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Shocking footage emerges of Arsenal and Everton fans fighting, injured and bloodied

Shocking footage emerges of Arsenal and Everton fans fighting, with some men being left injured and bloodied on the ground.

A two minute 30 second long video was recorded and put up on social media showing the troubling scenes that took place between the two sets of supporters, both giving it large.

A security member can be seen getting involved trying to calm the situation down, while police have been contacted by a number of Twitter users to try and find the culprits involved.

One Arsenal fan can also be seen trying to pull off the window wipers off a coach while trying to hit out at Everton fans.

The game itself saw Arsenal beat Everton 2-1 courtesy of Kai Havertz’s late winner, but the Gunners fell short of title as Man City beat West Ham 3-1 at the Etihad Stadium. Takehiro Tomiyasu was also on target for Arsenal, with Idrissa Gueye getting Everton their only goal.

Speaking after the 2-1 win over Everton, Havertz told TNT Sports: “I feel sorry for all of the Arsenal fans – for us – we gave our best, but it wasn’t enough.

“Maybe in two or three months we can say ‘it was a good fight’, but right now I feel like we deserved more.

“It wasn’t enough in the end, but we go again next year. Sometimes it isn’t fair in football, but we have to accept it.

“Football is hard, but hopefully we can go again next year and give the Arsenal fans what they need and what they are all here for.”

Havertz said to the Gunners faithful: “When you see all of the fans here, it is tough. But I can tell them that next year we are going to be an even better team and we are going to give everything again.”

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has been speaking to TNT Sports after missing out on the Premier League title: “I am very proud. First of all, congratulations to Manchester City. They are the champions and they have been incredible since December.

“We have tried with everything that we had. You can sense how much we wanted it, we really tried, but it wasn’t enough unfortunately.”

On pushing Manchester City every step of the way: “It feels good because success cannot only be measured by comparing to somebody else – we need to understand what we are doing.

“We have beaten every record this club has ever had, apart from winning it. This is the most competitive league ever in the history. We have to be better and now we need to find ways we have to improve.”

On the Arsenal fans’ support this season: “That’s the most fulfilling thing. One of the dreams I had when I joined was to reconnect everybody, to really bring this place to a different level.

“We are on that journey right now. I feel sad because I really wanted to deliver that trophy today, because it would mean the world to them, but we are closer that’s for sure.”

Sean Dyche said he hasn’t “really been bothered” about the title race between Arsenal and Manchester City this season, following his side’s final day defeat to the Gunners.

Everton have faced a number of challenges this season, after being penalised with two points deductions in one campaign, but the English manager still managed to lift the Toffees to a 15th placed finish in the Premier League.

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Speaking after the 2-1 defeat to Arsenal, Dyche said: “I have had my own challenges, so I haven’t really been bothered about [the title race] too much, but it’s good for the fans and for the greater good of the Premier League to [have the title decision] go down to today.

“It has been a really, really powerful season for the sides up there. [It was] very exciting [for it to go] all the way down to today.

“I think, deep down, everyone probably thought Manchester City would see it through today, but that is the beauty of football – you never know.”

Here’s how Twitter users reacted as shocking footage emerges of Arsenal and Everton fans fighting, injured and bloodied…

@adtradfx: Clowns. Throwing a can at a man knocked out on the ground. Losers.

@ToonMouthTyne: It’s the mayo that does it for me. Absolutely no need.

@ClintWa82679572: Good luck to the arsenal fans at Everton away next year, you’ll need it 👍

@fozastuta: Everton fans won’t forget that, Arsenal will be in for it at Goodison. The only thing is, none of the weapons on the video will travel.

@Max0o05: attacking an old fella trying to get on a bus, great work

@AndrewB60088741: The great British voting public

@Johnbar01170389: Yet arsenal fans wonder why no one likes them 🤷🏽‍♂️

@goatcomment: Well done, you KO’d a man 40 years older than you. Enjoy your sentence lad.

