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Soccer Saturday hits new low with fans after baffling debates

Sky Sports’ Soccer Saturday show seemingly hits a new low with fans tuning in after baffling debates get the broadcaster trending on Twitter.

They panel of pundits discussed many topics across the afternoon, discussion on this weekend’s Premier League matches, VAR, Wolves’ Adama Traore hitting the woodwork against Burnley, the Ballon d’or, the new interim manager at Man Utd, the torrid time Everton are having, and even Raheem Sterling apparently being ‘best player in the world’ not too long ago according to Paul Merson.

That along with much other discussion just didn’t appear to go down well with viewers watching on back home with social media users accusing pundits of screaming and bitching at each other even if it was in good spirit.

This all comes just days after a new photo was uploaded onto Twitter, and it was all the old Soccer Saturday pals together eating out and leaving football fans gutted that they still aren’t altogether on the show.

As mentioned, Soccer Saturday hits a new low with fans after some of Saturday’s baffling debates, take a look at what people were saying to make the show trend on Twitter…

@KRISKROS5: Don’t blame m @JeffStelling is leaving soccer Saturday. It’s absolutely terrible viewing this.

@sdocherty32: Soccer Saturday panel hasn’t have went right down hill

@andy_maclay: @SoccerSaturday you boys are wrong about the WHU offside. For offsides, it doesn’t have to be a clear and obvious error. That’s only for judgemental decisions, not decisions of FACT!

@StewartFlemin12: Soccer Saturday talking like West ham are prime Barcelona Antonio is lewandowski and moyes is some sort of managing messiah 🤣🤣🤣 embarrassing

@anorrieTHFC: Soccer Saturday really isn’t what it used to be. Clinton Morrison is terrible and how Paul Merson is the only one of the old guard to survive the cull is fucking beyond me!

@goddammitbrian: Stuck on Soccer Saturday there and it is such a spent force of nature. Used to be brilliant, Jeff Stelling still brilliant but Christ on a bike.. Merson, Dawson and fuck my life Kris Boyd!? The show needs to be put out of its misery

@jimi_06: How on earth can Clinton Morrison and Chris Boyd get on the Sky Sports panel for Soccer Saturday!! Shocking @SkyFootball

@PabloFanque_7: See Boyd making a c*nt of himself again on Soccer Saturday. One thing I’ll say about him, he is consistent.

@TonyThePonyyy: Never seen a bigger downgrade in my life than @SoccerSaturday – Boyd, Morrison and Dawson provide nothing. PC brigade ruined one of the greatest shows on TV.

@AlexDylanFord: Once Jeff leaves Gillette Soccer Saturday that’s me done with this channel, listening to these morons is sending me insane!

@Iuckied: Why are they screaming on Soccer Saturday ffs calm down ya clowns

@pippy_mufc: Get Merse off Soccer Saturday. Just shouts nonsense all afternoon.

@philc1978: Put on Soccer Saturday. It appears to just be shouting. There’s enough of that amongst the children in the house without the TV adding to it.

@ChadTheCat27: Soccer Saturday ain’t what it used to be. Clinton Morrison struggles with basic English and just shouts over everybody. Bring back big nose Thompson and Charlie Nicholas. Kings 👑

@rossbsmcgill: @SkySports can you get Clinton morrison off soccer Saturday. His takes are absolutely honking man. At least ask him to stop shouting

@Cvetomir23: Raheem Sterling has not been the best player in the world for one second of his life

@ahmedIfc: No he wasn’t…

@leightonjones9: Merse is back on the drink

@jonaspablo45: Sorry Merse, Sterling has never even been the best player at his club. Ever.

@UtdYam1: wtf is this guy on… get him off the panel

@GarethEarnshaw1: Sterling has never been the best player in the world, he’s never been the best player in the Premier & he’s never been the best player at City.

@TheRetrospecti3: I continue to find it incredible how someone who played professional football can know so little about the sport

@fozzy_mufc: Mersons lost it, he hasn’t had a good take in years. Probably time for him to retire in all honesty. He’s not entertaining and not informative at all imo.

@JadonSanchez9: How is this guy in a job like this

@GrumpyDad3: Turned on Soccer (a word that makes me grind my teeth) Saturday & they are talking shit about Adama. Paul Merson has just called us a “selling club”. Been on the nose candy again, Paul? Fucking prick. #SoccerSaturday

@GrumpyDad3: Merson has just spunked all over the desk. Biased twat. He must have had a tenner on Liverpool. #SoccerSaturday @SkyFootball

@Stump4uk: Not watched Soccer Saturday in ages. Just turned it on to listen to Clinton Morrison and someone else shouting over each other for 5 minutes. Turned it off. You’re best off out of it Jeff. #SoccerSaturday #SkySports #gooddecisionjeff

@gobaith: Outstanding coverage on BT with @mrjakehumphrey, @rioferdy5 etc. Turn over to Soccer Saturday on @SkySports to hear Merson rudely shouting down Clinton Morrison, not letting him speak. Turn back to @btsport

@tomcahill7: Is it any wonder @JeffStelling is leaving @SoccerSaturday having to sit amongst that group of numpties would be insufferable. I’ve had enough myself, switching over to @btsport

@TomClarke138: Get Clinton Morrison off @SoccerSaturday ffs please. Honestly hate it with him there. Bring back Dion Dublin. Much better with him. And as for replacements for Jeff, if it’s going to be female it has to be either Sue Smith, @MichelleOwen7 or @beewestwood. BANTER WONT BE LOST.

@Tonycfc: Soccer Saturday is one hell of a tough watch these days. Shambles of a tv show now

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