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Simon Jordan slams Chris Wilder’s response to questions over Burnley job

talkSPORT presenter Simon Jordan slams Chris Wilder’s response to questions over Burnley job when questioned about it by media.

The Middlesbrough manager has been heavily linked to the vacant job at the clarets in the past week, yet he only joined Boro in November last year.

He has impressed many after guiding them from 15th to potentially securing a playoff places with four games remaining for the 2021/22 season.

It’s not just the league they’ve done well in since his arrival, beating Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur before losing in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup to Chelsea.

According to talkSPORT’s Simon Jordan, the current Middlesbrough manager was invited to watch a game at Burnley in the director’s box whilst Dyche was still in charge.

Wilder has so far failed to distance himself from links with the job. After his side’s 2-0 defeat at home to Huddersfield Town, the boss was asked whether he would consider a move to Turf Moor.

“Listen, I’m an emotional guy. We’ve just got beaten from a footballing point of view”, Wilder told reporters.

“I’ve just got beaten as manager of Middlesbrough, so I can’t stop any of that stuff (Burnley speculation), but I’m not so sure it’s the right time to ask anything like that after a really disappointing defeat from our point of view.

“I just don’t think there is a way out of talking about it. I think it’s really unfair on everybody. I am the manager of Middlesbrough and nobody knows what is around the corner.

“I don’t know what you want me to say, or what you want me to do, you’re after me dropping my guard and to say something daft.

“I am Middlesbrough manager, and enjoying working here at the club, we have just been defeated.”

‘When you rock up at the directors’ box at Burnley, and you’re invited by the directors, and you don’t tell the manager of Burnley you’re going there…

‘I think there’s an element of etiquette between managers that might [have led to] him and Sean not being the greatest of mates,’ Jordan said on talksport.

‘I understand he’s been to Burnley recently, sat in the directors’ box and watched a game and I’m not entirely sure Sean Dyche was told about that.’

However, this claim was refuted by Jake Mallen, who is the director of New Era – the sports agency who represent Chris Wilder. 

Responding to the video, Mallen tweeted: ‘How can this guy continue to go on the radio and LIE…. Absolute no truth in this story whatsoever!’

New Era director Jake Mallen insisted that there was no truth in Jordan's claim on Talksport

As Simon Jordan slams Chris Wilder’s response to questions over Burnley job, social media users reacted…

@BoroSniper77: I gotta say as much as I like CW, SJ is usually spot on and I agree that it’s not hard to say I’m not going to Burnley.

@fullback_barney: Took us blades fans on a reyt journey that I’ll never forget 🙌🏻 top draw manager but yes I think there’s a little bit of this I agree with.. I’ll forgive if he comes back ⚔️

@ReevesJek: There’s some truth in what Jordan is saying. When the going got tough, despite having the backing of the owner and supporters, Wilder made a number of excuses before slipping out the back door leaving the club in turmoil.

@DavidAWilson76: @Sjopinion10 nails it yet again 👏👏

@KieranBatham: Absolutely garbage @Sjopinion10 how can you just dismiss what he did with Sheffield United go look more into how he left and the circumstances around that ! The fact we were even in a position was down to wilder, he’s done a good job at boro and who says he’s even going ?

@Craigsemple69: He clearly said he thought CW was a top manager but when CW didn’t get things his own way Jordan is absolutely spot on….. Wilder blamed everyone possible. And make no mistake if Burnley come knocking CW will be there in a flash

@samjroyle: TalkShite talking sense for once. Has to be wilders way or not at all. Toys out the pram at every opportunity he could. Threatened to leave us multiple times for other clubs but we didn’t want to upset him so gave him whatever he wanted. Blokes an arse

@WillJ_S2: I’m sure Wilder is quaking in his boots

@TBlade1889: @Sjopinion10 Is seeing what many Sheffield United fans saw last season when it looked like he had down tools and was deliberately being stubborn after his war of words with the Prince. Shame really he has really let himself down in recent times.

@AndyBaxtrem: Imagine wasting time in your life listening to Simon Jordan. 🔔 🔚

@MacSD93: Has this man ever said anything positive about anything in his entire life??

@jack231997: I mean he’s not wrong is he…. Wilder did do a good job at United, but when it eventually got tough there, he fucked off… One of their own and all that, he failed United in the premier League, should have built on that first season but he failed to do that 😂

@Haighy97: Blayards being insulted about a manager who spent over 115 million on shite being called out for what he was. As soon as the ship began to sank he had the cheek to blame everyone but himself and basically blackmailed the club for a new contract despite claming he wants to leave


@TheBoroRamble: No truth in what story Jake? That Chris went to a Burnley game or that he’s interested in taking the Burnley job. Really easy to nip it in the bud.

@UTBMatty: as his agent can you confirm Burnley have not contacted Wilder or at least that he has no plans to move elsewhere?

@wilsoncgp: I’m glad you’re standing up as a person of knowledge on this subject. You can filter through the detritus and dispel rumours, a very valuable position in this conversation. So can you tell us where Chris Wilder’s head is at right now? Is he going or is he staying?

@louiemack20: Well can Chris please just come and any deny he is leaving please. He has created this situation by not just saying he is staying at boro!

@neilkirkham10: So as his agent and as you are reading these comments can you confirm Chris Wilder is not going to Burnley?? It’s a simple yes or no.

@Jordwalker19: Get your client to come out and give us some reassurance then if it’s a complete lie

@_TY_97: Well Wilders agent confirmed it, morning stress is over. Long term plan back in action #boro

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