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Simon Jordan lambasts fans as he makes controversial view on booing national anthem

Simon Jordan lambasts fans on talkSPORT on Thursday as he makes a controversial view on booing the opposition side’s national anthem.

For the Euro 2020 encounter against Germany, some of the 40,0000 supporters in attendance at Wembley could be heard booing footballers of both national teams doing their knee stance prior to kick off.

Not only that, but the German national anthem was booed heavily despite calls from the Football Association to instead ‘respect’ it.

So days on from seeing those very scenes and chants of the ’10 German Bombers’ at the game, the talkSPORT pundit along with Jim White, who recently left Sky Sports, have criticised the “ignorant, stupid, arrogant and single-minded people”.

He said: “It disappointed me because it makes us [England fans] look like Luddites!

It makes us look like absurd, ignorant, stupid, arrogant and single-minded people that have the necessity to boo the German national anthem.

“The Scots with the greatest respect in the world, you guys boo everything we do, I watched the social media pile-on, we’re going to do this and that they can’t wait for us to fail, and it should happen either.

“But I was disappointed because it makes football fans, or a segment of football fans, not all of them because we can’t put them in the same category, ignorant, stupid, arrogant and one dimensional, and it makes people dislike you.”

“Dislike us because our team is really good, dislike us because we have the best domestic league (Premier League) and the most money. Don’t dislike us because of our fans are myopic and ignorant on there outlook.

“We don’t have to boo the German national anthem, what is the point of it?

“I don’t get, I get the tribalism, I’ve sat in football stadiums with 25,000 fans have told me my name for 90 minutes of a game, and it begins with F-ing something, and you get it and take it and enjoy the banter, most football songs are steeped in some ridicule or parody of unkindness and I laugh at all that, but there is a need to just have a bit of elegence and style and a plom about it and I don’t mean sophisticated like some cad of bounder, I mean, at a football match, cheer the team, why boo the national anthem, why, I can’t imagine it. What’s the point of it?

Twitter users reacted as Simon Jordan lambasts fans on talkSPORT as he makes a controversial view on booing the national anthem…

@petecolley: Totally agree.

@mikecafcbrown: We’re gonna do it anyway, we’re gonna do it anyway… we’re gonna do it anywaaaaaayyy

@superblue05: Totally agree. Respect.

@Bannister121: It’s certainly not going to help our chances of winning Eurovision next year. 🤣

@AFriskyPigeon: Totally agree. I swear, as a nation, we’ve spent years lambasting club and national team supporters for booing when the opposition has the ball and during national anthems… I know it’s Germany, but that doesn’t suddenly make it acceptable!

@robsimi: What’s so bad about booing the opposition team when they’re in possession?

@Ryankeirwalker: Football without rivalry is nothing, i see nothing wrong

@JGDIXN: It would never happen in rugby 🏉. Neither would you hear a crescendo of noise during penalty taking.

@LittleDanKMT: What’s the difference between booing a national anthem to booing Liverpool fans singing you’ll never walk alone pre match? It’s about building a hostile environment to hopefully gain an advantage. If you think there’s xenophobic tendency to booing, you’re the luddite, imo.

@paul_worton: I think the difference is that one is booing something that’s specifically associated with a club and the other is booing something that stands for a people. For me it’s more about respect for those people. Personally I don’t boo anthems – but equally I don’t see it xenophobic

@Thomas67991966: Couldn’t agree more with Simon. I felt so ashamed and embarrassed. I don’t want people from other countries to think that all English people disrespect other countries.

@charlesville97: Other than Germany’s and maybe Scotland (both for obvious reasons) who else have we done it to? Acting as if we do it every game?

@hobbitpip: Croatia. I was there.

@Frank_Abagnale6: one time is one too many

@woodward_sir: We’ve done it every game this tournament. We do it regularly

@owenkeavo1: Literally every country

@macca608: No one said a dickie bird when Germans booed our national anthem back when we on to beat them 5 -1 this has happened for yeas get over yourselves

@BoredFilmGuy: Two of the biggest bellends on radio

@75_chicoIron: It does but doesn’t portray a fair reflection of us all. We’ve had idiots in stadiums for years and stewards understandably won’t challenge these individuals as lost loaded with drink.

@simonsanders1: Spot on, just shows you what sort of people attend England games…morons some of them with no class at all.

@BelkMicky: It’s meant to be hostile pudding head

@Jdarcy91: You do realise when ever Leeds play, they play their anthem MOT. EVERYONE boos it from the opposition. It’s what you do. I see nothing wrong. Fair enough if we got a flag and burnt on it or spat on it there’s a case. But booing… we need to grow the fuck up

@thomasbutch73: Those fans are simply xenophobic. Ask them same fans why they are xenophobic, they’d look at you with a confused and blank look on their face….thick as custard!

@StandersSouth: It’s called rivalry get over it ffs.

@stuarthealy1: Has he been to a Holland v Germany game or Poland v Germany game…then you can hear proper booing.

@JackOzz1: SHOCK is that Simon Jordan moaning and complaining like a little bitch again. Swear he’d somehow complain about winning the lottery.

@Derbyshirered: It’s about creating a hostile atmosphere, fuck off sanitising football

@MStafford1981: Only reason the fans boo is because of WW2. It’s sad and pathetic from a minority of brain dead fans.

@vindaloo_2: Stop taking rivalry out of football. Why do the media think we should all behave like we’re at Wimbledon tennis and not at a football game

@KilliaKelly: Shame to see a country booing another country’s national anthem but what’s worse is the comments about the crying German girl that did the rounds. It was absolutely disgusting and people should be prosecuted for that! I have a daughter & to see that was revolting and dispicable!

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