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Solihull fans give divided reaction on chairman’s statement amid concerns to recent departures

Solihull Moors fans give a divided reaction on the chairman’s latest statement amid concerns to recent player departures.

The club confirmed that Andrew Dallas, a key player for Solihull, has joined Chesterfield on loan until the end of the season.

This left many baffled and supporters took to hit out at the decision to let him and other teammates of his (described as their best players) leave.

Moors currently sit 13th in the National League, with 45 points from 35 games played, 10 points from the playoffs and 13 clear of the drop zone.

But a mid-table finish is likely on the cards, disappointing having finished 3rd last season, going on to be knocked out of those playoffs by Grimsby in the final.


A statement from Chairman Darryl Eales.
I wanted to update supporters on the Board’s thinking following the departure of Ryan Barnett to Wrexham and the loan of Andrew Dallas to Chesterfield.

Firstly, and most importantly, the ambition of the club to achieve league status remains undiminished.

However, we need to be realistic and that we balance the short and medium-term priorities and ensure the long-term sustainability of the Club.

As an ambitious, but relatively young and fast developing club, we are still building our supporter base and the general awareness of the club and are at a relative disadvantage to some of our larger competitors.

We have achieved much over the last five years, including further professionalising the club and building our infrastructure, moving us ever closer to making our promotion dream a reality.

But, whether we like it or not, economics are a reality of sport and hitherto the clubs playing budget is effectively funded each year by shareholders and sponsors. This will need to continue for the foreseeable future.

Frankly, this season has not gone to plan and, unfortunately, our play-off ambitions are unlikely to be realised this season.

Therefore, all attention is now focused on finishing this season strongly, with players committed to the club and preparing for next season.

We accept that we are a club that develops talent and are delighted with the progress of our younger players under Neal Ardley’s guidance and the rapid development of our Elite Academy. However, young players have their own ambitions, understandably, and both Ryan and Andrew made it clear that they wanted to play in the EFL next season – and sadly, we are unlikely to match this ambition in the short term.

Our response has, therefore, been pragmatic and we have sought to maximise the revenue opportunity for the club whilst meeting the aspirations of players who have served the club well.

This will ensure we preserve resources so that we can hopefully maintain the playing budget and have a real go at making the play-offs next season.

As I said at the beginning, the aspiration of the club is undiminished, and I can ensure we are working tirelessly to maximise achievability of our aspirations.



The Spireites have signed striker Andrew Dallas on loan from National League rivals Solihull Moors, subject to FA and National League approval.

The 23-year-old Scot, who began his career at Glasgow Rangers, will remain at the Technique Stadium until the end of the season.

After linking-up with his new team-mates, Dallas said: “I was absolutely buzzing when I had the opportunity to come and play at this great stadium. It was one I definitely jumped at.

“Once I got the green light from Solihull, it was something I wanted to pursue and I’m just desperate to get going.”

Dallas joined Solihull from Cambridge United in August 2021 and helped them reach the play-off final last season, scoring in their semi-final victory over the Spireites.

He has scored 14 goals so far this season.

As mentioned, Solihull fans give a divided reaction on the chairman’s statement amid concerns to recent departures…

@mrsfayesmith: Given the number of fans of other teams frustrated by their owners right now, it’s good to see a statement that’s open and honest with supporters. Obvs sad to see players leave, and hopefully no more between now and end of season! But great opportunity for Beck and Kelly too 💛💙

@princeeroberts: What a shocking statement. I appreciate we need to be economically stable but if we are to continue in the NL we need to be keeping our key players. It seems to me Ryan, Dallo, Joe Sbarra are jumping ship before we sink back to NL North. We had a great opportunity to improve our squad and get promotion this season but no we didn’t replace key players. You cannot survive in the NL on a tiny team. We have no ambition n the players know that. Hence the bad performances this season. Fans will continue to leave we build a great ground and training facilities but then find we need to get rid of key players to survive i honestly believe if Daryll stays we will end up relagated next season. Daryll out. Charge way to much in difficult times for many. We are a laughing stock. Disgraceful

@Camthefrogg: Speaks volumes when our chairman has given up on us with 10 games to play

@KieranBcfc89: Yeah……. That push for promotion Isn’t happening for a long, long time. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Sbarra out the door In the next few weeks

@B92CAB: Makes sense sadly but the plan to get league football or even to remain competitive in national league is unclear. You can’t compete with a squad so small and we already name half a bench too often. Need some new players who gel as we won’t get same individual quality in NL

@Green20Geoff: Really Impressed with your honest and yet still ambitious approach to clubs standing. As a NCFC supporter who’s experienced the horror of almost going out of business under a previous regime its refreshing to see your commitment to ensure the Future of SOLIHULL MOORS. 👍👍

