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Shocking stat emerges as Notts County fans let rip

A shocking stat emerges as Notts County fans let rip at their latest result, a 1-0 defeat at home to Eastleigh on Saturday afternoon.

The result leaves the club 8th in the National League table, just outside the playoffs, even more of a blow to their chances of going up compared to when Neal Ardley was in charge.

Ian Burchnall is now in charge of the Magpies, however their most recent loss his fifth in his seven games in charge so far.

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Before Neal Ardley got the chop, he had only six defeats all season with the club in the playoffs.

Now fans have hit out at the decision to get rid of Ardley, they in fact tweeted his name so much that he was trending on Twitter following the final whistle.

Seems to be that the club have made a decision that has well and truly cost them in their hunt to returning back to League Two.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

Ben House’s first half stoppage time goal in first-half stoppage-time settled the contest as 10th-placed Eastleigh moved on to 50 points, two behind a County side who have now dropped out of the top seven after suffering a third successive loss.

Notts County head coach Ian Burchnall rued a lack of cutting edge as the Magpies suffered a third successive National League defeat at home to Eastleigh.

“It is very frustrating,” he said.

“It was like the last game against Solihull Moors. It feels the same in that we dominated the game. We had complete control in the first half and we don’t take the chances.

“Ben Turner had a big chance and Adam Chicksen has a good chance in the first half.

“But we are unpicked again in the 46th minute from the second phase of a set-piece and it’s a goal. It’s really frustrating.

“Even in the second half we had total control of the game. We are playing well until the final third and we are just lacking a bit of quality.

“We just need a bit more chaos and creativity just to open it up.”


Burchnall, 38, arrives with eight years’ experience working in the Scandinavian top tiers and is regarded as one of football’s most exciting young coaches.

Possessing a background in youth coaching, Burchnall’s first senior role came as Brian Deane’s assistant at Norwegian side Sarpsborg in 2012. He then took the same job at Viking FK, paving the way for him to become their manager in 2017.

Off-field issues led to his departure, much to the disappointment of Viking’s supporters, but he was quickly invited to move across the Swedish border to replace now-Brighton manager Graham Potter at Ostersund FK.

Potter had led the club on a meteoric rise through the Swedish football system, culminating in the club’s remarkable qualification for the Europa League, and Burchnall, who had previously worked with Potter while coaching university football in Leeds, was chosen as the man to fill his boots.

Despite the club’s decision to sell numerous key players, Burchnall led Ostersund to a sixth-place finish, one point and a place below the record set by Potter the previous year.

His second season began strongly before off-field problems emerged once again, eventually leading Burchnall to leave his post last summer to pursue his next opportunity in the UK.

Notts County believed he was the right man to push them onto promotion, however they’ll now be lucky if they can get hold of a playoff place, with many clubs in battle.

Hartlepool United boss Dave Challinor recently launched a surprise attack at Notts County and Bromley as he gave his verdict on the recent sackings.

The Magpies and The Ravens were both slammed by the Pools manager after getting rid of Neal Ardley and Neil Smith, with Dave throwing support in the direction of those who have just lost their jobs.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

Challinor told the Hartlepool Mail a few weeks back: “They are ridiculous decisions from the outside looking in.

“Manager’s decisions should be judged on a full season. Jim left Stockport and whether clubs are looking to go in a different direction internally, you can’t really comment on that.

“From the outside, the two Neil’s leaving last week from clubs in the play-off positions seems strange.

“But you’re not privy to what is going on behind the scenes, the targets set, the investment that has been made and where they want the club to go.

“There are a lot of anomalies that you can’t comment on but from Notts County’s position, they’ve got games in hand on us after taking the Dover game away.

“We’re 11 points ahead of Notts County but they have six games in hand. While they may not win all of those games, if they do then they’re seven points clear of us which would be a very good position to be in.”

“It is strange but nothing surprises you in football and I’ve been on the end of it myself,” he said.

“It is what it is and what I will say is that if Neil, Neal and Jim decide to go somewhere else then they’ll have further success down the line because they’re all very good managers.”

As the shocking stat emerges, Notts County fans let rip at full time…

@JackAshmann: Must be ardleys fault 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

@skinio: Absolutely no fight what so ever, I Don’t believe these players want to play for IB. Atleast under Ardley we had a bit of fight after going behind. Loves the brothers for what they’ve done for our club but got to say this has got to be their first mistake. Only hope its the last.

@GrangeRob: The fans that wanted Ardley out? Are you happy now?

@ShardlowLuke: Owners have to take responsibility for the the poor timing in changing the manager, simply killed the season

@piedestrian: Very much this. Even if they gave Ardley all they could and foresaw us missing out, hiring a man with an incredibly different approach to footballing philosophy ensured that we have written off this season. Footballers, especially in this league, can’t transform over night.

@chogger5: Assume the players aren’t interested in the playoffs then?

@salbre81: Right now I’m angry. We got rid of Ardley for this #notts

@DazzG87: Shouldn’t have sacked Ardley. I said it, come at me.

@Kyle_Motson: Only at Notts would fans want the man back, that relegated us to Non-League for the first time in our history. Listen if Ardley is as good as half of you make out, he will get a job in no time. Let’s see shall we, I mean no doubt EFL clubs are waiting

@MadWoolley: If we win the league next season I’ll understand why Ardley got the sack. Until then, I’m gonna be disappointed that we sacked him for seemingly no good reason

@jayhum65: I’m sick of all his ‘buzz’ words and Data talk. This isn’t a computer game. He comes across like a college lecturer. It’s been a massive mistake in changing managers at such a crucial point in the season. At least under Ardley we’d have made the playoffs.

@chinstroker1862: Reckon that makes my top 10 worst performances in 34/35 years watching notts

@Kaibooth3: Neil ardley is pissing himself with laughter right now

@patrick_epworth: The decision to sack Ardley was always gonna be a gamble. Unfortunately we’re now realising that Ardley was getting the best he could out of these players and sacking him has made them down tools. Looks like this season is gonna be a write off now. Start preparing for the next!

@AlexShacklock: I just can’t comprehend how bad we have become. Bizarre

@sybiltherabbit: 159 years of history and this will be our lowest ever finish. Unless these owners have big plans for the summer I fear the worst.

@Kaibooth3: The two leauge one clubs he turned down are thankful he did now

@Andrew_E_Walker: Supporters Trust please! No more millionaire experiments…

Clueless owners.
Clueless management.
Clueless players.
Embarrassing club.

@NonLeagueNorton: It appears the players have downed tools & we have a supply teacher as head coach.

@pie_flat: Not fit to wear the shirt. Disgusting.

Formulas are not values
Data is no substitute for belief
This is a slow, painful, suffocating death by spreadsheet
Supporters Trust at the standby? @BBCRNS #Notts

@SamCarnill: What a poor football team! Awful all round. Can’t pass a ball, No challenging for balls in the box, no urgency to get an equaliser. Still we lack creativity in midfield and an overrated striker who just stands there up front and can’t hit the target!

@stevierobatkins: We were terrible again, absolutely spinless shower of shit but FFS don’t @ IB or MR. Voice your opinion here and direct your frustrations to the team as a collective but don’t start going after the management personally.

@SpaffNCFC: Take their wage packets away from them they deserve rice and beans absolutely embarrassing, they know they can play dog shit week in week out and still get paid to play like a mongole, tragic squad it really is

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