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Simon Jordan launches surprise attack on Derby boss Wayne Rooney

Simon Jordan launches surprise attack on “clueless” Derby boss Wayne Rooney during a live radio show on talkSPORT this week.

The presenter, formerly Crystal Palace chairman, has launched a stinging attack on the Championship manager while discussing the Rams’ bleak-looking future.

Rooney was appointed as manager of the Pride Park outfit to a great deal of fanfare last November despite having no previous coaching experience.

Although the ex-Manchester United and England legend got off to a positive start in 2020/22, his side then picked up just one win in 14 games, and only narrowly avoided relegation by drawing 3-3 with Sheffield Wednesday on the final day of the season – at one stage actually dropping in it within the 90 minutes played a few months back.

Simon Jordan launches surprise attack on Derby boss Wayne Rooney

Derby are expected to massively struggle in the new season, and could be set for a points deduction as a result of their financial issues.

And speaking to talkSPORT, Jordan said Rooney is not the man they need to take them forward.

“The manager, to me, is clueless,” he said. “Every single player of stature can go into a dressing room and have influence if they take the managerial reigns for a period of time.

“When Rooney came in, because of the enigma and stuff that goes with him they get this bump. But 12 games before the end of the season, when you need a manager who knows what they are doing, you cannot buy a worse run than they went on under Rooney.

“There is nothing about Rooney that suggests to me, besides the fact that he was a very good footballer, that he will have the credentials of capability to work in a very difficult Derby environment. He needs to learn his managerial trade, and to learn it at a club in the state that Derby is in…”

Jordan also believes Wayne Rooney is simply using Derby as a springboard to a bigger job, but thinks he is currently not helping himself and may well be damaging his long-term prospects of taking charge of a bigger club.

“What is Rooney’s awareness of management?” he continued. “He’s played for managers. What is his relationship with the Championship? He’s kicked a few balls for five minutes in the Championship.

“I couldn’t give a monkeys about Rooney – I care about Derby as a football club. He’s using Derby as a stepping stone for if an opportunity comes. Unfortunately, right now his performance gives him a stepping stone to never managing again.”

Derby begin the new Championship season at home to Huddersfield Town on the 7th of August, but before then they have a number of pre-season friendlies, including games against Rooney’s old club Manchester United and Spanish team Real Betis.

This is not the first time that Jordan has hit out at Rooney, as back in April, he said on the same radio station.

“I take no satisfaction in it, I think Derby will survive, Alonso will build a relationship with Rooney,” Alonso’s proposed takeover however fell through.

“But if he wants to build Derby into the club that he is saying he wants to build them into, with the greatest respect to Wayne, who I have no doubt will find his way through the coaching world and into a position of influence, this is a job that needs to go to someone who knows how to do it.”

And back in January, on the appointment itself, he said it was be a huge in appointing Rooney, “It’s too much of a risk.”

“It’s different than Frank Lampard going to Derby. Derby are in shtook and in the middle of an ownership change.

“Wayne Rooney will look like, on paper, an appealing aspiration as I suspect he was brought in on a contract that included a coaching role.

“They’ve now got themselves into a bit of a mess because Cocu was brought in, Rooney has been brought in as a coach and if they bring in a new manager on top of Rooney who doesn’t want him as a coach, all of a sudden they’ve got a bit of a contractual problem.

“To get them out of the problem now, how can you possibly put Wayne Rooney in that position and really, on the balance of probability, think he’s going to be successful?

“The are bottom of the league, they are struggling, he’s got no experience in the Championship, he’s never managed before, he hasn’t coached before, he hasn’t earned or learned his stripes in the coaching world.

“If Derby want to get themselves relegated, then appoint Wayne Rooney.”

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Twitter users reacted as Simon Jordan launches a surprise attack on “clueless” Derby boss Wayne Rooney…

@dharvey4: Derby are heading to League 1 with Rooney, I didn’t see anything to suggest he will suddenly turn into Fergie, Pep, Mancini or Klopp in his managerial career.

@nffcalways1: As a Forest fan I think you’re totally wrong… he’s doing a brilliant job as far as we’re concerned 😂😂 #nffc

@gwc_graham: From an outside pov I can hear what you are saying. It’s a difficult time at #dcfc we have a lot of issues to sort. However because of ALL the issues we nèed a successfull WR. It may or may not happen, however WR will join the merry go round whatever happens.

