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Sheffield Wednesday’s Marvin Johnson charged and faces ban over incident with Ipswich player

Sheffield Wednesday’s Marvin Johnson charged by FA and faces a potential ban after an elbow incident with an Ipswich Town player.

There was plenty of debate with the referee handed a spot kick to the Tractorboys but chose not to book or send off the wingback.

Josh Windass stated that the reason for that was because they weren’t sure which player had committed the offence.

Now however, Wednesday could be without the 32-year-old due to suspension if he’s found guilty of conduct that was ‘improper and/or violent’, and Wednesday have until Monday to respond to the charge.

A statement from the FA Spokesperson read: “Sheffield Wednesday’s Marvin Johnson has been charged following an incident in their EFL League One game against Ipswich Town on Saturday 11 February… It’s alleged that the forward’s conduct during the 16th minute was improper and/or violent, and he has until Monday 20 February to provide a response.”

After the game, Josh Windass gave his understanding of the incident.

“Apparently Marvin Johnson elbowed somebody, but Marv said that he just had his arm up trying to stop somebody getting across him,” he told the Sheffield Star.

“Nobody really knew what happened, but we were saying to the referee that if somebody elbowed somebody else then you need to send someone off – and he said he didn’t know who it was. So make of that what you will.

“They [the officials] just need to let the game play, especially with stuff like that. The ref didn’t even know what happened himself, and the incident happened at the far post away from the linesman with 11 bodies or something in the way. They didn’t claim for it, nobody did, so I don’t know what happened.”

This is what fans said with Sheffield Wednesday’s Marvin Johnson charged and faces a ban over an incident with Ipswich player Wes Burns…

@rbswfc: @EFL doing everything they can to stop the relentless Sheffield Wednesday

@taffaroo97: But the ref/linesman saw it, and gave a pen? If he saw it he can’t be banned afterwards?

@oscxrcxm: Barely touched him 😆

@keegan_swfc: Wtf there trying there hardest. @EFL wankers

@HarryMiiddleton: Fuck the EFL, how about sort your fucking referees out, muppets

@Macca188: The Ipswich player was holding him and pulling his shirt. All he was trying to do is get away from him. Absolute joke 😂

@IanScho11257350: So officials see the offence gives pen and decide no cards needed I smell a rat Plymouth uproar

@Brotonswfc: So swfc players ought to go behind defenders now and pull them about, get shrugged off. Will get penalties and a player banned for it. 👍

@littlegannan: Since when has the PGMOL been able to use fans phone camera footage to determine retrospective punishment for a player? @FA_PGMOL @EFL_Comms @EFL

@maccaowl: Fuck of EFL!

@WednesdayOwen: Fa fucking pathetic🤣😂

@SGoodwin94: So to recap, in two games we’ve had a goal chalked off from our screen replay / VAR in league one and now Johnson’s getting banned based on an Ipswich fans video from the top of a stand

@bennyboyswfc: The linesman and ref saw it at time and gave a pen? Never a pen anyway but if they’ve seen it and not even booked him.. how can he get charged for it now🤣🤣 absolute joke this. Doing anything to stop us

@Ryan_Guesty: Get F**d @EFL absolutely hate us and it’s blatantly obvious

@BNJMN37: The @EFL really does hate us 😂

@RyanWhite24_: Trying owt to stop us! 😤

@RyanGoodo: Up there with the most pathetic things I’ve ever seen!

@r0w4n_k4r1m: The FA needs to stop exaggerating matters

@TomDowning_: League actually hate us what a joke

@DanPhilforth: The EFL continues to be corrupt. Prove it EFL. No footage of it and if the linesman was sure it happened, it should have been a red on the day!

@_larrr_: You’ve gotta be kidding me

@LbRudyard: Literally tapped the player on the arm

@jpowls: First a goal ruled out after a big screen replay and then charging a player based on YouTube videos. The EFL are a complete joke #swfc

@robswfc1: And the @FA Agenda against #SWFC goes on.

@TomJubb1867: FUCK THE EFL #swfc

@waynejackson84: Everyone…. “Sheffield Wednesday will get promoted this year”.
@FA “hold my beer”

@OwlPricey: It’s poor this. I don’t think he particularly did anything wrong, the kid went down like he’d been shot & there weee no appeals from their players. Thing is, if we appeal it they’ll likely extend the ban so why don’t they just impose it?

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