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Shocking WhatsApp messages from parents group chat for UNDER 8s team goes viral

Shocking WhatsApp messages from a parents group chat for an UNDER 8s five a side Sunday football team goes viral at the weekend.

bally singh (@putasinghonit) uploaded the screenshots, and captioned the Twitter post: “This message from a group chat of parents for an *UNDER 8’s* five a side Sunday football team is further proof that men who take football far too seriously are unhinged.”

It has since gone on to get over 10,000 likes and produced a huge talking point among social media users in the replies section, not surprising after seeing what the parents were saying…

Message 1: “That was damn embarrassing, making the same continuous mistakes and not rectifying it, I gave up counting after 15 times we had a goal kick passing to __________ who is 2 feet away on the right adjacent to the keeper who only has 1 option to pass too and the lack of progression with the ball should be obvious that it needs to be changed. If you’ve have played 5 a side football, you’d know that you need to vary up tactics. Absolutely no communication with one another. Either we man mark or do zonal defending, instruct 2 players to be the wall when the opposition have a free kick.”

Message 2: “No sticking up for each other, they were literally bullying our players and not one time did I see any one standing up for each other. They had 2 players running through 5 of us everytime and we could not pick them as we were running around like headless chickens.”

Message 3: “There has been no progression in the 3 odd months, we need to work in 2 or 3s creating triangles/vertical possession to move forward. I counted only 2 times in the whole match that we strung 3 passes or more together (1 resulting in a goal). We need to inter change positions so if a defender moves forward, someone goes back and vice versa, the rigidity is creating more issues with us being so static its like we are statues. We need to quicken the passing from keeper onwards, no point allowing the opposition to re group. We need to press their ball players and mark their players when we don’t have the ball and move away from their players creating at least 2 options when in possession.”

Message 4: “I am sure no parent or kids like being humiliated as we were today and seems an every week occurrence. Please watch any football match and assess how everything is trigonometry based shapes in possession and moving forward with the ball and the shape when without possession, it’s very simple and exactly how every opposition has sliced us apart. We need to calm down, get comfortable with the ball, pass and move creating space and options. We need to be more critical instead of applauding failure, if I make a mistake at work, I evaluate myself and we need to install that in football for the betterment of the team as individually we good great potential. Regards from a frustrated parent who doesn’t like being humiliated like that. More than happy to assist in coaching the team when available from work.”

As mentioned, there was a lot of reaction to the shocking WhatsApp messages as seen above from a parents group chat for an UNDER 8s team, which goes viral this week…

@GregPaul10: It’s an epidemic! Doesn’t get any better. I do u13 and it’s constant criticism.

@head_shoulders2: I ran the line on Sunday at an u13 game, Coaches shouting and balling at young referee, constantly shouting at their team, telling them what to do every time they got the ball. I’m not sure what FA course they had done, but it couldn’t have been the same one I did. Embarrassing

@scentm: 3 consecutive passes? Show offs. If I can get my U8s to remember what way we’re shooting or to stop pointing out funny shaped clouds during the match it’d be a start 🤣🤣 Let. Them. Enjoy. It.

@paul_miney: And this is why volunteer coaches who spend an inordinate amount of time, effort and often their own money into a team think why do I even bother. Being told by parents who to play or how to play when they are 7 years old is absolutely wild. It needs to stop.

@Kyiz69: Zonal defending at under 8s is nuts 😂 at 7/8 its chase the ball tactics and a fortnite dance, every 5 mins for good measure 😂 just let them love playing, deal with the competitive side of things when they are older. Some dad has done their level 2 and thinks they are Pep 😂

@CarlosS1kRR: Very difficult job but I’ve found trying to vet the parents rather than the kids is a better way to run a good team.this guy is going to ruin his kids enjoyment of the game. 7 year old, let them run around & just kick the ball fgs

@cultofwedgeuk: Yeah, there was a guy like this when my lad played around that level. He was a tactical genius, every other kid was useless, his kid was going to play for England etc… Still waiting for his debut…

@jack51749763: ✊🏻💦 ‘s majority of the bellend parents have never kicked a ball in their life because they were shite. let the kids be kids and enjoy it especially at that age

@scottburke75: I hear stuff like this muttered under breath whilst I’m coaching. Even U8 at academy level wouldn’t be that technical for god sake. What happened to letting them enjoy it and develop naturally.

@jonthevillaboy: Wow, the meaning of development football needs to be explained to that parent. It is supposed to be about enjoyment at that age and accepting that mistakes will happen. Learning from mistakes forms part of the development and training. Offer of help? Thanks, but no thanks.

@_kirby007: All the while happy to sit back and do nothing. Genuinely kids just want to play but parents damn they are literally the bane of grassroots football!

@Sandancerscot: And thats why im glad my son doesnt want to play football. The state of some of the parents shouting at 5 year olds and referees is embarrassing. I let my son go to a training thing one summer and thankfully he didnt want to go back. Horrible environment for bairns and adults.

@stevie188: When I did my coaching badge the best bit of advice I received wasn’t about tactics or fitness it was simply ‘if you have a squad of 15 players be prepared to manage 45-50 people including parents and grand parents none of whom have either played the game nor help with training’!

@ANDYFIE13: 🙈… should all be about fun happiness.. otherwise, kids lose interest, and we lose the next generation. My son played for his team he’d quickly be removed

@GedlingRed: This parent has probably taken Accrington Stanley to the Champions League In Football Manager so thinks he has all the credentials 😂

@KaneKaner69: All full of it but if you asked anyone of them to step up and take the team on, they would be like Homer disappearing back into the hedge. At that level it’s about enjoyment and giving the kids game time, nothing else

@NultyDave: Worrying that I’m not surprised by this at all. Seen it so many times. Ridiculous.

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