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Southend player amuses with ‘sh*thouse’ reaction laughing at Chesterfield’s Branden Horton

Southend United player Gus Scott-Morriss amuses viewers with his ‘sh*thouse’ reaction laughing at Chesterfield’s Branden Horton.

National League leaders Chesterfield had their 13-match unbeaten run ended after a 2-1 defeat at Roots Hall, with the hosts coming back from going behind.

The Spireites looked to be keeping their their fine form which saw them pick up 12 wins within that unbeaten streak, including the last five, when they opened the scoring in the 27th minute thanks to striker Will Grigg getting his fifth goal in four league matches getting on the end of a cross sent in by Michael Jacobs.

However, many wouldn’t have predicted Southend to net twice inside three second-half minutes with Jack Bridge scoring the equaliser from the penalty spot on 60 minutes, and then Fonguck drove into space and looked to play in Wood. It deflected off a defender and somehow went into the corner past Tyrer.

A challenge from Chesterfield’s Branden Horton led to Southend being awarded a spot kick, with Southend United player Gus Scott-Morriss laughing in his opponents’ face.

Southend Head Coach Kevin Maher said, as per the club website: “All credit to the players. After a defeat last week, coming to face the leaders and going behind as well, to turn it around was incredible. It was fully deserved too.

“I knew we’d come and play with the energy and intensity that we always do, but Chesterfield are a top team. We only had two subs and you knew we’d have a problem when they brought subs on, but to a man, the players stood up to it and played really well.

“In the first half we had chances, Will Grigg takes his goal brilliantly but we kept pushing and eventually got to them.

“It was important to keep doing the same thing despite going behind and keep asking questions. We wanted to keep going to try and win the game, and that’s what we did. If you keep at teams, eventually you force mistakes. It’s a bit of luck for the second goal but you earn that with how you work.

“At half-time there were tight quads and tight hamstrings. I was delaying making subs because you don’t know who’s going to crack first, but I thought the organisation was good defensively. We didn’t give them too much and kept them in front of us.

“You can feel the positivity. We’ve all been here during dark times, but we had more than 8,000 here and they still stayed with the players when we were 1-0 down.

“You need that when you’re losing. It’s right up there with the best results since I’ve been here, to beat the calibre of team we’ve beaten.”

“We’re disappointed and sick,” Cook said via Chesterfield’s YouTube channel.

“To give the two goals away we have isn’t nice, they’re absolutely bad goals.

“But rather than getting into my own stuff I’d much rather compliment Southend.

“It was a great atmosphere in the stadium and a great result for Southend.

“The fans go home delighted.

“We’ve had loads of plaudits lately and we’ve had national media and everything but today is Kevin’s day with his players and supporters and we wish them well.

“Our lads have earnt one or two of these so we’ve got to accept that, ” said Cook.

“Does it make it right now? No, but it’s happened to us.

“Southend were a really robust, honest team who put it up to us and we should’ve gone on to score the second and third goal but we were back to giving the ball away.

“We get on with it and we’ll lick our wounds but I certainly want to pay Southend a massive compliment and say well done today.”

As mentioned, the Southend player amuses with his ‘sh*thouse’ reaction laughing at Chesterfield’s Branden Horton…

@LauraBlenes: Can’t stop watching this 🤣 go on @GusScottmorriss 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

@Devonport_Jack: Never change @GusScottmorriss 💩🏠

@rayleighmartin: @GusScottmorriss the proverbial cheeky chappy.

@dubzy501: Gus loves orchestrating the west stand. More, more, more

@andyclose6: Another phenomenal performance from everyone involved. Keep it going Gus, we are all behind you 110% 💪

@bmwsmiler1: Gussy boy well played. Legends the lot of you

@Sean99Wall: I fucking love you 💙

@johnfrench52: Not all superheroes wear capes, but some wear Southend United football shirts. Unbelievable group of players.

@shrimperjon: @GusScottmorriss being Gus. How can you not love this guy. Optimises everything good about the club

@stevebarrell: That’s the reason I ❤️ @GusScottmorriss

@mondazeo88: Oh @GusScottmorriss you absolute 💎 with this bit of shithousery! 🤣🤣🤣 Top Of the League? You’re having a laugh! What a day! What a team! What a club! We love you Southend we do!

@AllAtSeaFanzine: Saw this, loved it. The most likeable player we’d had at the club since Elvis.

@Mrdudley83: Motm award deffo deserved!! Well done gus, get on them beers 🍻

@magictorchessex: Bloody brilliant today mate. Get plastered tonight, you all deserve it and I’ll be toasting you all into the early hours 🦐🦐🍺

@LeeM_007: legend already GSM 💙🦐 #duracell 🔋🔋

@justinmacal41: Sat in South Upper gus love the mouth you gave the keeper after second goal love it 😀 and you top bloke 👍

@a7272897: Brilliant game 🦐

@KeithAn92627133: Incredible day for all us shrimpers fans Gus 🙌 ❤️

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