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Sky and BT Sport to televise classic matches this weekend

Sky and BT Sport are to televise classic matches this weekend in place of live Premier League, EFL, National League and FA Cup action.

Both companies are reworking their schedules to keep people entertained, mainly by showing re-runs of past cup finals, playoffs and even their much loved Premier League Years episodes, though it means households won’t get the initial service they signed up for.

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It’s been revealed that neither of them will be offering money back for the lack of live Premier League, EFL, National League, Champions League and other competitions which have been postponed until at least April.


We’ve already reported that the BBC are showing FA Cup quarter finals from back in the day, whilst also having a best bits episode of Football Focus and a Premier League captains debate on Match of the Day.

So what else is on? We’ve looked through the channels and listed all that fans can watch…



– FA Cup: Liverpool v West Ham from 2006 (Saturday, 10:30am)
– FA Cup: Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal from 1991 (Saturday, 11am)
Norwich City v Southampton from 93/94 (Saturday, 8:30pm)
Liverpool v Newcastle United from 95/96 (Saturday, 9pm)
Manchester City v Liverpool from 81/82 (Saturday, 10pm)
Manchester United v Arsenal from 84/85 (Saturday, 10:30pm)
Oxford United v Leeds United from 84/85 (Saturday, 11pm)
West Ham v Arsenal from 83/84 (Saturday, 11:30pm)
Liverpool: Team of the Eighties (Sunday, 6am until 9am)
Tottenham v Chelsea from 07/08 (Sunday, 10am)
Man City v Liverpool from 08/09 (Sunday, 10:30am)
Arsenal v Tottenham from 10/11 (Sunday, 11am)
Chelsea v Man Utd from 11/12 (Sunday, 11:30am)
Man City v Tottenham from 1982/83 (Sunday, 3pm)
Barnsley v Wolves from 1982/83 (Sunday, 3pm)
Ipswich Town v Man Utd from 1982/83 (Sunday, 3pm)
Liverpool v Ipswich from 1982/83 (Sunday, 4pm)
Coventry City v Man City from 1982/83 (Sunday, 4pm)
Aston Villa v Watford from 1982/83 (Sunday, 5pm)
Everton v Tottenham from 1982/83 (Sunday, 5pm)
Middlesbrough v Arsenal from 1982/83 (Sunday, 5pm)
Leeds v Rangers from 92/93 (Sunday, 6pm)
Man Utd v Galatasaray from 93/94 (Sunday, 6:30pm)
Man Utd v Porto from 96/97 (Sunday, 7:30pm)
Arsenal v Liverpool ’71 FA Cup Final (Monday, 4am)
Sunderland v Leeds ’73 FA Cup Final (Monday, 4:30am)
Liverpool v Newcastle ’74 FA Cup Final (Monday, 5am)
Southampton v Man Utd ’76 FA Cup Final (Monday, 5:30am)
Liverpool: Team of the Eighties (Monday, 6am until 9am)
Liverpool v Man Utd from 93/94 (Monday, 10am)
Leicester v Arsenal from 97/98 (Monday, 10:30am)
Chelsea v Arsenal from 97/98 (Monday, 11am)
Chelsea v Arsenal from 99/00 (Monday, 11:30am)
Man Utd v Liverpool from 1982/83 (Monday, 4:30pm)
Watford v Aston Villa from 1982/83 (Monday, 4:30pm)
Leicester v Wolves from 1982/83 (Monday, 4:30pm)
Liverpool v Stoke from 1982/83 (Monday, 5:30pm)
Sunderland v Everton from 1982/83 (Monday, 5:30pm)
Notts County v Tottenham from 1982/83 (Monday, 5:30pm)
Man Utd v Everton from 1982/83 (Monday, 6:15pm)
Brighton v Norwich from 1982/83 (Monday, 6:15pm)
West Ham v Arsenal from 1983/84 (Monday, 7:15pm)
Newcastle v Barcelona from 1997/98 (Monday, 7:30pm)
Barcelona v Man Utd from 1998/99 (Monday, 8pm)
Juventus v Man Utd from 1998/99 (Monday, 8:30pm)



