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Sky and BT could be asked to show football for free

Sky and BT could be asked to show football for FREE should the Premier League and EFL make clubs play matches behind closed doors due to coronavirus.

The Times have reported that broadcasters will be asked to continue televising games even if they are played in empty stadiums so the banned fans are still be able to watch.

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The Premier League have already stated that they would consider banning anyone over the age of 70 from attending games.

Subscription TV channels are to attend a meeting with football, tennis, cricket and rugby officials on Monday, and a request could be made to make matches free-to-air.

Yet the plan could still backfire as the concern with that is that there would be large gatherings turning out at pubs across the country instead of stadiums.

Almost 100 countries and territories have now confirmed cases totalling over 100,000. There have been 278 UK cases of the virus, two of those dying. Italy are majorly affected with there being over 7,000 cases and 500 deaths. Germany have 1,112 cases. The number of new cases in China have dropped, but the total of those who have lost their life stands at 3,119

Olympiakos have already stated their Europa League clash with Wolves is to be played behind closed doors.

Coronavirus has continued to have a huge impact on sporting events across Europe with this weekend’s matches in Serie A postponed or being played behind closed doors.

Their was confusion at Parma v SPAL when players were unexpectedly forced to wait in their changing rooms when they should have been kicking off.

Italian Minister for Sport Vincenzo Spadafora has supported the Football Players’ Association in their desire to suspend Serie A over the coronavirus outbreak.

The news forced the game to be suspended one minute before kick off while a final decision is discussed, the game finally got underway 75 minutes later.

The Premier League announced that players are not allowed to shake hands before kick off as is tradition, though that seemed to have been forgotten by some this weekend as TV cameras showed players doing the action after the final whistle despite being told not to.

Premier League chiefs have sent letters to all 20 sides warning of the possibility of no fans in grounds to ensure the season is completed.

The EFL will also attend the meeting between football’s governing bodies, sports broadcasters and Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) in London on Monday.

If playing matches behind closed doors is ordered, it is unclear how long it would last for, though if it remains in place until the end of the season, not only would be be hard hitting for lower league sides, but the playoff finals at Wembley Stadium would also be significantly affected.

Fans gave their thought to the idea that Sky and BT could be asked to show football for free…

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