@PurvisAdrian: Young lad celebrating that he’s knocked a bloke out 30 years older than him what an absolute melt

@Jonatha42511730: Bloke in his 20s cheers when his lucky shot puts down a senior citizen who’s already bleeding. They make them tough at The Arsenal.

@NerradSelims_91: There’s always one who doesn’t want his shirt ruined 😂

@AndrewLgv1: Sqiurting mustard on a toffee is just not on

@theboywillywray: Club shop fc shouting “Arsenal” repeatedly, scary stuff. Nearly made the food stall pack everything away.

@upthejunction28: Can’t believe they sprayed burger sauce on the KO’d lad

@suziplumbo: I see they took losing the title well traffic warden is the winner here

@Geoff_Walton: Embarrassing on every level.

@crustyano: Well done. Assault charge incoming.

@efch0078: see use at goodison

@DavidCParnell: Kids trying to get on the bus, and they do this. Everyone of then are a disgrace.

@muffdiverwatch: Burger sauce at the end 😂

@Hereweg77404901: Embarrassing.

@BenMorina: 😂😂😂 fucking weirdos

@HolyMolythe3rd: Did that guy put burger sauce on the knocked out bloke? 😳

@ErikHanson66: Pathetic – apart from the fella going for the old school squirt attack – only with mayonnaise instead of ammonia 🤣🤣

@Millzy87_: Absolute liberty doing him with the burger source 😂

@BRENDANROONEY2: Best of luck on Merseyside

@AIapeit: Arsenal fans angry they didn’t win the league. 🤣 can’t wait for them to come goodison next season 👍

@mcfcok1894blues: About 3 Everton fans how many arsenal fans does it take

@jbrain88: Just embarrassing. Just go to the game, sing a bit, go home. Not hard is it.

@FrankGunner2004: Embarrassing

@Katieorion: Disgusting Arsenal fans behaviour 😔

@c70conv: Arsenal – great fan base 🙄

@Spiethmeister: That’s disgusting.

@DocBooUK: Arsenal fans being all salty because their team didn’t win the league? 🤦‍♂️

@Greenie109: 🛎️🔚s

@SmokeySMG: Disgraceful with kids about

@Lewis8Smith: Is pretty embarrassing tbf 🤦

@Tailor_Made_x: What’s the point…

@brummie24: Actually embarrassing and with kids there as well, disgusting

@davskicross: The 15-20 Everton who were giving it the biggun before this happened must be hid on the coach licking their wounds after getting volleyed around

@park_footballer: @metpoliceuk

@Kevin_1878: That man is about 60 odd. Was screaming at arsenal fans to stop there was kids on the bus cause they were throwing bottles etc and he gets knocked out cold by a lad 30y younger. Fuckin scum. They can’t cry if something bad happens at goodison now.

@PeterSimon07: A coach with kids on ! Throwing bottles right next to them kids and knocking a 60 year old fella out. Good luck at Goodison next season ya gang of shithouses. Two coaches of Everton lads would have ruined the lot of them Arsenal fans. Horrible watch that !

@jinksie001: Daft of the old boy to be involved but hope he’s ok

@BigHafffEFC1878: See you boys at goodison next year

@tucktuck85: Everton away next year be tasty

@johnh1886: Out cold 😬🥶

@kirsty_scotty3: Good luck Arsenal fans when you visit Everton next season they will back to you all.. be careful Arsenal fans 🙏🏻🙏🏻

@big_Baz87: Little kids about – embarrassing every one of them!

@AzzerBall: grow up lads…

@_TheEvertonIAN: There’s kids trying to get on that bus. Disgusting.

@ChelseaRossiO: Did the arsenal fella cover the knocked out scouser in burger sauce?

@reillytopher: No need for this plenty of roast beef and prawn sandwiches to go round…. Definitely the most hyped worst fans in world football…. Absolute no passion

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