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Sky Sports plan more cuts, reporters expect to leave, ‘Rocket’ speaks on Soccer AM axe

Sky Sports plan more cuts, with ‘long-serving and popular reporters’ expect to leave, and ‘Rocket’ speaks on Soccer AM getting the axe.

The broadcaster could leave more of its employees unhappy, with claims that football reporters, usually seen on Soccer Saturday, have been asked them to reapply for their jobs, as part of their shake-up.

Only two years have passed since the last round in job cuts at Sky Football, following the Covid pandemic.

News broke on Wednesday (24 March) that Soccer AM, a big hit with Sky since its launch in 1995 but flopped in recent years, will disappear from our TV screens at the end the season.

Jimmy Bullard and John Fendley will co-host the final edition will be broadcast on May the 27th, but they along with other staff on the show, are said to be far from happy at the surprise decision which will see them made redundant.

Sky Sports stated that they would be entering a period for consultation to discuss changes proposed.

Saturday Social, previously shows before Soccer AM, is expected to fill the slot from 2023/24, with the target of reaching younger viewers.

‘Rocket’, who most will know as a former host of Soccer AM, told Sportsmail following the news: ‘It’s the end of an era! The show was the first of its kind when it first aired in the mid 90’s. It became cult viewing and a Saturday morning ritual for many households across the UK.

‘Bacon roll, cuppa tea, Soccer AM! I think what made Soccer AM special was that we would cover all football leagues, from grassroots to the Premier League and we didn’t take ourselves too seriously, we loved getting our viewers involved in show from Strangers on the Sofa, Fans of the Week and the Soccerette. It was a show for the people made by the by the people.

‘It’s a real shame that it’s come to an end but what a journey it’s been and I’m proud to have been a part of it.’

Rocket has also spoken on the show being axed, claiming the it couldn’t survive in what is now a “woke world”.

He said: “Every week Tim would say ‘if we are not pushing the boundaries we are not doing our job’.

“He wanted to be called into the head’s office every week for something that had been inappropriate or he pushed it too far.

“But he said, ‘that’s when you know you’re doing a good job’. That was the mentality of the show.

“Sadly I don’t know if that show can exist now because if there’s a reason to complain about something, generally someone will. They’ll take offence.

“There’s so much you could have taken offence at. We pushed it to the line a lot of the time.

“We did have a laugh. I think that’s what made Saturday AM what it was.

“We were a bunch of blokes just messing about on a Saturday morning.

“I think all we wanted to do was make people smile.

“If you were having a sh*t day at work, or a sh*t week at work, or you’d fallen out with your missus, or the kids are driving you mad, for those three hours we wanted to entertain you, we wanted to make you smile and forget about your worries.

“If I made a fool of myself, so what, who cares?

“I’m trying to entertain and make people forget about their lives if they’re having a rough time or whatever.

He said: “The thing I liked, it wasn’t just the Premier League. It was Sunday League, all the way up to the Premier League.

“We’d be chatting to the tea lady at Leyton Orient and the next moment we’d chat to John Terry, England captain.

“We were like a big warm hug on a Saturday morning. ‘Come on in, you’re part of our gang. Come and spend a Saturday morning with us’.

“We’ll make you laugh. We’ll take the p*ss out of each other but it will be tongue in cheek.”

Fans reacted as Sky Sports plan more cuts, reporters expect to leave, and ‘Rocket’ speaks on the Soccer AM axe…

@deanbar76: Sad to see Soccer Am come to an end but it’s been going down hill since the Soccerettes were cut! Bring back skill school & revamp it! @SoccerAM #sky

@hornchurchammer: Well I can think of three I’d show the door to instead of reporters… Neville, Redknapp, Carragher…

@ShropshireJacks: Sky have upped their prices to extortionate levels and cut everything…. Are they run like government? 🤢

@PadihamSatirist: I think it may be time to cancel my @SkySports subscription. 🤔

@CurtisTheJack: Oh frick right off

@wiggy_272: Sky Sports reporters told to reapply for jobs as cuts continue….. good the station has gone fork hill , woke reporters , I’ve cancelled my subscription ⁦@SkySportsNews @SkySports @SkySportsPL⁩ #skysportsnews

@davejbh: Show is gone terrible since thommo Charlie left..Saturday has never been the same!!!

@A_A_L_1986: Sky axing Soccer am and now Soccer Saturday only means they’re already admitting defeat in securing future @premierleague rights. The only good thing is that this could spell the end to 3pm blackouts.

@LydiaRose0x: Soccer AM being axed is a clear indication of how far out touch Sky Sports have become. Soccer Saturday and Sky Sports news won’t be far behind, they were all once essential viewing! I remember growing up and every Saturday it would be on TV x

@jayrad198900: Soccer Saturday will crumble as soon as Jeff goes. It’s on its way out anyway but when he finally calls it a day they’ll be completely done

@alrightfans: Gutted to hear about @SoccerAM I’ve always liked it. Easy to criticise it but that’s a hard job made to look easy by Fenners & Bullard if you ask me. Soccer Saturday went to shit, Sky Sports News went to shit and Fantasy Football League is just awful. Blame Sky and the woke mob

@BunningRichard: I think it’s the best it’s been since lovejoy left. Gutted to hear it’s finishing

@aob7982: And the show they are replacing soccer am with is pure turd

@brendanpwalsh: Soccer Saturday will be next , because no one watches it, because they ruined it. Slowly but surely sky turning everything in to dull , fun free , shit.

@ChrisMatt86: It died after lovejoy & chamberlain left but it’s been class under fenners & Jimmy. We’re gonna be left with horrible spotty YouTube kids & vloggers with ZERO knowledge about football & even less about the history of our game

@stockyMCFC: Sky Sports lost Champions League, La Liga, changed Soccer Saturday, stopped Goals on Sunday, Sunday Supplement, lost WWE, Matchroom Boxing, now Soccer AM gets the boot and they’re planning on getting rid of long-serving staff + one program over 3 Sky Sports channels. Dead.

@kingdave1983: @SkySports continually astound me with your terrible decisions. First cancelling Soccer Saturday pundits & replacing them with clowns. Now Soccer AM cancelled. You give me more & more reasons to cancel my sky subscription! What a joke you’ve become. Out of touch with customers!

@MichaelHarris10: Sky Sports is so shit. They’ve replaced Soccer AM, Goals on Sunday, Sunday Supplement & a decent Soccer Saturday panel with useless twats and YouTube wankers. Even Sky Sports News with Georgie & co was great. Who can forget the epic deadline day with the purple dildo?!

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