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Sidemen and YouTube star set to join Crawley Town training ahead of upcoming FA Cup tie

Sidemen and YouTube star Tobi “TBJZL” Brown is set to join Crawley Town training ahead of the upcoming FA Cup tie against Accrington Stanley.

The 29 year old is a member of The Sidemen, who set up a charity match and in attendance for that were Crawley scouts as part of new owner Wagmi United’s recent partnership with the YouTube group.

He will train alongside his brothers Manny Brown and Jed Brown on the 1st of November, with all three to be assessed by Crawley staff for possible inclusion in their FA Cup First Round fixture.


Crawley Town Football Club and WAGMI United are delighted to announce that Tobi “TBJZL” Brown — a founding member of The Sidemen, Europe’s largest YouTube collective — will join the club for training on 1 November, alongside his brothers Manny Brown and Jed Brown. All three players will be further evaluated by coaches and staff during the session for possible inclusion in the team for the Red Devils’ upcoming FA Cup match against Accrington Stanley on 5 November.

Tobi and Manny recently starred in the 2022 Sidemen FC Charity Match in September, where Crawley scouts were on hand to evaluate participating players as part of WAGMI United’s recent partnership with The Sidemen. The brothers combined to score three of Sidemen FC’s eight goals in the victory.

Preston Johnson, Co-Chairman of Crawley Town Football Club, said, “We’re excited to have Tobi, Manny and Jed joining us for training on Tuesday, and we’re looking forward to seeing what they can bring to the club. Depending on how they perform, we may extend offers to continue training with the lads on a trial basis and potentially compete for a spot on the bench for the Accrington Stanley match. As we’ve said before, it’s fairly unlikely they’d get on the pitch unless the game is well in hand, but we want to give them the opportunity to show Lewis and the staff what they can do in training and then go from there.”

The FA’s bylaws dictate that any player who has formally registered as part of a club is eligible to be named to the squad and potentially compete in FA Cup matches. And while Crawley Town FC remains fully committed to winning our first-round match, the club also looks forward to the possibility of these new recruits joining our team on a trial basis for training and the matchday experience — and introducing the club to millions of potential new supporters in the process.

Tobi “TBJZL” Brown co-founded The Sidemen with his best friends in 2013. Today, the group is among the most high-profile internet personalities from the United Kingdom, with Tobi alone boasting more than 13 million combined followers across major online platforms. His brother, Manny Brown (formerly known as FIFAManny), is also an established internet creator, with nearly 5 million combined followers in his own right.

Tobi “TBJZL” Brown said via Twitter: “Everyone needs to chill though I’m just gonna join in with a training session 😭I been a football fan my whole life, I know the importance of the FA Cup to players and fans alike so not trying to jeopardize that for anyone. Just putting more eyes on the club and showing support 🙏”

This is what fans said on news that the Sidemen and YouTube star is getting set to join Crawley Town training ahead of the upcoming FA Cup tie…

@ExiledBen: There’s no way 💀

@MilesPidgeon: Is it April 1st?

@showponytrader: To be fair, they are probably all streets ahead of Mark Wright – although that’s not saying much 😭

@michael55930449: We’re actually a joke these days. Take nothing seriously. Should be using that time in training to do something decent as we’re sat at 19th. Joke

@C_Capper95: We have 18/19 year old at Crawley genuinely trying to make it as professional footballers but rather than invest time into them we put time and effort into this… scandalous

@SHD1903: Let them play Saturday!

@alexrbarber_: What a joke of a owner and club 🤣 laughing stock of football.

@Luke27_____: State of this 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@TomGoodridge5: making league 2 sound like a joke

@mrmiddle09: I was hoping this would of been forgotten!!

@danp_89: Fighting against relegation should be our complete focus, not this absolute shite. Just when we thought we had our club back, how wrong were we. The ‘Internets’ team strike again.

@FPLSteve: So many people hating on this, don’t get it at all to be honest. It’s a brilliant marketing move

@alexwoody348: What an embarrassing club 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@MichaelGeal94: As much as it’s deemed ‘good for publicity’ same as mark wright was… it’s just fucking stupid

@swindonmatt35: Glad the owners aren’t in charge of my club. Mickey mouse club

@JoshW_G2: If you’re an academy footballer, you must be fuming that Youtubers whl play Sunday league get ahead of you

@tomd0312: So weird

@Joshctfc: Went down like a sack of shit when the idea was originally proposed, yet we’ve still gone through with it, I give up.

@EreiraAFC: @miniminter robbed

@FelixJohnston_: So embarrassing

@azza_leva3: No disrespect to any of the 3 but it’ll finally show the gulf in class between the pros and amateurs

@mtfcroan: Genuinely making the league look a shambles. I like the sidemen but this is tinpot beyond belief

@commhfc: Totally disrespectful to the FA Cup

@BSTComps: from the marketing side of things, this is a very good idea.

@R_J_M_11: Would hate to be a Crawley fan, their club seems to be a circus

@bruceywells: How many times do we have to tell you to stop treating our club like an absolute joke?! @WAGMIUnited

@ChisieWeirdo: No offence to your fans, but your club is becoming a joke and is detrimental to the standing of lower league professional football

@ctfc_b: Got so much I could say about this but I’m not going to waste my time seeing as they clearly don’t care how much they embarrass themselves or the club. Fucking shambles.

@Mitchglover_4: You lot are a joke. Got scholars/first year pro’s that have worked their whole life to be a footballer & you’re inviting YouTubers in. Embarrassing

@OnePodBeyond: We may, at times, be utter turd. But at least we’re not this.

@DeaconHordz: I think I’d stop supporting city if we did something like this #hcafc

@bhafcedv4: If Tobi scores against us in the senior Sussex challenge cup I might commit

@jackstringer19: Tragic. Bradford got a lucky escape from the crypto bros didn’t they?

@FinnReynolds7: jesus christ what’s the world come to

@MattyHC5: Imagine being a professional footballer, working your balls off since the age of 10 to make it professional…. being in that 1% that make it to professional football from academies only for some youtubers to rock up and bypass their way into your club.

@WLodge_39: This is embarrassing, really really embarrassing

@louorns: Imagine being a player in the Crawley Town youth academy, and your place is being taken by a YouTuber just because they want a bunch of kids in the crowd. Lord have mercy this is embarrassing from Crawley

@JChatfield94: Imagine you’re a teenager in their academy. You basically sacrifice the ‘normal’ weekend social life most kids your age have, to focus on your faint dream of becoming a pro footballer one day. Then some crypto dick buys the club & puts YouTubers ahead of you in the pecking order

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