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Sheffield Wednesday’s Barry Bannan sorry after backlash to comment on David Goodwillie

Sheffield Wednesday’s Barry Bannan says he is sorry after there was backlash from fans to his comment on David Goodwillie.

The promotion winning captain published an Instagram post, with David Goodwillie saying he would ‘speak my truth’ after Australian club, Sorrento FC, ripped up his contract hours after his deal was announced following fury on social media.

Bannan’s post, which has since been deleted, said, ‘Topman that deserves to be heard’, but he has since apologised.

The midfielder said on his Instagram: “I would like to apologise for my comment earlier this evening… The comment was rash and I want to make it clear I would never defend abuse or violence. I’m sorry again if this offended anyone it wasn’t my intention.”

He also took down the original post from his ex-Scotland teammate, but fans had already got a screenshot of his initial post and it done the rounds online.

Sorrento FC had announced the signing of David Goodwillie on Wednesday, with the Australian club deleting their post and stated that his contract offer was rescinded hours later.

It comes after Goodwillie was ruled to be a rapist in a civil case in 2017, while no criminal proceedings were instructed against him he was ordered to pay £100,000 in damages by a judge, and now every club he signs for, leads to anger from supporters to the point his contract gets cancelled.

Moves to Raith, Clyde, Livingston United and Radcliffe also came to an abrupt end following huge criticism of their decision to sign him.

Sorrento Statement

“Sorrento Football Club has rescinded its contract with David Goodwillie,” the club said in a statement.

“David was scheduled to arrive in Perth within the next week to commence playing with the club for the remainder of the 2023 NPLM season.

“The arrangement was non-commercial in nature.

“The club has informed David of its decision and apologises to anyone in our football and broader community that may have been caused offence by his signing.”

Goodwillie opened a Twitter account and on Wednesday afternoon, he declared that he owes it to his wife and children to speak out in the face of “misinformation” about his situation.

“Due to recent events, I feel it’s only right to myself, and finally speak my truth,” it read.

“For the past year I have actively tried to speak with the tabloids/news/interviewers anyone that would listen and had the same outcome, they weren’t willing to give me a platform to tell my side, I was told they would come across hypocritical.

“I’m going to take the next few days and write everything down and share it with whoever wants to hear what I have to say.

“I owe it to my wife and children, a lot has been said that is misinformation, I have been silenced for long enough, there will nothing off the table, and after that if anyone has any questions on what I have to say, I will try and answer them all in time.”

This is what fans are saying with Sheffield Wednesday’s Barry Bannan sorry after backlash to his comment on David Goodwillie…

@williamyoung95: Nice to see Barry Bannan further proving why he’s a massive cunt.

@XCharlotte1995X: You know it’s bad when even Wednesday fans are against Barry Bannan

@hst_roo: The fact fans are defending goodwille is bad enough but seeing barry bannan and other players defending him is disgusting cause they’ll be young children who look up to him like a hero. Absolute riddy.

@Rxzzax: Barry Bannan shame on you.

@gordon_struth: I’ve thought he was a wrong un ever since his drink driving conviction, but this is so much worse. His employers need to think about how their female employees, sponsors and customers will feel about this.

@JamieGigha: Jesus fuck Barry Bannan just canny keep himself outta the headlines

@GWP84: Not the best look for Barry Bannan that

@calum_jmorrison: Always knew bannan was a prick.

@skybluelouis_: Barry Bannan 😐

@Blair1867: @bazzabannan25 FUCKING HELL BARRY

@Silk1491: A convicted rapist Barry, really? Had a nightmare lad.

@wc1867: fucking stupid thing for him to say man

@beachpikey: Barry Bannan fully shat it.

@joel_whalley: Barry Bannan you’re absolutely fucking honking son

@jasoncc36TW: He’s taken it down now but shouldn’t have been put up in the first place.

@charlie_griff90: Barry Bannan calling David Goodwillie a “topman” 🤢🤢🤢

@WallahiWaghorn: Barry Bannan posting this after defending a convicted rapist is insane. Brother, your comment wasn’t rash, it was fucking pathetic. Weirdo.

@AndyLM1872: Barry Bannan is a disgrace too, but we knew that already.

@JacobSwallow4: That rapist, top top fella him

@ScouseCommie: There’s no “story to tell” – David Goodwillie is a rapist who was convicted in a trial in a court of law. Goodwillie appealed and it was upheld. He then declared bankruptcy to avoid paying compensation to his victim. Barry Bannan should be ashamed.

@JackHall7362: Not the sharpest tool in the shed is t’old Barry

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