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Sky Sports accused of ‘doing Luton dirty’ with stat just ONE game into 2023/24 season

Sky Sports have been accused of ‘doing Luton Town dirty’ with a stat just ONE game into the 2023/24 Premier League season.

The broadcaster’s news channel was looking at the Premier League rankings after matchweek two had played out and ahead of matchweek three.

However, the Hatters’ have only played one game so far, a defeat at Brighton, and had the game against the game against Burnley postponed due to work on the stadium.

But despite only playing one game, and with the game against Chelsea next up, Sky have decided to look into the stats, and pulled out on that has been criticised online.

@footballdaily on Twitter wrote: “Luton Town’s Premier League 2023/24 rankings
📉 Total shots – 19th
📉 Passes – 20th”

In the video, Mark McAdam says: “So they’ve only played one game, so it’s important to bear that in mind Hayley when you look at these statistics, this is the situation so far for Luton Town and Rob Edwards.

“They haven’t had the greatest start, of course, didn’t pick up any points in their first game. You can see here in terms of thePremier League rankings, total shots 19th, passes 20th.

“So, yeah, it doesn’t look good. The shooting accuracy is at 33% as well. But one thing that it is important to point out at this stage, Luton were the lowest goalscorers of the three promoted sides last season.

“They scored 57 in the Championship. You compare that to Burnley’s, 87 and Sheffield United, who finished second and scored 73.

“In fact, five of the top six in the Championship scored more goals last season than Luton. And finally, if you want to avoid the drop, you perhaps want to look at the three promoted sides from the season before that got promoted.

“That was Fulham, Bournemouth and Nottingham Forest. They all had a win by their second game. All of them stayed up.

“Luton are last season’s Bournemouth, though everyone is expecting them to go down.Haley and of course, we know what happened to Bournemouth. They survived, finished 15th on points. So can Luton be the new Bournemouth?”

This is what fans said with Sky Sports accused of doing Luton dirty with a stat just ONE game into 2023/24 season…

@harryxafc: They’ve played one game? Sky Sports News is unwatchable now.

@Gerald_yea: This page is horrible, luton played 1 game only and against a Brighton team that deals on heavy possession what did you expect?

@OzilThings: They’ve played one game obviously their stats will be lower? 😂

@AwayEfl92: Thank god they don’t have another 37 games to play

@boris_macy: They’ve played 1 game while almost everyone else has played 2 ffs 🙄

@northbankts: People get paid to produce this.

@thechelskikid: This is a joke right? They have only played 1 game! 🤣

@Harfordisgod: I should point out that they’ve only played one game…..which should have been followed by so the rest of my dialogue is utterly pointless.

@andyc_128: You should’ve mentioned that we’ve already slipped a few places in the league table: we were 12th on August 10th, but have now SLUMPED to 17th.

@_wan_ton: They’ve played one game away to Brighton one of the most possessive teams in the league

@KevinSCrowe: What about Luton’s home form? After all that build up, they STILL haven’t got so much as a point at so called “Fortress Kenilworth Road.”
– they haven’t scored a goal in any of the cups yet
– they are yet to complete a single pass in the Women’s World Cup
Fear for them.

@FanHubHatter: 1 game and what point are you trying to make about passes? We could have 1000 passes a game but not score goals. We didn’t have loads of passes per game last season and finished 3rd. It’s not the way we play. You don’t get bonus points for passing lots.

@d_p_ball: One game. Jesus sky… to think of the money you charge for this dross

@cozierpanda: States they played a game less than almost everyone yet chooses to present total stats. Why not just use per 90?

@GrapsTalk: They’ve played one game against the current table toppers. A tad pointless.

@Ewan_MED_03: We’ve played 1 less game than everyone else bar Burnley and we played a brighton side who dismantled wolves as much as they dismantled us I don’t get your point is this off the whole leagues first game or is it both of their games and just our singular

@ashcook80: Horrendous from Sky Sports News….they’ve played one game! Really struggling for content and proper journalism it seems

@afcjxmes: They’ve played half as many games as everyone else, what kind of analysis is this lol

@edward_w97: You charge people more than £400 annually for subscriptions and this is what you give them? League-ranked stats after 1-2 games. No wonder people are up in arms about the price they’re paying…

@richyhardy: Luton Town are also the only premier league club to never lose a premier league game at home

@WHUFCallum_: At least do it per game ffs. I’m more shocked they aren’t 20th for both given they’ve played a game less

@LewisT_Williams: Doesn’t look good we’ve played one game? Proper struggling for content aren’t they? Embarrassing. #LTFC

@rivv_dw17: They’ve reached rock bottom. They’ve literally played half as many games as the rest of the league, what sorta comparison is this? 😭

@Iewdawg: if we don’t convincingly win this game conversations already have to be started im sorry

@JL_1889: Christ. Slow news day is it? They’ve played 1 game this season and that was away to a team who are arguably pushing for Champions League football.

@calcio_danny: This is the fourth time in the last twenty four hours I’ve seen Football Daily using sample sizes of two games (and in this case, ninety minutes of football away to Brighton) to generate engagement. It’s misleading and disingenuous and needs to stop.

@GeorgeT02878960: The worst bit of football analysis I have ever seen

@dan_nbry: When did this trend of just relentlessly mocking the underdogs on sky and BBC become a thing? Almost reassuring that we’re not the only ones, but it’s absolutely insufferable 😴 #NFFC

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