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Simon Jordan criticises Wayne Rooney as Jed Wallace speaks of Derby players’ concerns

Simon Jordan criticises Wayne Rooney as Jed Wallace speaks of the concerns that Derby County players’ have shared to him in conversation.

Rams fans have hit back at the former Palace chairman over his comments about Rooney and the “pattern” he has noticed about his management.

The talkSPORT pundit was speaking on air about the club on Tuesday and their bid to fight off relegation from the Championship with the club eight points adrift of safety.


He said: “If he manages well at Derby – and they are going to get relegated now – tragically I see a pattern developing in Wayne Rooney’s management.

“That is is you start well, you build-up credibility, people start to believe in you and like last season when the business end comes you fall away. Last year they avoided getting relegated by the very last knockings because they lost 13 of the last 15 games.

“Now here we are. Derby have given themselves a whiff of staying in the division. Absolutely doing a miracle. What’s happened? Their form has gone again at a time when they needed to put down the hammer.

“What does that tell you about the manager? I don’t know. He can’t be criticised for having a 21-point disadvantage.”But when you give yourself a chance then it becomes a balance shift. Remember when I talked about it a couple of weeks ago about the pressure switching.”Once upon a time there was no pressure on him. You can manage in those environments because the expectation is low. When the expectation starts to peak and you think we can get out of this, that is when you see the characteristics of the players and the manager.”

Meanwhile, Millwall’s Jed Wallace reveals conversations with Derby players uncertainty at the club with everyone kept in the dark about it’s future.

Wallace has had conversations with friends at the struggling Rams, and also detailed what boss Wayne Rooney must do to help Championship club rebuild if they are to stay alive.

Derby have had a season like never before, handed a 21-point deduction for going into administration, while other the pitch, they are somewhat finding it tough to secure new ownership.

It the reports are anything to go by, considering that’s all we’ve got to go off, the club’s administrators Quantuma, were expected to name their preferred bidder for the club at the weekend, however such decision is yet to be made or announced.

There are claims that none of the bids have met the financial requirements for the deal and because of this, Derby face a potential further points deduction if the applied bids don’t meet EFL insolvency regulations.

On the pitch, Wayne Rooney’s side had given fans something to be hopeful for, at first looking like they could do the impossible and avoid the drop, however the hard work has took it’s toll on the team and form is faulting as the club find themselves at the bottom of the Championship, with third tier football likely for the first time since 1986.

According to Millwall star Wallace, it’s not just the fans who are haven’t got a clue whats going on, but the players as well.


Speaking to The EFL Show on talkSPORT 2, Wallace said: “What’s crazy is that the normal football fan thinks that they’re hiding stuff from us, but when I speak to my friends at Derby, they don’t know any more than what you do.

“No one knows anything.

“What I will say, is that Wayne Rooney’s done an unbelievable job. The coaches, the leaders in the dressing room like Tom Lawrence, Curtis Davies, Richard Stearman and Colin Kazim-Richards, they’ve done unbelievably well.

“The fans, every single one of them, deserves a massive pat on the back. They’ve put their money forward to watch their team even though they’re probably fighting against impossible circumstances.

“We played there on a Tuesday night and there was about 27,000 there, it was unbelievable. Fair play to them.

“I think everybody wants them to stay up but it looks like it’ll be a step too far for them, but they’ve got a fantastic young manager and a lot of good young players that you hope, if the club survive, they can build the club around the likes of Jason Knight, Eiran Cashin, Max Bird and these guys moving forward.

“You just hope that these good players don’t get taken away from the football club because then they really are starting from square one again.”

Tom Lawrence has been arguably the best player for Derby County this season, and he recently spoke on social media about the belief and giving his all for his side.

Responding to a tweet which showed off the striker’s goals from the campaign so far, he said: “This season has not been nice for anyone to do with Derby but the UNITY the whole of Derby has shown has been the proudest season I’ve had with the club, and to be in a position of still staying in this league is remarkable against all odds! The impossible is still on… BELIEVE.”

His comments echo what manager Rooney had to say after a 2-1 home defeat to Millwall midway through February: “We will keep going and keep fighting. It’s a setback and a bad result but we’ll lose more games from now to the end of the season and it’s about the games we win.

“We need to turn some of the draws, especially away from home into wins, and we will keep fighting. As I keep saying, this league can throw up anything so we will keep going and believing.”

Twitter users reacted as Simon Jordan criticises Wayne Rooney and Jed Wallace speaks of Derby players’ concerns…

@Pat00758889Pat: Look closer please before you comment @Sjopinion10 – take a look at the injuries, suspensions, look who we lost in January and what players have now signed for another club – just trying to validate last seasons Rooney hunt after your apology – vast majority want him to stay

@StevenN08496223: A bit harsh Simon. He has lost 10 players since December and some bad injuries. He does have lots of pressure on him, but we as fans believe in him and the team and there is a reason for that. He is doing a great job, we are 100% behind Wayne

@Leewright0601: Normally he talks a lot of sense but where Derby have been concerned he’s been wide of the mark just about every single time.

@heslop10: Behave man. The guy is fighting with 1 hand behind his back. He makes a team out of what he had and then loses a couple of them during the season. This is his 1st job and he is having to pay for away travel just to fulfil the fixtures. Just to be in with a fighting chance I say 👏

@r_spkm: Called having a small squad, injuries, losing 9 players mid season..

@DazzaDavies: A pattern when he’s in his first job?!

@scottyrl1978: Bit harsh he’s slowly lost his team throughout the season

@derby_lad: Nothing to do with our squad being ripped apart then?

@JakeBarker1212: How’s he seen a pattern when he’s managed for just one full season, and has made only 3 permanent signings? The fact we’re in this position is a miracle in itself 😂 As Will Smith would say, keep Derby County out of your mouth 🤦🏻

@hudsonjames1981: He has never had the opportunity to manage the club he has just had to fire fight and respond to events that he has no control of for us still to be in with a remote chance of staying up at this stage is an achievement in itself ⚽️🐏

@Jo_Rich__: Really?! You have been following since January when we lost 10 players? And also the fact we have a threadbare squad with now worn out players and players out injured. Abit unfair to be saying that about Rooney especially since he’s been the one giving players, staff & fans faith

@PhilBarker83: What a load of rubbish, the last 8 weeks have been the hardest off the pitch for DCFC. It’s nothing to do with pressure, squad was decimated by start of Feb, been in and amongst it 90% of games, lack of depth has been the form issue, not Rooney

@JustCrac: Simon Jordan again with zero knowledge of what management takes. Didn’t he run CP into administration? So is he really a great advocate of owning a club?

@SincePlayed: …says the man who drove an entire football club in to the mud, we should definitely be listening to you 😬🙄 He’s just Mel Morris with a microphone. #dcfc #Rooney

@phillowe1: You spout so much pontificated bullshit Jordan! the guy has not been able to buy a player of his own choosing, he has lost 12 players in the past few months and is using lads who should still be plying their trade at U21 level !! you have become boring and non relevant!

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