@ewan_smfc: Completely given up on the season, what a dire statement

@DeanWSmith79: Absolutely gutted. It’s disappointing, but understand why. Basic economics. Players cost money. These players are a cost, not part of the long term plan & wanted to leave. Better to cut losses now.Have to accept the playoffs are probably out of reach. Be nice to see Josh Kelly get a chance now so we can see what he can do. Nice to have a transparent owner who communicates, but think part of the message is disheartening for fans that have paid money for season tickets and the players still here. On and on. Up The Moors

@philipmarkham; The season was over ages ago and you can’t afford the best players so they understandably want to progress their careers! You also charge too much for tickets now after thinking we would get promoted last season!

@ewan_smfc: Saying that Dallas was clear he wanted to play in the EFL next season then loans him to chesterfield who will just about reach playoffs 😂

@mattjonesminty: If he’s banking on us suddenley getting 4,500 every week he’s going to be waiting a long time.. missed our 1 chance last season, guess he’s just waiting for £££ of land rover for the ground i fear..

@TurnersTurf: May as well put the club up for sale, with that statement! 😂😂

@Richard49058624: I this is the beginning of the decline. We’ll be playing Coleshill in a couple of seasons

@davidcarroll325: Been supporter since 2011 when attendance was 250 & Statto wore short sleeve shirts in winter. Anyone thats supported the club as long as me will hopefully acknowledge how lucky we are to have Darryl and his team. There are big clubs below us eg Oldham, Scunthorpe. Thanks Darryl

@Jce9990Edwards: I can understand the need to let players go for financial reasons and if they wish to play at a higher level. But saying it is unlikely we will make the play offs with 12 games left is a bit premature. Hopefully the players and manager still have some belief.

@NebUtd18: You’ve been getting rid of key players since November without properly replacing them so you must have gave up on the season then

@Flapper_Kirby: Talks about building a fan base but statements like this will keep people away…,season is over with 12 games to go, let best players leave to be financially stable. Money running out?

@DarrenJHouston: The people getting mad at this don’t understand how a football club is ran. Better to have stable financially sound club than to go bankrupt like other big clubs. Respect to how provides communication unlike blues.

@Nwrighty18: Solihull the next to be in financial trouble?

@Robster6578: The foundation teams are paying for the 1st, they have around 80-90 teams girls and boys all paying near £500 a year, so don’t tell me he’s paying for it all it’s balls! I know because my kids play there and we’re lucky if we get our kits before November, club is a shambles.

@Trevzzz__: Something needs to be done and soon. I knew it since the start of this season that this could be our downfall; crap recruitment and the chairman basically giving up on us. The loyal fans want much more, and also stand by my decision of #ardleyout. Up the Moors 🟡🔵 #SMFC

@philharrison192: It just gets worse. The chairman doesn’t want to fund his vanity project any more. I fear for us, I really do. Good luck, Dallo; you’ve been fantastic.

@MashStPaddy: So Solihull Moors have given up on the playoffs. The interesting thing here is they have ps at their disposal. Certainly more ps than Bromley and yet the chairman is stating its too hard to compete at the top level of the league.

@antmc03: @SolihullMoors One thing to ask is how come we haven’t looked at anyone from our academy setting when we losing players like Leo wood and Morgan Owen and shambrook.

@adamdrew1988: Wow that statement is open, transparent, and honest as ever. A brave one to open up to supporters about financial disadvantages. Dread to think what response there’d be if Ben Robinson was to put a similar statement out. All he’ll would break loose on the supporters Facebook 😒

@greenamark: Chesterfield made a similar load bid to Barnet for Mason Clarke last season. My understanding they offered Barnet 75K for the loan. I’d imagine there is some sort of loan “fee” involved.

@futboljac0b: The clubs finished, sbarra next and we’ll get relegated next year at this current rate

@Jce9990Edwards: Best of luck of luck Dallo. Will always remember the 5 goals in 60 minutes. Could have gone on to score 10 goals that day if you hadn’t been subbed off. Chance for Josh and others to continue the push for the playoffs.

@antmc03: I can understand people’s frustration and anger. Ryan and andy have a target to reach the efl. We still have options upfront with beck and kelly. The gaffer will have to rotate the formation abit.

@TomPike21: All that gloating in the playoffs last season and shithousery for us to nab your best player the following season 👍🏻

@Khiba023: Why? Cause this club is fucked. They say “this is karma cause you gloated in the playoffs”. Genuine question, when have a non league team never gloated in the playoffs? Ardley will leave. The chairman admitted there’s no hope for playoffs, what a stupid fall from grace.

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