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Sneaky Panama tried to score while England celebrated one of their goals

Sneaky Panama tried to take advantage of England celebrations by taking an early kick off in yesterday’s World Cup clash.

The Three Lions comfortably qualified for the knockout stages after thrashing the minnows with a 6-1 victory.

Panama at 2-0 however thought they had found a clever way to pull themselves back into the contest.

Footage has emerged which showed one Panama man quickly grab hold of the ball and sprinted to the centre spot as he urged his team-mates to quickly join him in getting forward as the England players celebrated Harry Kane’s penalty.

Watch the stunning footage that they didn’t show on TV below…

With Jordan Pickford the only Englishman still residing in his own half, Panama looked to have found an opportunity to score their first ever World Cup goal.

But he only got halfway down the pitch before the referee’s whistle stopped him in his tracks and ended up giving the ball to Pickford – although it might well have been an attempted shot.

Panama’s players thought the ‘rule’ which was recently spread across social media about teams being permitted to take kick off if every outfield player was off the pitch after celebrating a goal was actually true.

Nice try, but perhaps the Panama squad could do with reading up on the rulebook as well as working on their defence. – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

The ‘theory’ is complete nonsense, of course. The referee can only restart the match when all 11 players, or fewer if players have been sent off, are inside their own half of the pitch.


Check out the social media reaction to that moment from the Panama players on the next page.

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