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Sky Sports slammed for Thomas Skinner and Steven Bartlett chats while ignoring important matters

Sky Sports have been slammed for Thomas Skinner and Steven Bartlett chats while ignoring important matters within English football.

Fans across the world saw videos of the two talking to the broadcaster in separate interviews, but it seems a lot of people instead switched it off having being left uninterested.

Many pointed out that ‘this wasn’t sports news’, others felt this was a missed opportunity by Sky Sports to talk about the bigger issues, like concerns regarding to Southend’s future, the football ownership document leaked, the ridiculous spending in the Premier League while grassroots struggle and shutdown.

There are so much bigger matters that could be shown on Sky Sports News right now, but it seems they would rather show off the types of people tat would be better off talking on their Soccer AM show rather than taking over the news channel and socials.

HLTCO wrote: “I’ve got a lot of time for Tom Skinner but it feels to me as though Sky Sports have properly lost their way over the last couple of years. People don’t tune in to their channels for gimmicks; they want measured, insightful coverage, not bandwagon jumping on social media trends.”

Meanwhile Steven Barlett was on Sky talking about the transfer window, one user writing: “Fuck this, what does Deborah Meaden think about us getting Osimhen in the summer?”

This is what fans said with Sky Sports slammed for showing off Thomas Skinner and having chats with Steven Bartlett while ignoring important matters within English football…

@BandanaSavos: Great sports news this

@anton_white123: We should get a 50% reduction in subscription fees for this alone

@NickLapwood: How about inviting a Southend United fan, we’re on the brink of being liquidated on the 1st March.

@ShaySpurs: You lot will bring anyone on! Sky sports is in the gutter

@TalkingTHFC: So glad I cancelled my subscription during lockdown. The absolute state of your broadcasting now.

@JamesDuppie: what has this channel descended into.

@saunders79_G: So they get anyone on here now , there’s hope for me yet . Hey @SkySportsNews, pick me next . I’m waiting , just DM me when you’re ready .

@priestley93: I’m a fan of Tom skinner, have been since the apprentice. But @skysports is a huge platform that people pay a lot of money for. We don’t want influencers or popular business men giving us opinions. We want people who know about the things they’re talking about

@foreverayellow: i don’t want to see the likes of thomas skinner on sky sports news, as much as i like the guy. what really bugs me is why aren’t the broadcaster saying anything about that fact that southend could be gone in less than a month’s time?! and the only time league one, league two or the national league gets talked about is lapping up vegan forest green, salford and the class of 92, or the current hollywood owners and wrexham, when there is far bigger stories to talk about. southend are being run to the ground, and it’s grim that that club are hardly being mentioned by the national media. nah lets big up tom skinner and a curry on a sports news channel

@callummaguire96: £50 a month and this is what you get for it. Pretty embarrassing really!

@skepticfella: Best thing I ever did was cancel my subscription for Sky Sports. Gutter channel with YouTube and IG clowns talking shite.

@DenzelHuck: You cater for the YouTube crowd nowadays. Piss off.

@7AJR7: If you ever needed a reason not to pay for Sky…

@CallumEakins2: People pay a ridiculous amount a month for sky sports and they go and get this clown on for opinions because he done a few videos saying bosh. What the actual fuck

@JimmyDRFC: Love Tom Skinner… but Sky Sports is properly finished. Spend a month with two ballbags sat in a studio pretending they’ve got agents texting them all day every day and then need to pad shows out with this sort of stuff now

@AVFCJono: They removed Jeff Stelling’s age group of pundits which many were familiar and comfortable with, replaced them with a younger generation that very few care for. Now these are their desperate attempts to get back viewership or gain a younger audience under the age of 35.

Ever since they went full yellow tie for deadline day its a sham.
“Sky Sources that can be 2 or 3 days late during windows”.
Soccer AM and Soccer Saturday used to be worth a watch. The panel for that Soccer Saturday is deplorable in comparison to Jeff and former rosters

@Cullers77: It’s become a parody of itself. When you’ve got people like kaveh solhekol parroting what’s on twitter as a major source for transfers, then you know the reporting standards have hit rock bottom.

@TheWillRoss: They had Steve Bartlett on deadline day discussing Sabitzer to united, so weird

@JJABBAL: Thank you. Sky sports coverage has become the worst aspect of Twitter, just hot takes and controversial views designed to gaslight fans into engaging and sharing content

@manlikeusername: Used to be able to have sky sports news on in the background for most the day, don’t even watch a minute of it these days

@billyboxing2: This is getting out of hand now

@Guldercart: Sky Sports news is sinking to new depths.

@ThreeFiveWho: Their deadline day ‘coverage’ is just effectively people in nice clothes refreshing twitter

@PodOfTwoHalves: Sky Sports is dusted once Amazon gets hold of the Premier League rights. The bloody state of this nonsense

@theElgrunn: I like Tom but these are some low levels sky are delving to, to get his opinion on football

@Dermcares: Social media relevancy is the order from the sky sports hierarchy these days. It’s quality and viewership has steadily declined ever since.

@Ste_Healy: I remember when SSN used to report on sports news.

@_RL_1892: Sky Sports news was miles better when it used to be on freeview, now they’re soccer am style try hards

@FplRonarid9: State of this. Sky Sports have completely lost it when it comes to punditry outside of game coverage. Full of YouTubers and bland ex-players. Catering for a younger audience no doubt, but risking losing a large percentage of non-teen viewers. Yes I’m a grumpy one born in the 80s.

@RiddledBlues2: The sky bogs are going to be absolutely DESTROYED

@HEvzWhu: & they wonder why people use IPTV

@t_scanes02: So glad sky sports don’t come out my pocket or I’d have unsubscribed ages ago

@JaseL2022: There’s actual living breathing humans among us that still pay hundred odd quid a month cable subscription to watch this shit!!! Begs belief, a parody channel

@MWebb16: Franchise is in the gutter big time. They’ll get anyone on there these days

@GazOz94: From that prick Goldbridge to that shambles of a commentary team last night with your woman Izzy and now this… Sky Sports are infact in the mud

@matxta: Beg they rewind this channel back 12 years. The fuck has happened to it in recent years….

@JoeHarakis: What’s happened to Sky Sports News? It’s all gimmicks and youtubers.

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