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Southampton tweet choosing NOT to back England hugely backfires

Southampton have published and tweet choosing NOT to back England and it hugely backfires with pretty much everyone right now.

At 8:25am on the same day that the Three Lions get set to play Denmark for a place in the Euros final, the Premier League club have seemingly wished Vestergaard luck instead of the team’s own nation.

It really wouldn’t be surprising if the Premier League club take down the tweet, which is still up as of midday on Wednesday, especially looking back at the response it’s received.

As mentioned, the Southampton tweet choosing NOT to back England hugely backfires, check out the reaction that it got on Twitter…

@ReeceDSport: Shut up

@_supersaints: What the fuck is this? Back Vestergaard over England. Awful tweet. He’s not even gonna be our player by September.

@kade_bladeSE25: Embarrassing club. Genuinely sickening this. Southampton need a points deduction before the league starts. Could never be my club tweeting out shit like this.

@PompeyFan24680: Embarrassing

@ifyougetI0st: this is why pompey are the biggest club on the south coast

@samdavisuk: Close to 500 members of staff at Southampton. Coaches, academy staff, cleaners, community team, kit men, admin, media, tickets… the majority of them English. Yet they concentrate on whooping on the one player that won’t not even be at the club next season. Bizarre admin.

@MickeyJ1999: We’re an English football team lads… surely should be hoping he doesn’t do his thing?

@Cal_pafc: If he does do his thing it’s an easy win for us though

@ChrisDodd12: Someone’s bitter that JWP got left out..

@WillHughes_: Nice to see you’re backing the home nation tonight. Tinpot club.

@chrisstewartsfc: Not today, lads

@DWTheDoctor: As much as I love the big Dane and I’m a devoted saints fan I kind of don’t want him to do his thing 😂 sorry @SouthamptonFC @JVestergaard7 ⚪️🦁

@Cam_1901: Cmon lads you can do better than this

@teddynettle1: Pahahaha wtf is this shit

@philproctor7: Sums up the state of our club at the moment

@Aaron25650310: Shocking club

@danparker87: I love you saints but are you on crack!?

@JCoffen17: Hopefully he turns peak @SouthamptonFC performance tonight #shit

@_liamchambers_: Forever in Portsmouth’s shadow

@DannyPatterson7: Can’t believe they’ve still left this on 🤣 strange tweet. Admin beyond cringe.

@_RobWBA: Yeah, Pompey are a bigger club than you anyways…..

@MrVaux_SEMH: Shambles of a club.

@CUHD44968424: Exactly why Pompey are in league 1 and still a bigger club than you.

@RyanColeman88: Well, this is embarrassing.

@UTM_Mariners: Patriotism. Wow. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

@xmaiisie: delete this is embarrassing

@BHAFC_Danny: This is why ur the smallest club in the south.

@jamesprimavesi: If do your thing means play well but have a concentration laps and make one key defensive howler that leads to a goal then yes, fully agree.

@PompeyDJ1: What a weird club

@Golacticos2: If he does do his thing then England will win. Just need to use pace against him. Good in the air, can pass. Not great positionally and slow.

@jimneedle: I want a refund on season ticket

@Matty_holloway: Admin, have a word with yourselves! 🤦🏻

@CalumashSFC: sorry jannik but i hope you dont do ye thing 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

@michaeldjnewell: I hope he does, because doing his thing is usually conceding a lot of goals

@kian_w4: This is why Portsmouth are a bigger club than you

@FUTCONCEPTS: “Do your thing” and concede 9 goals for the third time please.

Gareth Southgate praised his England players for “breaking barriers” as they aim to make history in their Euro 2020 semi-final.

“We don’t have as a good as football history as we like to believe sometimes,” he said on the eve of the match.

“These players are making massive strides and breaking barriers all the time, we have broken barriers in this tournament and we have another opportunity to do that tomorrow.

“We’ve never been to a European Championship final so we can be the first which is really exciting for everybody.

“I think they (the England players) are just looking forward to a hugely exciting opportunity. They understand that to play in tournaments is what international football ultimately is all about.

“They know that this is a great chance to be the first team to get to a final. But they’re excited by it, I don’t think they’re inhibited by it.”

Denmark won 1-0 at Wembley in a Nations League game during that time, their first loss under the arch since defeat to Spain over two years earlier.

“I have to say, the autumn was a very difficult period for us,” Southgate conceded.

“So many things that we had to deal with from before we named the first squad in September, through to events that happened during the games, just before the games, lack of availability of players.

“The games against Denmark themselves were tough. We knew what their record was going into those games and we tried something with the formation of the team.

“It was a definite shift in how we were viewed. That was a very good learning process for us.

“I knew when I took the job what it was. I was under no illusions of what the job was and what it entailed.

“I just think we were in an interesting period: midway through the pandemic, no fans in the stadiums. It was a very different experience. I can’t say I enjoyed the autumn matches at all.

“I thought it was a miserable experience for players. We were fulfilling fixtures rather than looking forward to them. I think a lot of teams felt the same way.”

“We’ve had expectation during the whole tournament and I think we have dealt with that really well, in the opening game (against Croatia) for example, and in the game with Germany,” Southgate added.

“But we’ve never been to a final so the pressure is what you choose it to be really, I think it is a motivating thing, it is a challenge for us.

“If we were a country that had won five titles and had to match what had gone before I might feel differently but we are not.

“Denmark have won it so maybe there is more pressure on Denmark to replicate that – but it is not the way we are viewing the game, we know it is about performing on the day.”

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