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Bradford City confirm sacking of their managers

Bradford City confirm the sacking of their joint managers, on Monday, following what has been a rather mixed campaign to endure.

The club finished 15th place in the League Two table, taking 59 points from 46 games played for the 2020/21 season.

By the 15th game, the Bantams found themselves in 23rd place, however the duo came in and guided them as high as 10th.

Mark Trueman and Conor Sellars have been relieved of their managerial duties at Bradford City – with immediate effect.

The duo, who previously oversaw City’s under-18s side, have been offered the opportunity to remain at the club in other roles.

Trueman and Sellars took over first-team affairs at the Utilita Energy Stadium on a caretaker basis in December, before being made interim and then joint-permanent managers for the final 19 matches of the season.

Plans are already in place with regards to the vacant managerial position, and the club is not seeking applicants for the role. An announcement will be made as soon as possible.

Chief executive officer, Ryan Sparks, said: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mark and Conor for their endeavour and commitment over the past six months.

“Both men were fearless in taking on a formidable task in December, and faced the challenge with everything they had.

“After saving us from potentially dropping out of the division, we wanted a strong finish to the season to give us momentum, heading into next.

“This has not transpired and one point from a possible 21, in the end, has ultimately seen us settle for mid-table – which is far away from where this club wants and needs to be.

“We feel, at this point, we need more experience to take us forward into the summer and next season which, for us, is a hugely significant one. We have a crucial few months in front of us, and it is important we are in the best-possible position to be able to prepare for them.

“Sport in general, but football more specifically, has a dreadful habit of removing good people from its organisations.

“In this case, we are talking about two talented and extremely hard-working individuals – to whom we will now give every opportunity to continue their development while serving Bradford City.

“Their efforts and achievements will be remembered at this club for being unique, all while working within a unique set of circumstances. During their time at the helm, they personified the club’s true spirit, and have shown they have the potential to become successful first-team managers in the future.

“I thank them for their services to our club and wish them the very best going forward.”

Trueman said: “It is obviously disappointing to have been stood down as manager, but I respect the board’s decision and am incredibly thankful for the opportunity.

“In December, Conor and I took on quite a daunting task which we approached with everything we had.

“We were given the objective of staying in the division at first, which we made sure of with seven games to go. I know football is ultimately a results-based business, though, and recently they had not been good enough.

“I have learnt an awful lot over the past six months and am incredibly grateful to have had the chance to lead a good group of people.

“I would like to thank everyone who supported myself and Conor in the role, and Ryan for trusting, believing and showing faith in us.

“My biggest thanks go to our incredible supporters who have given us everything – from the very first moment. I would hope that, during some dark times throughout this season, we helped bring light and positivity, and some memorable moments in what was otherwise probably a campaign to forget.

“I have been offered the opportunity to stay at the club and fully intend to do so. I hope to have my future decided as soon as possible, and am looking forward to continuing to work hard and develop.

“I wish whoever enters the role next the very best of luck, and will continue to only want what is best for Bradford City.”

Sellars said: “I would like to give a massive thanks to the football club, supporters, players and staff for what has been a fantastic experience over the past six months.

“I have loved every minute of the job and, despite my confidence in our ability to help take the club forward, I of course respect the decision made – following a disappointing end to the season – and my time as joint manager has taught me a lot.

“I will always look back at my spell in charge alongside Mark as an honour and a brilliant opportunity to further develop, using the experience moving forward.

“I would like to give my thanks, once again, for the brilliant support, and hope this club can get moving in the right direction.”

Fans reacted as Bradford City confirm the sacking of their joint managers…

@misselisehartt: Thank you for keeping us up, good luck for the future

@Robbeezley: Shocking decision

@jordangarnett86: Shambolic

@Mason95707626: Did not see that coming, but I mean fair play to them for steadying the ship so to speak

@JHoyle93: Absolute legends for saving us from relegation but needed to be done if we are going to be serious about promotion #bcafc

@BradfordJM99: Although they started well, the ending wasn’t great and in hindsight was the right decision by Sparks #bcafc

@sunnybadwal1: What a circus 😂 the pair deserve full credit for the turnaround this season.

