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Sky Sports pundit names Scottish clubs to join European Super League

Sky Sports pundit Andy Walker names Scottish clubs to join the very controversial European Super League set-up which were revealed.

Late on Sunday night, it was confirmed that Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham are among 12 clubs who have agreed to join a new tournament.

In what has been described as a ‘seismic move for European football’, the Premier League clubs will join the likes of AC Milan, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus and Real Madrid.

The proposal involves the clubs forming their own mid-week competition to rival the UEFA Champions League whilst still competing in the English Premier League.

The six English sides would need to be given permission by the English Premier League to compete in the new European Super League.

That decision won’t come down to a vote by the 20 EPL clubs themselves but it will instead come from the league’s board.

That same board has already made it clear that they do not support the formation of a Super League.

If they do not give them permission to join, then those clubs will be forced to leave their domestic league in order to take part.

UEFA, the FA, English Premier League, the Royal Spanish Football Federation, La Liga, the Italian Football Federation and Lega Serie A have all released a joint statement in which they threatened all the clubs involved with a ban.

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Neil Doncaster, chief executive of the SPFL, commented: “The SPFL stands alongside UEFA, the European Leagues, the English Premier League and the overwhelming majority of the game’s stakeholders in vehemently opposing the proposed European Super League.

“These proposals, or any like them, would have an enormously damaging impact on the very fabric of our sport at all levels. It is no surprise they have been so swiftly and overwhelmingly condemned by fans the world over. 

“We believe that any such ‘competition’ would dramatically undermine the global appeal of football and would be financially catastrophic for all but a very tiny minority. 

“The proposals we have seen, assembled by a small, self-selected group of very wealthy clubs, appear to be a cynical and very worrying attempt to thwart the core principle of sporting merit which rightly underpins European football.  They represent a clear and present danger to the sport we all love.

“Now, more than ever, given what we have all been through over the past year, governments, together with the game’s governing bodies and leagues, need to work together to do what is right and protect the very essence of the game.  

“The SPFL stands ready to support all efforts to fight for the principles of solidarity, sporting competition and fairness which lie at the very heart of the game.”

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies


He told Sky Sports: “It’s a real tough decision for both but you need to be realistic.

“I’ve been listening to Celtic and Rangers trying to get away from football for the best part of 20 years.

“So if you were to put this to any senior person at Celtic or Rangers, they will want to know what it’s all about. They will want to know how much money that they can generate, especially for Rangers given their perilous financial position.

“They will want to know what’s happening to the Champions League qualifiers next season. What does it mean? How much money can they get?

“Look at what winning the Scottish Premiership next season brings. It brings immediate access to the Champions League.

“If all that is off the table, then there is a financial landscape that you have to look at that is so serious.

“But let’s not kid ourselves. Celtic and Rangers would want to be involved in this.

“I totally understand the outcry from supporters of clubs who have all of a sudden got a permanence in this European Super League.

“But you give Celtic and Rangers a sniff to get involved, absolutely they would take it, despite what any group of supporters would say.”

He added: “I think you’ll hear supporters saying, ‘we don’t want to be a part of this’.

“I think it would be absolute hypocrisy if you were to speak to any senior person at Celtic, or at Rangers, and they did not want a slice of this.

“How often have they tried to get into English football? How often have they discussed the idea of an Atlantic League? All of that was to generate more money.

“This European Super League as far as Celtic and Rangers are concerned is just another way to generate more money.”

Fans reacted as the Sky Sports pundit names Scottish clubs he’d think would be keen to join the European Super League…

@realex_8: No we wouldn’t Andy – there should be reform to allow equal participation for champions across Europe to the top completion. No way would I support a closed door tournament!

@callumdeal: Breaking: European Super League cancelled after SPFL disapproves

@mark265987: Rangers and Celtic would join in a heartbeat

@_paulkennedy: The difference is when the Atlantic Leagie was discussed it was to generate more revenue for clubs like Celtic, Rangers, PSV etc who played in leagues that didn’t reward these clubs financially the way they should relative to their size. The ESL is just unprecedented greed.

@busterAmurdoch: Of course they would. Both clubs have made it no secret they want to join another league to get more money. They see Scottish football as something that holds them back

@HappyGilmore14: Of course they would ££££££ over fans for both of the ugly sisters!! Be interesting how far down the line it will take for them to be asked…

@fm_edinburgh: Scottish football ring fenced the top 4 leagues for how many years…. Don’t forget the past and how you rejected teams or how you may scupper the lowland/Highland play offs this season

@sgrant229: Andy Walker , uniting Scottish Football by being a grade A walloper

@ibroxonian72: He’s probably right. Directors duty to shareholders suggest you would have to go where the money is BUT there’s no way the Old Firm would get an invite. They don’t add enough to the broadcast income.

@BelfastHoop67: Hard to believe sky sports pay him

@AgentScotland: Standing with UEFA ain’t the good look you think it is, any football association or league organisation worth their salt would be filleting @UEFA and holding them to account for decades of bastardisation of club competitions that’s led us to where we are now, totally disingenous!

@PaulRydel: He’s not wrong though. If Dermot Desmond got a sniff of being invited he would be all over it.

@RossMac11_11: Honestly don’t get why people are raging at this. Course Celtic and Rangers would jump at the chance. You mad? “Nah it’s OK we’ll stick to making pennies and getting CL money once every 5 years. Take your boat loads of cash elsewhere.” Good one.

@ThomasD43431152: Course celtic and rangers should jump at it , the money would be great and playing better teams, so what if our players won’t be allowed to play at euros Scotland get pumped anyway

@56incomingRFC: Andy Walker is an arsehole who doesn’t speak for Rangers or any Scottish football fan simple guy is a clown

@realex_8: No we wouldn’t Andy – there should be reform to allow equal participation for champions across Europe to the top completion. No way would I support a closed door tournament!

@Greyingbeard79: Andy Walker saying of course Rangers & Celtic would want a sniff of the European Super League. True. I’d want a millionaire super model to marry me but we know it’s not happening any time soon

@broomhilldons: Before we even get to the morals of this you are absolutely dreaming if you think these teams would be invited & if they were, & accepted, then good riddance if that’s what their goal is. #circus

@jm00ney01: I’d rather be liquidated than have any part in the super league

@gavinf72: I’d rather go back to playing Cowdenbeath and east fife every week

@2019Hmfc: I said this exactly on my personal Twitter last night – old firm would love to jump ship and play European football every week

@Selfo67: I cant speak for Rangers but the Celtic board would 100000% want to do this, can’t see a scenario where it would be well received but the fans though

@lumsden141995: Of course they would cause they do not care about the rest of Scottish football and I for one would be happy for them to do one and leave us to enjoy a more enjoyable season and not have to concern ourselves. So go to the ESL or the Prem. No loss to us

@StevieJukes: Scottish Football is littered with dinosaurs like the one below. Too many times we hear nonsense being spouted on big platforms and it has to stop. Fuck off Andy you old dick.

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