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Sorensen throttles O’Nien after cheeky kiss; fans slam Aarons dive as Sunderland beat Norwich

Jacob Sorensen throttles Luke O’Nien after a cheeky kiss turned the moment sour while fans slam a Max Aarons dive as Sunderland beat Norwich.

O’Nien nearly sent Sorensen flying into the advertising hoardings after he gave him a push in the back as the duo chased the ball before going off the pitch.

As Sorensen got angry at his opponent, O’Nien could only laugh and then put a cheeky kiss to his opponent’s lips.

O’Nien was then slapped by an angry Sorensen, who briefly wrapped his arms around O’Nien’s throat.

The Norwich players quickly stepped in to end the heated moment, before complaining to the uninterested referee.

13 minutes later, people were talking about another moment. Many felt that Norwich’s Max Aarons should have been giving a yellow card.

The clip below, which has been viewed more than a million times, shows him going down rather pathetically…

Referee Tim Robinson was also criticised by both sides of the crowd. Five Sunderland players eded up being booked during the second period.

The most confusing was when Black Cats captain Danny Batth tried to get the ball from Josh Sargent, being booked despite what appeared to be a fair and committed challenge.

Some Norwich supporters joined in with the away end, chanting “You’re not fit to referee.”

After a tackle on Norwich’s Dimitris Giannoulis of Norwich, Trai Hume was also booked, and could have fallen into another challenge on Giannoulis minutes later, but he resisted the temptation and stayed up.

“You have to be a bit more cautious, I didn’t think it was a yellow card,” Hume told Sunderland Echo when discussing his booking. “I thought he dived and told him that after he went down and the referee thought not.

“I then spoke to the fourth official and he said he did dive. When you are on a yellow card you can’t be flying into tackles and just have to stand on your feet really.”

Sunderland manager Tony Mowbray speaking to Sky Sports:

“We’ve got some young French kids who are really talented. Yet it is difficult to get the communication right with them.

“Abou is an amazing talent, but he doesn’t do the simple things very well, he wants to constantly beat someone before he releases it.

“I said he was going to score today, I knew he was going to score and he is learning. They are all learning English football, they have come from a really technical French league and it’s a different game.

“What’s difficult for me is trying to connect with the French guys when I can’t speak their language and I see the disappointment in their eyes when they’re on the bench.”

Norwich manager David Wagner:

“I have to say it was a deserved defeat. In the first half we were well short of the level required. Our passing and movement were not good enough, we were not sharp enough and we deserved to go in at half-time 1-0 down.

“It was better in the second half, and I have no complaints about the effort of the players, but there still wasn’t enough energy and intensity in our play and we didn’t create enough clear chances.

“It was a disappointing result, a disappointing performance, but it’s important not to get too carried away with the negatives, just like you don’t get too carried away with the positives.

“It’s about being honest, having a good chat about what we did wrong, and then making sure we do a lot better when we play again in three days (at his former club Huddersfield).”

The result means the Canaries missed their chance to regain a top-six place, while Sunderland rise to 10th in the Championship.

There was plenty of reaction when Jacob Sorensen throttles Luke O’Nien after cheeky kiss; while fans slam a Max Aarons dive as Sunderland beat Norwich…

@Charlie01917713: Got him round the throat I thought that was a straight red, eg Casimero

@safc_king: Luke should have been sent off for that tbh. The laws of the game say you can’t do this without buying the opposition player dinner first.

@mattnlinz: I’m assuming the Norwich player was sent off for hands around the neck

@Lee_JonB: Norwich fans angry because they’re not related

@tommyccfcregan: First he’s giving piggy backs now he’s kissing players. Fucks wrong with him 😭

@RealLukeEscott: Massive overreaction from the Norwich player, grabbing his throat? 🤔 This is great from O’Nien, plus, he’s a good looking lad!!

@LDA74: Norwich fans wanting a bit in the background 🤣😂😘

@_craigc95: Will absolutely shite himself when somebody tries to kiss him back one day 😂😂

@stewart_buick: I thought hands to the throat area was a red card nowadays 😂😂😂

@MelanieThoms: This bloke is hilarious hahahaha

@Suffolk_Mackem: Hugely embarrassing the standard of officiating in the @EFL And nothing apparently being done about it.

@williamhamilto6: Gotta start bringing in 3 match bans for cheating, I hate it, if the ref don’t see it, watch it after & ban them.

@NightwingSAFC: People will say I’m over reacting due to me been a Sunderland fan but that could possibly be a Red. Deliberate Dive trying to con Ref. Deliberate Handball. Denying a goalscoring opportunity cos Clarkes away

@SAFC_Freddie: mental that the ref gave that

@jamie_davison1: Commentators continuing to find excuses and laugh it off instead of calling it out and criticising players who do it

@jackrrburns: Should get a three match ban for this

@CraigOllerton: Retrospective punishment should be handed out. 3 game ban for cheating.

@bramallblade: That’s a red card. One yellow for the dive and then a 2nd yellow for the deliberate handball.

@LrdofGlencairn: Happens every week. Defender knows they are in a tight position and aren’t going to be able to get out. Slam on the brakes deliberately hoping for the faintest of touches from behind and fall down looking for a free kick. Some of these ref appear to never have played the game.

@smith_ingham: Max Aarons does it all of the time. He is constantly diving and getting away with it. Others wait for the slightest of contact and fall over, Aarons doesn’t wait for the contact and throws himself to the floor.

@mackem49000: Disgraceful refereeing.. I thought the standard would improve once we were promoted out of League one but I actually think it’s worse in the Championship

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