Best PL Goals: Arsenal (various times)
Premier League Years 2018/19 (Saturday, 10am)
– The Tyler Archives: Liverpool v Chelsea (Saturday, 8pm)
– The Tyler Archives: Arsenal v Man United (Saturday, 8:30pm)
Best Premier League Goals 17/18 (Saturday, 11pm)
– Best PL Goals: Tottenham v Chelsea (Sunday, 12am)
– Best PL Goals: Man United (Sunday, 12am)
– Best PL Goals: Chelsea v Arsenal (Sunday, 1:30am)
Football Years: 98/99 (Sunday, 1:30pm)
– Best PL Goals: Liverpool v Man United (Sunday, 3am)
– PL Greatest: Birmingham v Aston Villa from 2002 (Sunday, 3:30am)
– PL Greatest: Bradford v Liverpool from 2000 (Sunday, 3:45am)
Best Premier League Goals 04/05 (Sunday, 4am)
– Best PL Goals: Newcastle v Liverpool (Sunday, 5am)
– EFL Cup Final 09: Man Utd v Tottenham (Sunday, 5am)
– PL Greatest: Liverpool v Blackpool from 2010 (Sunday, 6am)
– PL Greatest: Man United v Bolton from 2001 (Sunday, 6:15am)
– PL Greatest: Bolton v Chelsea from 2005 (Sunday, 6:30am)
– PL Greatest: Man Utd v Liverpool from 2009 (Sunday, 6:45am)
– Best PL Goals: Tottenham v Chelsea (Sunday, 8am)
Football Years: 95/96 (Sunday, 8am)
Best PL Goals: North London Derby (Sunday, 11:30am)
Best Premier League Goals 18/19 (Sunday, 9pm)
Best PL Goals: Merseyside Derby (Monday, 12am)
Best PL Goals: Manchester Derby (Monday, 12:30am)
– The Tyler Archives: Man Utd v Man City (Monday, 1am)
– Best PL Goals: Man Utd v Newcastle (Monday, 1:30am)
Football Years: 99/00 (Monday, 1:30am)
– EFL Cup Final ’12: Cardiff City v Liverpool (Monday, 5am)
– PL Greatest: Tottenham v Arsenal from 2004 (Monday, 6am)
– EFL Cup: Arsenal v Man City from 17/18 (Monday, 6am)
– PL Greatest: Tottenham v Chelsea from 2008 (Monday, 6:15am)
– PL Greatest: Man Utd v Man City from 11/12 (Monday, 6:30am)
– PL Greatest: Man Utd v Arsenal from 01/02 (Monday, 6:45am)
Football Years: 90/91 (Monday, 8am)
– Best PL Goals: Chelsea v Man Utd (Monday, 8:30am)
Premier League Years 2001/02 (Monday, 10am)
Football Years: 91/92 (Monday, 12:30pm)
Premier League Years 2018/19 (Monday, 1pm)
Best Premier League Goals 09/10 (Monday, 3pm)
– PL Greatest: Liverpool v Man Utd from 1994 (Monday, 4pm)
– PL Greatest: Swansea v Crystal Palace from 2016 (Monday, 4:15pm)
– PL Greatest: Charlton v West Ham from 2001 (Monday, 4:45pm)



Championship Season Review 2013/14 (Saturday, 9:30am)
Championship Season Review 2014/15 (Saturday, 10:30am)
EFL Highlights: West Brom matches (Saturday, 12pm until 4:45pm)
EFL Special: Race to win 19/20 Championship Golden Boot (Saturday, 5pm, 5:45pm & 11pm)
EFL Special: Millwall and Gary Rowett (Saturday, 5:15pm & 11:15pm)
– League Two Playoff Final: Bradford v Northampton from 2013 (Saturday, 6pm)
– League Two Playoff Final: Burton v Fleetwood from 2014 (Saturday, 7pm)
– League Two Playoff Final: Southend v Wycombe from 2015 (Saturday, 8pm)
– League Two Playoff Final: AFC Wimbledon v Plymouth from 2016 (Saturday, 9pm)
– League Two Playoff Final: Coventry v Exeter from 2018 (Saturday, 10pm)
– Championship Playoff Final: Leeds v Watford from 2006 (Sunday, 3am)
– EFL Greatest: QPR v Brentford from 2017 (Sunday, 6am)
– EFL Greatest: Sheffield United v Bristol City from 2017 (Sunday, 6:15am)
– EFL Greatest: Reading v Cardiff from 2017 (Sunday, 6:30am)
– EFL Greatest: Derby County v Leeds from 2018 (Sunday, 8:30am)
– EFL Greatest: West Brom v Leeds from 2018 (Sunday, 8:45am)
– EFL Greatest: Sheffield Wednesday v Leeds from 2014 (Sunday, 9:15am)
EFL Highlights: Leeds matches (Sunday, 12pm until 5:45pm)
– League One Playoff Final: Brentford v Yeovil from 2013 (Sunday, 7pm)
– League One Playoff Final: Leyton Orient v Rotherham from 2014 (Sunday, 8pm)
– League One Playoff Final: Preston North End v Swindon from 2015 (Sunday, 9pm)
– League One Playoff Final: Rotherham v Shrewsbury from 2018 (Sunday, 10pm)
Championship Season Review 2015/16 (Monday, 2am)
– Championship Playoff Final: Bristol City v Hull from 2008 (Monday, 3am)
– EFL Cup Final ’12: Cardiff v Liverpool (Monday, 5am)
– EFL Greatest: Aston Villa v Wolves from 17/18 (Monday, 6:15am)
– EFL Greatest: Fulham v QPR from 2018 (Monday, 6:30am)
– EFL Greatest: Middlesbrough v Wolves from 2018 (Monday, 6:45am)
– EFL Greatest: Cardiff v Wolves from 2018 (Monday, 9:15am)
– EFL Greatest: Derby v Cardiff from 2018 (Monday, 10:30am)
– EFL Greatest: Derby v Leeds from 2018 (Monday, 10:45am)
– EFL Greatest: West Brom v Leeds from 2018 (Monday, 11am)



Football Focus (Saturday 12pm, BBC One)
Watford v Arsenal from 1987 (Saturday 3-4pm, BBC One)
West Brom v Nottingham Forest from 1978 (Saturday 3-4pm, BBC One)
Match of the Day: Greatest Premier League Captains Debate (Saturday 10:25pm, BBC One)
Leicester City v Wycombe from 2001 (Sunday 3:10-4:10pm, BBC One)
Everton v Ipswich from 1985 (Sunday 3:10-4:10pm, BBC One)
Derby v Sheffield Wednesday from 1993 (Sunday 3:10-4:10pm, BBC One)
Man Utd v Portsmouth from 2008 (Sunday 3:10-4:10pm, BBC One)

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