

@djmikejolly: The order was presented on 3rd April? Wasn’t that the day the club announced they were extending the early bird window on season ticket sales? The level of secrecy and dishonesty is simply mind blowing. This is a new low in disgraceful behaviour if indeed that is still possible.

@bengalpin: Bet everyone is glad they renewed their tickets now

@familydc01: @StanCollymore @CJPhillips1982 Oh my goodness – here we go again. I appreciate the selling process may require NDA’s but there could be an update on a “no names” basis. Seriously concerned liquidation is around the corner.

@ShrimpersTalk: I’m at the point now that I’m saying I don’t give a damn anymore but inside I know I care and this whole thing taking yet another twist this morning is a hit punch

@robj_j: If he didn’t pay staff when he had income during the season he’s very unlikely to do it over the summer – just do the decent thing and hand the club over to someone who wants to try to run it properly – really feel for the fans

@YeattsMatthew: Glad I never renewed my ticket yet !!…after 60 years of watching blues I am looking to find a properly run club to watch next season

@stevecaton66: This feels like the end of SUFC

@onefortheroad22: I really hope something positive can happen for your club. To finish where you did in the table is remarkable considering the shitshow going on in the background 🙏 RESPECT

@GmanGrout: Martin out! enough is enough 🤡

@nick_sufc1994: Past caring now apart from the staff unpaid. It’s like a merry go round same old nonsense will never change until it’s sold no longer shocked

@ShaunMalone1997: If we as fans have to storm the stadium and phyiscally root that lying charlatan out and make him face the music in front of us all then that’s what we have to do. Nothing more than a lying, reckless piece of scum. No rest until the conman is in prison.

@dan_quinn86: What an utter fucking shambles. I hate him so much.


@JackShikari12: They’ll pay it off at the final hour again 🙄 shocking running of the club

@wrexhamerican: Southend United FC faces yet another winding up order on May 17. The club and supporters deserve so much better stewardship. Martin OUT.

@_JamesWood_: Unsurprising, inevitable and what I’ll always remember this Chairman for, being a crook (politely). Clutching and a lack of know how on my part but any chance that this could speed up the process of a sale and mean that he takes less and less money?

@deanallum: No doubt RM will blame the fans for not buying enough season tickets

@Declan_Mcghie: Average day at Southend these days 😞

@Hayden_SUFC: Knew this was going to happen this situation was inevitable to happen again whilst under Ron this situation will keep happening our fans never learn

@Andrew_Shrimper: Just another day in the life of a Southend fan. 😔😔😔😢😢

@ShaunMalone1997: He’s stolen our money, heart, soul, identity, reputation, league status, assets. Our staff remain unpaid during a cost of living crisis. The state of our stadium is an embarrassment. He’s a lying, thieving, charlatan. If you still back him you are *not* a fan. RON MARTIN OUT.

@tomhwilliams23: Always seems to be papering over the cracks at #Blues. I really feel for Southend fans. Surely enough is enough now. Just a constant cycle of disappointment. Something has to be done to prevent this happening again

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