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Shildon keeper sent off after punch-up with South Shields fans

Shildon keeper Shaun Newbrook ended up getting sent off after getting in a punch-up with South Shields fans on Saturday afternoon.

It was the Northern Premier League Premier Division outfit who came away with a 2-1 victory, sealing their place into the Second Qualifying Round, see that draw HERE.

In the 86th minute just after South Shields took the lead, the hosts went down to 10-men for a straight red card for the off-the-ball incident.

While neither club have issued a statement on the incident, Shildon’s manager spoke on the situation that played out at Dean Street with a bumper crowd in attendance.

He said: “Yeah he’s gone to reach the ball out the back of the net and the fans are reaching through the net and tried to hit him which is not nice to see and I get he’s reacted and gone round the back of the goal and went you know.

“He comes to enjoy his football not to be assaulted through the net and his reaction, I said to the ref, I understand why you’ve got to do that, but the linesman’s give it over the far side of the goal looking through the net, you know I’ve gone over, there’s 10 people, throwing their arms at Shaun, as far as I’m concerned, part and parcel of officiating a game is to look after the players on the pitch, and the linesman is stood on the other side of the pitch, the referee is stood on the edge of the box, for me I’ll be asking where’s his help on the pitch?

“But you know, he’s got involved with the crowd, and it’s a shame because he had a good game and everyone was tremendous. It’s just a shame because he doesn’t deserve to be assaulted in his own goal.

With the Shildon keeper sent off after a punch-up with South Shields fans, social media users gave their thoughts on it all…

@Adam51028500: South Shields lad as well Shaun. Works for council with me haha

@Osk86: Disgusting from fans chucking punches at players!

@LeighBendy89: Clear view of the Newbrook incident, the fan hit him 1st as he was bent over picking the ball out the net! Disgusting!!

@billybroad73: Punched a shields fan behind the goal.

@reah89: Fan punched him you mean, crazy when he’s actually from shields, #dohimsniz

@Sandance1888: I’ve no idea, but fan claims the GK punched him, and then the fan then retaliated! Shocking whatever the truth is to be fair.

@Burrowsj98: Your fans are embarrassing. Punching a goal keeper when he’s getting the ball out of the net. Absolute shambles

@JayGale23: Your fans were an embarrassment today. That “fan” needs ratting out and banning.

@davidgill1985: This is both hilarious and not unexpected. Hot headed and can’t keep his cool. Love to see the red.

@A_G_89: Things you love to see!!

@timdredge1: Been a joy watching Shildon so far this season but looking forward to a home game WITHOUT a red card for Shildon. That makes it 4 in 4. Discipline has to improve & fast if we’re going to continue the good start to the league campaign. Otherwise enjoyed another good performance.

Nathan Denton: I can not believe that the Sima branch are being blamed for what happens today. Ridiculous Man.

Mark Burns: You must know by now, we get the blame for everything 😂

Andy Hudson: Keeper was a dick. no blame on us sorry for the language in advance. Fuck them UTM

Sean Young: I saw a pint of lager thrown at him and a punch through the net. But then he did a Cantonna 😅😅😅

John Ramsay: Blame the goalkeeper he lost the plot

Steve Kinson: Just seen an interview from Shildons Daniel Moor and he while he admitted the keeper lost it he also said that fans were throwing punches at their keeper through the net

Jordan Rossiter: Keeper was a ex player who has a problem with being released.

Linda Robinson: Unbelievable!!! You couldn’t make it up. 😳

Mark Hedley: From what I saw it looked like beer went flying when we scored and their keeper didn’t like it so he threw his fists around… cannot do that.

Keith Benstead: He retaliated like anyone would if some knob tried to hit you. We Will lose our good name and taunting some young Shildon kids whats all that about

Simon Kelsey: The incident took place right next to me and the girls.. When we scored a few bits of beer went up in the celebrations and looks as though the keeper got a bit wet as he was picking the ball out the net, he then seen red and swung for the first fan he seen through the net and then ran round the post towards the perimeter fence for another confrontation with the fan (who had a right to retaliate as anyone would of done) I stepped infront of the shields lad as did two shildon players who did the same to the keeper to try and defuse the situation. It was at this point the lad who replaced the keeper said to us we know what happed and it will be dealt with. After speaking to another shields fan about the incident we have both said the same Why were shildon selling alcohol to be consumed pitch side as it was a fa competition and isn’t allowed under the regulations (unless they’ve changed)

Martin Cameron: Lee Kerr your ex teammate Shaun Newbrook been fighting with fans!! 😬😬😳😳 He’s a decent lad normally isn’t he?

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