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Shock as illegal football match takes place at non league colts club

There has been anger and shock on social media as an illegal football match takes place at a non league colts club at the weekend.

Nick Hutt, the chairman of Billericay Town Colts and a co-owner of Billericay Town FC, revealed he couldn’t believe what he saw on Sunday morning.

The game is said to have been ‘arranged by a load of dads of U11 academy players’ with around ’30 parents watching’ as it was being played out.

It took place on the Billericay Town Colts club ground which is situated outside a pub named the Dukes Head, so attention now turns to it’s CCTV.

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Hutt wrote: “Hi Twitter – if anyone has any information about the illegal football match, held illegally at our pitch at the Dukes Head in Billericay this morning then please get in touch.

“I am told that it was a full on game with 30 parents watching. Yes this is true. @BTFC_COLTS”

He said “they were playing a game on the 9v9” then added “Wasn’t a club and no involvement by @BTFC_COLTS. It was arranged by a load of dads of U11 academy players. We have them all on the pub cctv and a few participants have called and told us what happened.”

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

As mentioned, there was shock as the illegal football match takes place at a non league colts club…

@avocadothrower: We walked past there this morning and were amazed. Had a loud discussion about whether youth football was allied or not. Cat park was packed .

@GlenKnight16: No way, please make it public if you find out who it was!?

@Marie_Donn: Will the pub share the CCTV from their car park?

@DBricknell10: Hope you manage to find out who it was

@magic_johns: And if the @EssexCountyFA throw these clubs out of any leagues there in etc I don’t want to see anyone moaning it’s not fair on the kids, the parents need to learn the clubs need to learn, throw the book at them teams, coaches/managers should be banned from returning. Disgraceful

@JohnGalley99: Wow!!

@hagueswifts: Crazy and selfish!!

@CowenGrc10: That’s a lot of thick people to do that

@MasonPapple: What is wrong with people, so selfish.

@niccif1fan: Is there no CCTV around? It’s so disappointing that people want to keep us in this situation how simple is it to follow the #stayhome instructions … they should fine everyone who attended. We’re not staying home for fun we’re trying to protect others #selfish #covidiots

@CraigHo85702437: Clowns

@onlyoneMrB: Peoples stupidity and ignorance unfortunately knows no bounds Nick. Hope you find out who is responsible

@afc_richard: This is absolutely disgusting. This took place less than a mile down the road from me…. and I didn’t know about it until it was too late. Could have counted this as a groundhop

@StuLittle1972: Football isn’t my thing but someone knows something. So irresponsible !

@dtmootoo: Words fail me.

@BillericaySHub: Utter madness.

@sally_nolder: I know everyone unhappy with who ever organised it – it upsets me that kids aren’t getting the social interaction they need but this is so unfair to the kids whose teams are following all the rules. But bloody hell our kids need to be back out there playing again soon!

@nicktedder84: Still can’t believe this! Where is the coaches duty of care not excluding the coaches and parents general regard for others wellbeing and health?!!

@RyanStarkey20: Wtf is wrong with people

It comes a week after a Portsmouth police officer broke up an illegal game of football being played by a group of youths.

A group of 15 youngsters were spotted playing at closed 3G pitches by a police community support officer (PCSO) out on patrol in North End (based in the middle of Portsea Island).

Under latest lockdown rules, outdoor sport venues have to close and group exercise, such as playing a game of football, is not allowed.

In a post on Facebook, Portsmouth Police wrote: ‘This afternoon (Saturday) PCSO Tracey was on patrol in Alex Way and found a group of 15 youths playing football in the closed 3G pitch.

‘When she tried to get their details to speak with their parents at a later date regarding the Covid-19 breach, they all ran away leaving behind all their bikes and this electric scooter. All the bicycles has been left locked and secured by their owners.

‘Whilst these are illegal for use on the roads they are expensive. PCSO Tracey brought it back to the office for safe keeping.

‘If you think it might yours or your son’s then please get in contact with Hampshire Police using the reference 44210009531 so we can speak to you about your actions and given you some more advice on the Covid restrictions and the Road Traffic Act.

‘We look forward to hearing from you!’

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