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Sky Sports mocked over attempt at getting footage of England fans fighting in Munich

Sky Sports have been getting mocked over their attempt at getting footage of England fans fighting in Munich for the game against Germany.

Senior reporter Rob Dorsett was granted unprecedented access to the UK policing operation before, during and after the recent Nations League game.

But everyone couldn’t help but laugh at seeing them post the six minute clip onto social media, with some saying that Sky Sports much have been left disappointed after going to all that effort and not get exactly what they were wanting to capture on camera, I’m sure we would have seen violent scenes much earlier or their socials had there been any.

Rob Dorsett said on reflection to the experience in Germany: “Clever policing, and 4,000 well behaved #england fans: the true story of Germany v England in Munich, and why this big away day for English football fans was very different from the Champs Lg final in Paris.”

On the 8th of June, it emerged that an attack on a police officer, Nazi salutes, an allegation of sexual harassment, obscene chanting and 14 arrests.

Gareth Southgate and The Football Association had told England fans to behave, and in turn, avoid damaging the reputation of a footballing nation that was already warned by UEFA following the trouble at the European Championship final at Wembley.

England had to play Italy behind closed doors (3,000 children allowed) for the game at Molineux earlier this month as punishment for those scenes last summer, though in Munich, the focus was on how chaotic the eagerly anticipated Nations League game between Germany and England could get.

Even after some isolated incidents in the days and hours leading up to the 1-1 draw, there were positives with thousands of travelling England supporters who had tickets in the home sections of the stadium remained respectful during the highs and lows of the match.

It was only when Harry Kane cancelled out Jonas Hofmann’s opener with a late penalty that we saw a clear indication of how many English fans were scattered around the Allianz Arena.

Groups of the 3,466 in the away end applauded but there were no wild celebrations that might have caused issues with the Germany fans, and to be fair with the form they are in, it’s hard to get too excited.

There was no reports of widespread trouble prior or after the game with just a small number of flashpoints over three days of travel that were mostly due to heavy alcohol consumption.

On Monday evening of that matchweek, eight arrests were made: three for England supporters who made Nazi salutes, two more for disorderly behaviour and attempting to intimidate police officers, and the remainder for minor offences including urinating in public, driving E-scooters under the influence and setting off a flare inside a hotel room.

Two of the six arrests made on the Tuesday with an 18-year-old was arrested for kicking a police officer in a city-centre restaurant and a 33-year-old was arrested for slapping the backside of a waitress.

Close to the stadium, an English supporter was also arrested for robbery after taking a ticket off a German fan nearby while two other supporters set off flares indoors and were quickly identified before another was arrested for insulting an officer.

A police spokesperson in Munich said that the operation was “no more difficult” than a Bundesliga or Champions League game involving the local side Bayern Munich.

Five other arrests were made on German supporters for offences in the city centre and around the stadium on Tuesday, the day of the match.

“The mood was pretty calm,” a spokesperson said. “At times, it was aggressive, but the cases we had to deal with and the number of arrests were not big.”

Some bar owners in the Marienplatz area of Munich closed early on Tuesday after groups of fans took over a day, chanted relentlessly for hours and attracted police attention.

England fans took over some of Odeonsplatz and broke out into smaller surrounding areas with police aware of all the pressure points and managed the situation well, standing back, allowing large groups to congregate, sing and drink. The city did have a glass bottle ban to help prevent any damage and it worked. When and if supporters stepped out of line, officers were quick to get on it.

On Monday evening, one supporter used his middle finger to address police and was subsequently arrested. The Nazi salutes started with “10 German bombers” heard coming from a small group of English fans, despite the FA telling them not to sing it. Some older supporters told others to stop singing.

Whistling was heard throughout the German national anthem at the Allianz Arena but there was no repeat of Dortmund in 2017 when chants of “10 German bombers” led to the threat of banning orders.

On the whole, and as you can see in the clip, everything went rather well, was controlled and England fans went out and majority had a good time, making the most of being abroad after years of being stuck inside or without a holiday overseas.

As mentioned, Sky Sports was mocked over their attempt at getting footage of England fans fighting in Munich…

@SameDay08: Let the lads live

@cockney_yid: Sky gutted they didn’t get the scenes & footage they went for.

@JamieGeorgeSpe1: Spot on. Sky love to shame working class English fans.

@taylor251073: 13 arrests blimey I get more arrests down my street on a Tuesday night I bet sky we’re gutted it didn’t kick off

@DanReyn26668881: So basically fuck all happened. Nice waste of time and effort there sky. Gutted for ya

@ants4t: Excellent report, shows what happens when you treat fans with respect, and act swiftly and calmly when tension arises. French and Spanish police go for a baton far too quickly.

@gfleming_2212: Embarrassing report. In fact the police were excellent had a laugh with the fans and didn’t provoke anything. Both sets of fans were drinking together. Police reported the same arrests as a bundesliga league game. Nothing reported for the trouble I saw when other teams visited.

@Tcampbelll_: Can hear how gutted they are because there was no trouble 🤡

@DMCG1991: So what we’ve established here is that hardly anything went on? Got it. Go round your local town on a Saturday night and you’ll see far worse going off so not sure why you constantly try to look out for trouble amongst England fans when actually % wise it’s very very small.

@coreyeaton97: Typical sky trying to force your agenda further against the English travelling fans.

@lukequinneII: Proper weird this your criminalising fans for fuck all. Bet your gutted nothing kicked off

@ryan7507: “Our cameras were there to see the disorder.” A few arrests like you see in most games all over the world. Take your agenda & stick it right up your arse.

@JTSHEEPS35: Sent your camera crews to catch England fans being violent and all you caught was some bloke picking up his flag 😂😂 fucking helmets

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