@boycey1978: ‘’Bit like looking into the Star Wars Bar’’ 😂 Classic

@gempopmoo: Question @Sjopinion10 who do you think would be the correct man if Derby got rid of Rooney?… we as fans need to give Rooney chance as we have no other option you can see hes trying his best

@james31469529: I do wonder how Rooney got that job and what he’s done to demonstrate his suitability for a job like Derby.

@BradbourneJonny: Why is no one focusing on the real problems at Derby. Only one person can change this total shitshow. Get rid of Mel Morris.

@jamuss08: There is no counter argument for what he has said. Although I’m not sure any managers will look at Derby right now and think that’s a project I want to get involved with…

@KSquires37: I also think @WayneRooney will prove people wrong with his management ability. I’m excited for the season ahead it will have ups and downs a but think we will do OK.

@SamL0408: He’s doing a fantastic job 😉😉

@SwannyHypno: He’s spot on. Wayne clearly isnt ready at this level

@KSquires37: Simon I admire you concern for our club, it’s a shame Mel didn’t show as much concern when he was running it into a wall. However I don’t think any manager could stop the sinking ship so I admire @WayneRooney for his determination with things on the pitch.

@selb_mcc: Spot on.

@the_cowch: Let’s flip it round. Jordan went through roughly a manager a season in his 10 year ownership of palace. He also took them into administration and the court of appeal with Iain Dowie. That tells me he doesn’t know a good manager. His ego and forceful opinion tell you the rest

@martin_vickers: Many managers with more experience than Rooney have been relegated from the championship! Cocu was Dutch champions and bags of experience and took us rock bottom of the division looking certain for relegation!. I’d Give him 10 games this season and see where we are! #dcfc

@ppounder: Does @Sjopinion10 not realise how shite our squad was and is. Pep would have struggled with what he had available to him. I’ve got respect for Rooney for not buggering off with what crap he’s had and still got to deal with.

@Tom_vanBergen: Is @Sjopinion10 ever not spot on?

@sonningmovement: Best motivational speech ever thanks Simon…. go on @WayneRooney show him the finger at the end of this season 🐏 Rams fans behind you.

@Scoots_n_Boots: Can’t argue with anything he says but I’m afraid there are those within the club and fan base that get so starstruck by the name they’ll defend him to the hilt.

@stephen24493168: Once again bang on

@Lector: Talks sense each and every time he’s on. He gives an honest appraisal and doesn’t sugar coat anything.

@kaibarnes31: Stepping stone to never managing again 😂

@hutch172: He’s right Rooney is definitely not the right man for this job, he’s totally and utterly out of his depth

@SJCooperman83: More critical thinking from @Sjopinion10

@sheikhover: Thing is so many Derby fans agree. Rooney has now put in place a captain that’s never captained and could’ve, maybe should have been sacked not long ago and told the players to go to him with their problems. You couldn’t make it up.

@ryDCFC86: In all honesty Simon, do you think Rooney will still be at Derby come Christmas, and do you see Derby staying in the championship by the end of this coming season?

@riggokyle546: As much as simon speaks a lot of sense quite a lot of the time. I’d like him to answer this youre in mels position you’ve just sacked cocu cause you was league 1 bound about 16 games in and you have no money Rooney getting his coaching badges wants to prove himself what’s cheaper

@MatthewJKirkha1: Makes me laugh when certain people say Wayne Rooney kept derby up, 1 win in 12 would 90% of the time get them relegated, Wayne didn’t save derby, Sheffield Wednesday and Cardiff saved derby

@MattWoo56844227: I think Simon is 100% right! The only reason Rooney got the job in the first place is because he was already here and because of his name. If we had serious committed ownership at the minute he would of been sacked, the reason he hasn’t is because Mel isn’t going to pay!

@METwedds: Rooney isn’t ‘clueless’. He’s been put in charge of a complete shit show any rookie manager will struggle with. By an idiot of an owner who can’t afford to sack him.

@CADM95: Would love to know what @WayneRooney has done to make Simon Jordan so bitter and disrespectful. Would also love to see him say all of this to Rooney’s face or ask him on the show to respond which is the least you can do when ripping in to him and his intentions.

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