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Source at QPR claims Jude the Cat mascot was sacked after ‘flirting with female fans at matches’

A source at QPR claims that their much loved Jude the Cat mascot was sacked after ‘flirting with female fans at matches’.

The individual inside the costume has been reportedly dismissed after receiving multiple warnings to cease interacting with spectators and focus on mascot duties.

QPR fans first expressed anger after discovering that the person, renowned for his dance routines on the pitch, had been removed after serving for several years.

A growing number of supporters have urged the club to reinstate the cat, with the animal paying homage to a black cat named Jude, who resided at Loftus Road and was regarded as a fortunate symbol by the fans.

A source at QPR said, per The Sun: “Everyone at the club loved Jude.

“He had the smoothest moves in the league but, unfortunately, he was a bit of a smooth talker, too.

“Several people complained that he was trying it on with the ladies more than cheering on the lads on the pitch.

“He would always be dancing with them and then trying to get them to give him their number.

“Jude was warned but he couldn’t help himself and the club had no choice.”

The QPR spokesperson has chosen not to provide any comments, however, an official Twitter account managed by the club and dedicated to the cat, has not made any posts in the past month.

According to the club’s website, it indicates that there will be a new person wearing the mascot suit as Jude is expected to make an appearance at QPR’s Championship fixture against Sheffield Wednesday.

On the 2nd of April, @QPRBSJ tweeted: “I’m sorry but this is absolutely disgraceful from @QPR.

“The guy who was our Jude does a fantastic job – loved by the whole fan base, volunteering for free for charity.

“Did so much for @Dotties_journey.

“Calling on QPR to fire the lowlife and get our Jude back. Please RT #QPR”

A screenshot of a Facebook comment by Mark Hoperoft read: “Hounded out by one member of staff, who mentally abused the poor guy all season.

“Supposed to be a family club with family values.

“The writing was on the wall the the member of staff shouting, and swearing at jude outside the ground.

“With all to see, and then being told, “I will get you out” then 2 weeks later, hey ho!!

“Was advised to make a formal complaint then, but the lad loved the job and entertained the crowd on a weekly basis. 5 years of loyal service means shit.

“RIP jude, you will be missed. Should have a jude clap at 5 mins of the next game, for each year of service.”

Twitter users reacted over the two rumours as to why the sacked, one from a source at QPR which claims Jude the Cat mascot was sacked after ‘flirting with female fans at matches’, another saying the man inside the mascot was bullied out of the club…

@AidanMageeTV: All cats love chasing birds. Can’t see the issue here.

@Ian_Collins_03: Season’s over #QPR

@Jayrigg1966: Lighten it up a bit…..Only and I mean only at QPR….

@ScottPurdue8: What a Club!

@qprdel: Ermmmm?

@qpr_isaac27: what an article that is 😭😭

@spenno1990: Just one quiet day as a football club, will never ever happen

@southbank82: Up the Rs ???

@keith4032: Deserves a raise

@SupportersQpr: Aint a club on Earth like us

@bazrutter: Really hope this is not true @qpr this guy was the best iteration of the mascot to date, cheeky entertaining and a great dancer. Unless there is a really good reason feels like the first misstep by the CEO

@H1TTHEROADJACK: Wondered why Jude looked flat on Friday , must’ve been a different Jude , sort it out @QPR #bringbackjude

@JeffBro97756783: Don’t know anything about this allegation but do know Jude is a terrific dancer! I loved watching him.

@DesOnlyWon: Jude’s gone??? He was great

@superckat: Damn! Jude was one of the best things about the club for ages. Don’t know what went on behind the scenes. Will miss him

@miles_qpr: @RSPCA_official can you help

@infinitywaltz: Oh, this breaks my heart.

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