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‘Shocked’ Thomas Tuchel pleaded not to be sacked in brutal 10-minute phone call

New details emerges on a ‘shocked’ Thomas Tuchel who reportedly pleaded not to be sacked in what ended up being a brutal 10-minute phone call.

Owner Todd Boehly made the biggest decision of his tenure so far on Wednesday morning and axed the 49-year-old less than 24 hours after the dismal defeat against Dinamo Zagreb in the Champions League.

It has been said that Tuchel reported for work at Chelsea’s Cobham training base earlier today but nobody was there to greet him.

The former PSG and Borussia Dortmund manager was quickly ushered into a conference call with the Chelsea hierarchy after which he was left ‘shocked’ having asked for time to mastermind an improvement in the team’s form.

In a relentless 10 minute meeting, Tuchel pleaded for more time as he urged for a chance to turn things around.

But his request fell on deaf ears he was informed there was simply no time left.

He then quickly gathered his belongings before saying goodbye to staff and leaving the complex, and it’s unclear whether Chelsea’s underperforming stars were present as Tuchel bid farewell to the club.

“On behalf of everyone at Chelsea FC, the Club would like to place on record its gratitude to Thomas and his staff for all their efforts during their time with the Club.

“Thomas will rightly have a place in Chelsea’s history after winning the Champions League, the Super Cup and Club World Cup in his time here.

“As the new ownership group reaches 100 days since taking over the Club, and as it continues its hard work to take the club forward, the new owners believe it is the right time to make this transition.

“Chelsea’s coaching staff will take charge of the team for training and the preparation of our upcoming matches as the Club moves swiftly to appoint a new head coach.

“There will be no further comment until a new head coach appointment is made.”

Tuchel oversaw a club-record spending spree of £280million but the enormous outlay has so far failed to translate into instant results with defeats against the likes of Leeds and Southampton leaving Chelsea playing catch-up in the race for the Premier League title, five points behind leaders Arsenal.

The German’s backroom team are expected to remain in place ahead of this weekend’s west London derby against Fulham, while Tuchel will pocket an eye-watering £13million payout.

Boehly has already begun the hunt for Tuchel’s successor, meanwhile, with Brighton’s Graham Potter the current frontrunner and the Blues have permission to speak with him, along with others.

Chelsea won’t be put off by the 47-year-old’s £16m buyout clause and have already been given permission to begin talks.

Mauricio Pochettino and Zinedine Zidane are also under consideration.

Despite the impressive job he has done in turning the Seagulls into an established Premier League force, former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher reckons Pochettino would be the better pick.

He told Sky Sports: ‘There’s no doubt he’s one of England’s top coaches because there’s not too many English coaches in the Premier League.

‘You look at the job Graham Potter’s doing right now, you think that Pochettino is out of work and might be easier to get into the club.

‘If you asked me, if I was a Chelsea supporter who I’d like to see manage my club, I’d go for Pochettino.’

Carragher has warned Potter that he might be promised a lengthy stay at Stamford Bridge to build a project, but history shows that he should be wary of those words.

‘It’s a very ruthless club and I’m not sure he is the right fit – maybe Chelsea are saying they want to do things differently in the future in terms of having a coach in charge rather than a manager or they do things behind the scenes differently.

‘But if I was Graham Potter, I would find that very hard to believe that they’re going to do things differently.

‘They’ve just got rid of a manager six games into the season. Of course, it’s a huge step up in his managerial career and Chelsea are still one of the top clubs.

‘They are still world champions right now, but you fear for Graham Potter that he’ll be in the same boat as every other Chelsea manager has for the last 10 years, unless he gets results instantly they’ll be getting themselves another new manager in 12 months.’

Simon Jordan has sent a clear message to Chelsea fans who were shocked by Thomas Tuchel’s sacking, saying that ‘this is the culture of your football club’.

Jordan told Jim White that this hire-and-fire culture is now a part of Chelsea’s identity.

He said: “We’re not privy to the exact circumstances, but what does amuse me in a low-level way is Chelsea fans coming on with a sense of indignation about what this is or isn’t.

“This is the stable diet of your football club. This is now the culture of your football club.

“Your football club hires managers and fires them after an average of 18 months. A bigger surprise would be, breaking news, Chelsea keep hold of a manager for longer than two years! That would be bigger news.”

Jordan added: “People who are coming into football are not interested in the mythology that you’ve got to give people time; you win. We give you the resource and you win.

“If you don’t win, that’s the end of the discussion.

“People say that’s brutal, that’s harsh and that’s ruthless. What it is, is the real world.

“If you want to pay these guys £10-15million a year to be football managers then they’ve got to win. They’re big boys, there’s no hardship because they’ll get paid the rest of their contract and go and manage somewhere else.

“The bottom line is that Chelsea’s ownership model which the Americans are now replicating is to win.

“They’re not interested in background noise or your personal life, win or we’ll get rid of you.”

Fans took to Twitter to have their say as details say a ‘shocked’ Thomas Tuchel pleaded not to be sacked in a brutal 10-minute phone call…

@Magfarst: Wtf are the new owners doing honestly, back him with £250m just to sack him after a couple of bad results? Clueless

@rvandeun: This is a disgrace. We are going to a “Glazer-Situation” with this Boehly guy. Ridiculous!!!

@BradGroux: It is a shite state of affairs.

@fxdvm: I thought we were going to do things differently. This man carried us through some rough times and we’ve given him less than ten games post summer. Fucking ridiculous.

@CarefreeTom_182: The players got him sacked.

@KerstinH50: Tuchel could have been off during the tough times of the sanctions, but stuck it out and stood up for the club! There is ruthless and then there is ungrateful! I just hope there’s something behind the scenes we don’t know and that it is mutual! Because he does not deserve this!

@Simon78Worsfold: Honestly WTF. Out of no where 😤😤😤 Shocked and Speechless

@CFC_Dey: Please put up this banner. I beg just make the owners understand that they can’t run it like Roman. Tuchel did not deserve this.

@Mehzap: We need a banner for him. Everyone needs to remember he was with us through the darkest times man. Our club was legit taken away from us

@bigw1979: Nail on head. Footballers are too powerful these days, it’s time they started taking responsibility for their downing of tools.

@mattywazza: New ownership but yet Chelsea fans more from the owner what’s next protest just like Manchester United fans do because you haven’t won anything for couple of years

@CFCPys: Chelsea’s new owners being lapped up by casuals as ruthless and want to win but in talks with a manager from Brighton who I like but hasn’t won anything and a serial loser from Spurs who made PSG worse. Tuchel won us 3 trophies and got us to 3 finals in 20 months, he’s a winner.

@allthingschels1: Those players are spoilt millionaires. Honestly. Gossiping? Get on with your football.

@OliviaBuzaglo: I wonder how many times ‘We’ve got super Tommy Tuchel’ will be sang at Craven Cottage on Saturday? #CFC

@CFCMod_: I’m still angry… Tuchel stayed with us through all the sanctions, made us fall in love with the club again, poor man just went through a divorce as well… couldn’t even give him till December.

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