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Simon Jordan rages at Derby fans on air and makes controversial EFL claim

Simon Jordan rages at Derby fans live on air during his talkSPORT show and makes a controversial EFL claim amid the going saga.

The former Crystal Palace owner has said the grievances felt by the Rams faithful are “not helping” the club’s situation.

He also said there is “no point barking at the moon” or accusing the English Football League of a conspiracy when it’s all Mel Morris’ fault for the state they find themselves in.

Derby supporters are beyond worried, with the threat of liquidation hanging over the club, with bidders put off by Middlesbrough and Wycombe’s compensation demands.

Simon Jordan controversially said the EFL can “go and burn”, with the exception of its chief executive Trevor Birch.

“I’m sorry, Derby fans, but unfortunately once upon a time, you liked Mel (Morris),” Jordan said on talkSPORT.

“You allowed Mel, to some extent, to run your football club – not that you could do much about it.

“The sins of Mel, as much as I like him, are being visited on a bad process.

“I really think Derby fans are not helping by becoming enraged by the processes because the processes are the processes. And it was your owner that put you into this.

“There’s no point barking at the moon. There’s no point suggesting the EFL have got a conspiracy.

“You know my view of the EFL. With the exception of Trevor Birch, they can all go and burn. But the bottom line is that the EFL are not sitting here trying to liquidate this club.

“There are opportunities for them to involve themselves in certain situations but they cannot circumvent an arbitration process so one club’s caught up on another.”

Speaking on Tuesday’s talkSPORT Breakfast, Derby County defender Curtis Davies explained his side’s chase to escape Championship relegation has been ‘fun’ thanks to the ‘camaraderie’ in the squad.

“It has just brought us all together,” said the centre-back.

“We’ve been able to just focus on our football, the manager’s allowed that and the coaching staff from how they’ve wanted us to do things and to enjoy it.

“It’s almost, in a strange way, been a very enjoyable season. I didn’t think I’d ever say in a season when you’ve been deducted 21 points to say you’ve enjoyed it, but I’ve just enjoyed the camaraderie, the togetherness.

“When you’ve got good players and good people around you, it helps to go to work every day.”

On discussing the news of the upcoming deadline, Davies made his thoughts clear on the EFL’s promise that they would aid Derby County to get them out of this situation.

“For us, we just prepare what we can do on the pitch and then hopefully the administrators will manage to sort out a deal to get the club bought and we can crack on and rebuild the club,” he said.

“The EFL have come out today and said they’re going to help Derby in every way. I think that’s laughable. It’s something we’ll hopefully they’ll keep to their word and they’ll try and help us get over the line with a takeover.”

Davies is adamant that their managerial situation is not one the players are focusing on.

“I think at the moment it’s a case of trying to put two and two together,” he added.

“Everton have no manager, and a former Everton legend is doing really well.

“Where it goes from there I don’t know, but it’s for us [the players] to not worry about that and like I say, the manager’s here and he’ll be preparing us for the weekend’s game as always.”

As Simon Jordan rages at Derby fans on air and makes his controversial EFL claim, users couldn’t help but react to what was being said…

@jimmylees: Emotions are taking over a lot of Derby fans logical thinking. I dare say that is understandable, considering how important a football club is to its fans. But, Mel Morris is at fault for this. He needs to be held accountable.

@ScottLa22318350: Been a Derby County fan for 45 years. If it wasn’t for Simon I would still be in the dark about what is going on. Thanks for shining some light on this whole sham for me. And thanks to Jim and Simon for all the coverage concerning Derby County over the past few months…

@milesiam: @Sjopinion10 were best buddies with Mel throughout all the “accountancy”. The way Mel was stretching the boundaries was being called out by many whilst Jim, Simon and Mel were playing happy families.

@SimonP_93: As much as I hate Simon Jordan, he’s absolutely spot on here, put’s the moaning Derby fan in his place #nffc

@ZakisDickens83: I love it when these fans get owned. Simon Jordan is absolutely spot on.

@BrundleDaniel: I like how he mentioned us going into administration in 1986. It’s almost as if, by some chance, someone was able to provide the funds necessary to run the football club and clear all of its debts ?

@JoshHolland98: As much as I’m not a fan of Simon Jordan he makes some very strong, and interesting points here. Don’t think many fans are aware that EFL were never happy with the amortisation policy all along, and that the accountants were the ones to sign off on it. #nffc #dcfc

@_mstephenson88: Simon Jordan talking sense again.

@smoggie1976: Shock Horror Derby fan getting his Facts wrong. Conspiracy theories, Gibson Fault, blame Wycombe. Lets not hide the fact your owner cheated and got caught. 1 thing he said which was true and I agree with is its not the fans Fault.

@tjnnorman: Dave seems a complete muppet!! Wouldn’t listen to the reasoned debate and just quoted the “Derby soundbite”. Some fans are either deluded or just thick. YOUR CLUB BROKE THE RULES

@mbrownie90: Sums up where we are as a society at the moment. Rancid mentality of there being no accountability when someone breaks rules/does something wrong. Always has to be someone else’s fault!

@BoroLee86: When your emotions get in the way of the facts, there’s been a lot of that lately, understandably I suppose.

Emotive fan desperate for a solution so clutching at straws.
Passion does not = common sense.
Rules there for a reason, as are punishments for breaking them.
That’s life Dave.

@dingdinghopkin: This call literally sums up how blinded derby fans are with the situation.

@chrisbrownlee41: Middlesbrough went into administration in 1986. Different rules – BUT it was after season had finished and the rescue package agreed to repay the debts in FULL before the next season started.

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