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Simon Jordan fires back at being called a ‘snob’ and a ‘very angry man’ by Danny Dyer

Simon Jordan fires back at being called a ‘snob’ and a ‘very angry man’ by Danny Dyer ahead of Soccer Aid, which took place on Sunday.

Danny Dyer called Simon Jordan the “worst type of snob”, speaking to Drive on talkSPORT and he launched criticism of the pundit.

He didn’t hold back, Dyer calling him an “angry man” after Jordan had savaged him first by criticising his footballing abilities.

Jordan’s insults were retorted by Dyer, as you can see below…


He told talkSPORT: “It is interesting with Simon because a couple of people sent me this thing where he dug me out. I don’t know why.

“I don’t know what’s the matter with him, he said I am the worst football player that God has ever put breath into or something.

“He went on to tell this story on how I played for his team once in Soccer Six and I thought, ‘well, I’ve never met you’. So that is interesting.

“Then he went on to call me the poor man’s Ray Winstone, which I’ll take. So I am a bit confused with him really.

“He has said some stuff which I quite agree with but I don’t like snobs. And he is the worst kind of snob because he has forgotten where he came from.

“He is an angry man with long words. He loves a little hankie in his pocket. One of them nuts!

“It is a shame really because I love the man but he is a very angry man.”

Jordan refuted Dyer’s claims as he doubled down on his views about the actor’s footballing ability, tweeting: “Oh dear [pointy nose emojis]. Soccer six 2006/07… had him and Tamer Hassan (who I like) allocated to my team. Useless, turned up with bag of £5’s from a PA…

“Also wouldn’t let him in my restaurant in Mayfair.

“No snob… south London and proud.

“Small word – fake.”

White: And then, of course, old West Ham man Danny Dyer was on drive later on. Now, you had had a tilt at him earlier on. What was it you said yesterday?

Jordan: It was kind of lost in me in the middle of it all yesterday. No, it was the other day. And, you know, sometimes I sit in here and I forget that I’ve got this microphone in front of me of a million people listening to it, and I just say these sort of things that are moderately indiscreet. But I had said a while ago that Danny Dyer, which is a matter of fact, was playing for a team in the soccer sixes that was under my Auspice, and he turned up with Tamar Hassan. He wasn’t a very and I’ve been a bit unfair, because he isn’t the worst footballer I’ve ever seen. Nick Moran has that moniker. And if you’ve seen Boris Johnson playing a soccer sixes is a really unfair thing for me to say. Worst ever. He’s the worst footballer that I’ve got ever put a breath into. But the fact of the matter is, it’s rattled Danny’s cage. So he’s had a little swipe back at me.

White: Well, yeah. So Danny darn mindful of this was on Drive.

Jordan: So you got to give context to this, right? Because it’s out of context. And I realised that perhaps Danny isn’t programmed for questions, but it’s out of context. And the context was you brought up who was playing in the soccer aid and then someone brought up the name Danny Dyer in the conversation we have in the other. Danny said, oh, he’s a useless footballer. Now, he’s right. It’s a really unfair analysis. He isn’t the worst footballer I ever saw. But the problem is with me is I hate being called a liar. Now, the fact of the matter is, it’s an absolute cast iron, copper bottom fact. I’ve just played the message from the guy that runs Soccer Sixes that recounted the story of Danny Dyer to Luke outside. Him and Tamar, who I very much like, and I didn’t at the time, turned up after some grubby little PA with horrible, shrivelled up five pound notes falling out of their pockets, giving it all. We’ll be in the team. Shall we? And I was like, no, you won’t be in the team. And in fact, you’re useless. You can sit on the bench. And we’ll go down to five players and even then, you’re not playing. And he used to come into my restaurant in Mayfair on Warwick Street, with a guy called Andy Loveday, who made all these films, rise Of The Foot Soldier and those sort of stuff, and I didn’t much like him, so I threw him out of the restaurant. And then years later, and years later. I just didn’t want him wandering around my restaurant with certain people. And years later, someone told me that he’d done this TV show called Britain’s Hardest Men or something, and put this blonde wig on and gone onto doors, go, ‘I’m Simon Jordan, I want to come in on camera’. So there you are. I’ve compounded the indiscreetness of it, of all. But listen, Danny Dyer, he’s a brilliant actor in his own way. Ironically, Howard Pinter, this brilliant playwright who was Danny was his protege, described him as the best actor that he’d ever had. So whilst I poke a little fun at Danny Dyer, and I do think he’s a poor man’s Ray Winstone…

White: Listen, have you forgotten where you came from, then? Is that true?You’ve forgotten your roots?

Jordan: Because I’ve tried to expand my dictionary, made a few quid, lost a few quid, bought the team that my dad played for, that I lived 100 yards away from. I’m south London to my core. That means I’ve forgotten where I’ve come from. Yeah, I think Danny’s forgotten where he’s been.

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Here’s what fans had to say as Simon Jordan fires back at being called a ‘snob’ and a ‘very angry man’ by Danny Dyer…

@Dan15749578: Jordan is most definitely a snob

He is a snob
A snob that ran Palace into administration

@CBoundy92: “Poor mans Ray Winstone” ‘Which I’ll take’ 😂😂

@GarethBrady10: Hanky in his pocket 😂

@dinglusk: All the long words but never necessarily in the right order.

@Ursy1892: My money is on danny

@koomzynufc: talksport should hire Danny Dyer 😂

@Willh1985: Because he’s up his own backside Danny

@BlackrodTown: He’s an angry man with long words 🤣 🎯

@wearz: Get him in on talksport. Give him what he wants. Fucking love Danny Dyer

@ColinGr22048599: In the words of Kevin Bridges….Danny Dyer the pricks prick

@EatTom01: He’s picked on him cos Danny hates the tories and little lord Fauntleroy just can’t have that

@craigh1307: The worst kind of snob, he forgot where he came from. Bang on

@zakw91: He’s bully boy Danny

@andycparsons: Actually Simon, why ain’t you playing in these charity games… if the worse player in the world is willing to do it for charity, surely you can match him and show your footballing worth 🙌

@mickmcmenemy: You might be surprised to hear this Simon but not everybody that has ever met or interacted with you remembers you/it

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