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Sky Sports reporter apologises off his own back after comment leaves Everton fans reeling

Sky Sports reporter Sanny Rudravajhala apologises off his own back after a comment leaves Everton fans reeling on social media.

He took to his Twitter account and said sorry for the upset caused after being slammed for what he had said Everton’s pre-match build-up before winning 3-0 against Newcastle in the Premier League.

Rudravajhala had given a preview on the match on Sky Sports News, but were some distance away from the ground, and clarified why, while saying the “trouble” he referred to was only in regards to potential bad language on air and even explained why he had an affinity with the club which he had not intended to “badmouth”.

In the clip, he says: “We’re on the Wirral, we’re on the other side of the river Mersey, and partly that’s because – I’ll be honest – we know Everton fans are continuing to feel really frustrated and upset about this points deduction. There’s a plan for a protest at the game, a planned protest in the 10th minute as well as course, and as broadcasters we want to keep away from any trouble.”

The 1878s came across the broadcast and expressed their disappointment, insisting that previously held protests held before matches passed off without incident.

The group said: “Prior to our game yesterday, the group along with thousands of fellow Evertonians had held two protests at both our home game against Manchester United, and away at Nottingham Forest.

“Both of these protests, along with our one last night, at home against Newcastle United have been impeccable, successful and passed off without any incidents at all.

“The protests have all been held in a respectful manner, therefore we do not appreciate @SkySportsNews reporting that they were staying away from any trouble at Goodison Park.

“The @SkySportsNews reporter @Sanny_Rudra was reporting from the Wirral prior to the match, insinuating that Goodison is comparable to a dangerous war zone. Yet, the same reporter was at Goodison for the match and stated in a tweet himself “Goodison Park under the lights. Few better sights in English football. Will miss it when it’s gone”. #efc

“Never have any of the efforts by Evertonians been violent or dangerous in any way. It is an absolute disgrace to suggest otherwise.:

Rudravajhala responded with an apology: “Evertonians – I can’t reply to you all – there’s too many. And, as a freelancer I’m writing this as solely me because I know you’re wanting me to correct what’s out there.

“Also, as a football fan who knows exactly what it’s like to feel absolutely done over by those in power, I’m just going to say this all this…

“First off – I don’t think Goodison is unsafe. I was at the game. My brother-in-law is a massive Everton fan and was there too – I wasn’t worried for him either!!

“To everyone who is p*ssed off with me on that front – I am sorry because that’s not what I meant and wasn’t what I was talking about.

“The only ‘trouble’ I was meaning was if someone swore on air – that was it – nowt else. We couldn’t be at the ground anyway for rights reasons (Amazon game).

“I am a Bury fan. For 125 years our club was in the EFL. From 1894 to 2019 we’ve been friends with Everton in the Football League, even when we were long since no longer in the same division.

“I was there though when Andy Johnson was stripped to his underpants on his debut in a friendly and carried around Gigg Lane! I know how Everton fans supported us as we were kicked out of the EFL and that Bill Kenwright wanted to donate £1m+ to save us but wasn’t allowed.

“I know exactly what it’s like when you’re completely powerless in the face of what feels like a huge injustice, where the fans are the ones that are truly punished.

“Bury are now in Division 9 playing (with all due respect) Charnock Richard and Lower Breck, when before we were getting promoted at Tranmere (twice). I’m not sure we’ll ever get back and I wonder if my kids will ever experience derby days in the Football League where it’s absolutely rocking – just like at Goodison last night.

“Most people who’ve had a go at me have called me a ‘wool’, a ‘sausage’ and a ‘g*bshite’. Nothing much worse than that. In an age where all sorts of truly awful stuff gets thrown about on socials, even that is a funny sort of testament to what Everton fans are like.

“So, understand that I didn’t at all mean to badmouth #EFC – far from it. I think you’re one of the few big clubs left that are like how it’s like at my team.

“Goodison, pillars and all, is one of my favourite grounds. I meant what I said too about missing it when it’s gone and it was brilliant under the lights.

“Once stuff’s out there, it’s out there – so I can’t do much about that.

“But for my part, I didn’t at all mean to label Everton fans as people who could have caused me harm. I was a science teacher for 10 years – once you’ve had a room with 30 kids with Bunsen Burners who would delight in burning their school down, you can kind of do alright in most places.

“But I am sorry for the upset I’ve caused. One person in particular sent me a very heartfelt message on that front.

“You’re always learning aren’t you – so I’ve read every message and obviously reflected on what I would do differently, if ever reporting again.

“You’ve all got enough to fight for, without anyone making things worse, which honestly is the last thing I’d want but I take all that you’ve said on the chin.

“Cheers, Sanny ‘wool/sausage/g*bshite’ Rudravajhala

“Also, fair play to the photoshops – my mates haven’t stopped taking the p*ss.”

He was also left stunned by the heartfelt response he got back from Everton fans, who said fair play to him for saying sorry on his own accord.

As mentioned, the Sky Sports reporter apologises of his own back after a comment of his leaves Everton fans reeling, fans have since praised Sanny for this…

@JulieHob1878: Any Evertonian worth their salt will accept this Sanny and fair play for coming on twitter to explain thank you

@brick_travel: It’s came on top hasn’t it 😂 Stop backtracking because sky threw you under the bus. Take what you said on the chin. Even bringing Bury into it 😯

@top_bal_view: This genuinely means a lot. Since January 14th and the lies surrounding headlockgate, our fan base has felt unjustly portrayed as a gang of unruly thugs. Factor in the recent points deduction and emotions are running high. You could have ignored this and said nothing so thank you

@UpperGwladysBlu: Any chance that you can set the record straight the next time you’re on Sky? Far more people will have seen you on tv, reporting from the Wirral & getting the impression that Goodison was a dangerous place due to our fans, compared with the number who will have seen this apology.

@dominichewson: Fair play to you. However on reflection perhaps you should correct your statement when next on Sky. Or have Sky release your statement. The message was fully publicised, the apology and correction won’t be.

@EvertonJimbob: You have to understand we have had enough to delay with and feel sky has not backed us up. Apology accepted

@ToffeeKnows1878: Words matter. They always have and always will. Fair play now for seeing how every word needs to be chosen as carefully as possible, it’s a lesson everyone needs to remember. Hopefully see you back again at Goodison 😊👍🏻

@BigPcat: Fair play for apologising. We Everton fans just want the best for our club. And we’ve been through a torrid time of late. But honestly thanks for apologising 💙

@pabs_76: Sky clearly pushing a narrative on behalf the PL here. Absolutely disgusting behaviour. Let’s not forget though, the tactic of vilifying Evertonians was started by our own club earlier this year. We now seem to be fair game for anyone to smear

@JoPoole_efc: Absolute respect to you for this. Think we are really vulnerable right now so everything feels like an attack. Thank you for this. Fair play 💙💙💙

@DaveW_1878: Fair play. The original post was in ooor taste, particularly due to the grossly unfair accusations that have been leveled at Everton fans. But we all make mistakes and you can do nothing more than hold your hands up. Oh and work on the sense of humour 😁

@EFCLyndon: Fair play, Sanny. As one of the many who responded angrily to the insinuation, I appreciate the apology which I’m sure the vast majority of Blues will

@Richardpatlisat: Credit where its due 👏 appreciate the explanation and apology as I’m sure most EFC fans will!

@KBizz1e: How did Bury get done over by those in power, Sanny? The EFL didn’t force you to spend money you didn’t have. Opposition fans warned you for years what was gonna happen but you all turned a blind eye to it.

@TyEFC81: Takes a lot of guts and nerve to admit you’re wrong and to apologise. Can’t help but respect that.

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