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South Shields chairman condemns own fans over causing damage to own stadium

South Shields chairman Geoff Thompson condemns his own club’s fans over causing damage to their own stadium on Saturday afternoon.

The Mariners were too much to handle in their penultimate pre-season friendly against Pontefract Collieries on Saturday, running away 4-1 winners.

Martin Smith, Darius Osei and a brace from Dylan Mottley-Henry sealed the victory, looking comfortable throughout.

Shields had the first chance of the game as Robert Briggs tried his luck from distance, but his effort was comfortably collected by Pat Boyes.

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Jordan Hunter sent in a dangerous cross to the back post minutes later, but Briggs couldn’t direct his header goalwards, and it ended up high and wide.

The hosts found themselves on the front foot, with Smith’s turn to bring the ball forward. His effort, however, was straight at Boyes, and was held.

Pressure paid off with Smith finding the bottom corner to break the deadlock. Osei played a pass through to the oncoming midfielder, who placed his effort beyond Boyes.

Shields then made it 2-0. After a numbers crosses into the six-yard box, and a few heroic blocks, the ball ended up with Mottley-Henry, who smashed the ball into the net.

A third goal came in a matter of minutes, through Osei. Gary Liddle released the forward following a superb pass. Osei ran through and hit his effort beyond Boyes.

Blair Adams nearly got a fourth just before the break as he worked room for a shot, but saw his dragged effort go wide of the far corner. Mackenzie Heaney also had a chance, but he couldn’t sort his feet out in time at the back post, and the ball rolled out for a goal kick.

Myles Boney had a rather quiet opening half, though did have to stop Fabian Bailey’s attempt to get one back, a header from point-blank range, but Boney managed to save with his legs, and the ball was cleared.

Boyes made an outstanding save at the start of the second half for the visitors as Hunter zipped the ball across the six-yard box and Osei smashed the ball towards the net at point-blank range, but the goalkeeper somehow got his body in the way.

Pontefract nearly brought one back as Jack Vann caught a first-time effort perfectly from distance, but his effort skimmed the crossbar and went over.

Mottley-Henry was challenged just outside of the area and Briggs stepped up for the free-kick, but his curling effort graced the top of the bar.

Shields could have had a fourth midway through the half. Heaney found Michael Woods with a fantastic cross, but the midfielder couldn’t keep his effort down.

The Mariners made it 4-0 through Mottley-Henry, finding himself in acres of space behind the Pontefract defence and had time to take a touch and pick his spot before firing into the net.

The travelling side scored shortly afterwards with Joe Lumsdale hitting a first-time effort into the far corner.

However after the game, South Shields chairman Geoff Thompson condemns a few of his own fans over causing damage to their own stadium.

He said in a tweet: “Disappointing to say the least to see we have our own fans vandalising our toilets in the new stand? We are a community club! We have cctv throughout the stand and when we find the culprits they will be banned for life – I’m gutted.”


@Mr_S_David: I don’t know how many times I complained last season about the number of people in the new stand that not only hadn’t paid for the upgrade but constantly kicked seats, stood in the stairs and that’s why I have not bought a seat this season, nothing was ever done!!

@SLorro_: WTF. 😡 They’re obviously not fans.

@sean_haswell: Get some of the images up, we will root it out our selves.

@BlackyD1979: I wished I’d had of seen them 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼

@g1johnson: 😡 madness this! Get them out!

@steve0191: I cannot believe my eyes 👀 reading this, absolutely shocking and sad to see (((

@Naomi_Robson1: Sorry to hear this Geoff. Hoping to get myself to a fixture soon!

@sandramcfaulds: That is disgusting! We are better than that and whoever is responsible should not be allowed back, they most likely (I hope) not every day supporters, sad times.

@NicDavis123: Omg !!!! So they should be aswell 😡

@slashmcglasham: Like everyone profoundly shocked by such reprehensible and despicable behaviour These people value and respect nothing, neither themselves nor their community Appreciation of everything you have given to SSFC is universal and it’s incumbent on all of us to safeguard our club

@jamietee85: Why man!? 😡😡😡😡

@PaulCC20: Along with a ban for life maybe print their photos and names on the urinals? I’m sure your loyal fans wouldn’t mind a bit of target practice. Put them in the matchday programmes too. Actions have consequences.

@ElizabethElizw: Disgusting behaviour and fans like this you don’t need. Hopefully police are involved in catching these truly horrible people.

@PaulGibson1701: Disgraceful behaviour. Why would anyone do that to the club. I hope the full force of the club comes down on them…

@a19nmp1973: Scumbags, they don’t deserve you & @SouthShieldsFC 🔨

@BarrieCooke4: Yh I feel really sorry for him them people got no respect for other people they just think about there self there ego reputation name tagged don’t understand it wasting tax money to cleen there mess hope they get band for life there pitcher name tagged so everyone see respectmore

@A_G_89: This is absolutely appalling. Bad enough that it’s happened but the fact it’s SUPPOSEDLY South Shields FC fans!? Despicable. Hope to god they’re caught.

@urbanriver: The town is lucky to have someone personally investing into a club whose aims are to improve and embed itself into the wider community and to make South Shields a better place. Yet again the idiotic minority have to destroy it for everyone. Suggest you vandalise your own toilets.

@NEMariner7: An absolute disgrace this …. Inevitable the way our club has grown we will attract all sorts … but to vandalise something that the club has put there for everyone … Scum bags 😡

@Tony09817073: Fabulous stand Geoff,We commented on the facilities including toilets that a number of league clubs would be proud of. Really good use of stand in bringing in revenue with so many revenue outlets. I think you do need to stop non paying supporters using stand. Keep the faith.

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