@whitty_31: sack two lads who saved the club from playing non – league football and this is how you repay them

@Seanwanderers1: Not long ago we were being told these jokers were the best in the league 🤣💩

@LILSTANDY: Don’t want to see anyone take the piss. We should thank them for what they have done and how they turned the season around. They did everything they could however things don’t turn out

@ktglyde: Bit shit they never got to manage with fans but the right call, big summer now

@CKT248: Right decision. Did well to keep us up but we need experience to get us out of League 2. #bcafc

@ForeverAYellow: Didnt see this coming tbh, shame they’ve gone, good luck to them going forward

@Chris_Taylor32: A club run properly is all we ask for. It seems like we’re slowly getting that. Mistakes are made along the way of any journey.. it’s how you react to those mistakes that are key #bcafc

@max_linkk: ??????????????????????? we never back managers

@jmazurke: These 2 should never have to buy a pint in Bradford again. Dragged us out of a proper mess. Good luck to you both in the future. #bcafc

@GrahamMt86: a shame it couldn’t work for the young lads. massive respect and appreciation for what they did to get us out of the relegation fight we shouldn’t have even been in! think more experience needed for us next season. hope the two lads stay in the game and keep working!

@MightyChicken3: For anyone calling PE teachers or harsh names, give your head a wobble. This decision is the correct one but they deserve respect for getting the club out of a difficult situation. Thank-you Trueman and Sellers. I do feel this is the correct decision however.

@GaslySZN4: Joke

@TomLove_18: This is probably the right call if we have Wellens lined up. The change from Stuart worked and did its job at getting us out the mire, but when you reflect on that winning run, correlate it with the data, we were running hot. We finished where we deserved to finish #bcafc

@FitzpatrickKev: Surprised at this @Ccbifolds @dave_teagle Thought they were doing a decent job

@LiamPurdy11: Embarrassing

@scottdriscoll2: Tinpot club!! Two young managers done wonders in keeping them up. Surely deserved a pre-season with a squad!

@bencunliffe14: Sparks wrongly gets McCall after GB sacking. After a terrible start, backs him and then sacks him days later. Appoints TnS as interims, then gives them a permanent deal. He then changes his mind at first sign of trouble!?! How many directions does this new direction have? #bcafc

@JoshWardman: Youve really got to feel for these 2. Gave their absolute all and ultimately kept us in the EFL. Thanks for the efforts lads. But i do understand we need some experience going forward. Hope they both take up other roles at the club

@JoshtJax: Anyone slagging these 2 off need to go take their head for a wobble came in to an absolute shitshow and managed to turn us around and keep us in the league

@ZinedineF: Remember when all the League Two pundits were getting a hard-on for these two cos they had a run of a few wins in a row and we were being told they were nailed on for the play-offs?

@Nathan_7788: No messing about love you city

@CraigAndrew3: What a brilliant statement from T&S. They ooze class and professionalism. So glad we’re keeping them on board. #bcafc

@garethbrett1985: In comes Parky!

@Dannyfrost67: The fact the club are keeping them on suggests they have some sort of plan for them to be successors for whoever comes in. Also the fact the club aren’t taking applicants suggests they have their man #bcafc

@VP_Bantam: Correct decision and I’m glad it’s been taken early. Gives the next manager pre-season etc…. Hopefully they’ll be remembered for keeping us in the football league rather than the last dozen or so games. #bcafc

@itwascytronical: I really do thank them for what they did, it won’t be forgotten, just went wrong somewhere, hopefully they’ll go on to prosper, still young and got time #bcafc

@Albertstan: We owe a big debt to both Trueman and Sellars for dragging us out of the shit and securing our place in the league for at least another season

@DanielW65096791: Sparks has handled this situation really well I think, he’s already supposedly got a replacement before relieving them of their managerial duties and has offered them the option to stay at the club
Very well handled

@alexdore19: done an outstanding job in keeping us up but just not the men to get us up, good luck in the future lads

@JoshMathers7: Harsh maybe, but the correct decision. #bcafc

@ChrisHilton83: That’s class to be fair, making the right decision but also doing right by the two young lads, I hope they stay on, obviously assets to the coaching staff. Now, who’s next…. Head says Wellens, heart says Parky #bcafc

@_Matthew_Ward: Fair play to them both. Got us away from the relegation zone and kept us in league two. It’s harsh but the right decision. Good luck to both of them for the future. #bcafc

@ObeseCarrot: Glad they’ve been retained, presumably to resume their work with the u18s. Promising managers but probably too early to hold a top job #bcafc

@markyoung1990: A shame, but ultimately the right decision. The last 15 games were as bad as the first 15 under McCall both visually and statistically. Came in and did a great job in moving us away from the bottom though. #bcafc

@JoshSpruyt: The absolute right decision. Can never thank them enough for keeping us in the league but the last 3 months have been painful to watch. Really hope they do stay on in coaching/youth roles as it’s the least they deserve. #bcafc

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