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Sheffield Wednesday v Coventry: Fans fight with objects and racism aimed at Kasey Palmer

Sheffield Wednesday v Coventry saw fans fight with objects and racism aimed at Kasey Palmer in Saturday’s Championship clash.

Coventry’s brilliant run continues, with Ben Sheaf getting the away side off to a flying star as he unleashed a belting strike from outside the penalty area on 40 minutes.

Then Ben Sheaf doubled his side’s lead, Sakamoto saw his shot saved, only for the ball to fall to Sheaf, who was there at the right place and right time to make it 2-0 on 57 minutes.

Josh Windass managed to get one back for the hosts from close range with around 20 minutes left to play.

A scramble in the box at the back post saw Coventry managed to get the ball clear as the Owls pushed for a leveller late on.

Coventry held on for the win seeing them go 6th, replacing Hull who overtook them the night before, with Coventry on 43 points from 28 games played, Sheffield Wednesday remain 23rd with 22 points from 28 games played, 5 points from safety.

Prior to the game, footage emerged of Sheffield Wednesday and Coventry fans in heated scenes outside of the ground.

And then in stoppage time, the game was marred by an allegation that player Kasey Palmer was the victim of racist acts from opposing fans, with a bottle among objects thrown towards him in the North West corner. The match official, Anthony Backhouse, went over to speak with both managers.

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Coventry City are shocked and saddened by the racist gesture directed at our player Kasey Palmer in today’s game against Sheffield Wednesday at Hillsborough.

We entirely condemn the abuse and are totally clear that there is no place for this abuse or discrimination in football or in our wider society.

Relevant authorities will now be worked with and we expect action to be taken against any supporter identified.

Doug King, Coventry City Owner, said: “We completely condemn the abuse aimed at Kasey today and will support him following this incident.

“There is no place for this in football or society and support Sheffield Wednesday and the authorities in taking the strongest possible action.” #PUSB

Speaking after the game, manager Mark Robins said: “There were a ridiculous few people who decided to make some racist remarks and comments and that should be dealt with. Hopefully they will get it on camera and deal with them.

“There’s just no place for it. It’s ridiculous in this day and age. Just grow up!”

Asked how Palmer is, he said: “He’s ok but nobody should have to go through that. Nobody. We have to make sure it’s dealt with properly.

“The referee came over to us to tell us what happened. Kasey is level headed and he deals with things. And good on him for speaking out, and he should be applauded for that, although he shouldn’t have to do it.

“But hopefully they will come down on those who have done it like a ton of bricks because there’s no place in society for that.”

Kasey Palmer tweeted: “Disappointed to even have to come on here & write this. Racism is a disgrace… it has no place in the world, let alone football. I’m black and proud, and I am raising my three kids to be the exact same. I’ll be honest, it feels like things will never change, no matter how hard we try. Couple fans doing monkey chants don’t define a fan base – I appreciate all the love and support I’ve received.”


Sheffield Wednesday and Coventry City are shocked and saddened by the racist gesture from the stands reported by Sky Blues player Kasey Palmer during today’s game at Hillsborough.

Both clubs roundly condemn any form of discrimination and abuse, and underline that there is no place for this kind of behaviour in football or our wider society.

We will work together with the relevant authorities and anyone proven to be culpable will face the strictest possible sanctions from both Sheffield Wednesday and the law.

We stand shoulder to shoulder with Coventry City and the football world in stamping out this abhorrent and wholly unacceptable behaviour.

SWFC Chairman Dejphon Chansiri said: “We absolutely condemn the abuse reported by Kasey Palmer today and stand together with Coventry City in our clear stance that there is no place in football or society for such appalling behaviour.”

Twitter users reacted as Sheffield Wednesday v Coventry sees fans fight with objects and racism aimed at Kasey Palmer…

@Spendogg5: I don’t give a toss if Kasey Palmer has been winding the Kop up today. If your response is to retaliate with ANY form of racism you can get in the bin. Get them found and get them banned. They’re no fan of my club. #swfc

@Maplo16: Anyone else sick of a braindead minority disgracing the Wednesday name? I’m no fan of Kasey Palmer but anyone who chooses to react by showing any form of racism is a disgrace and deserves everything they should have coming to them! #SWFC

@AdamSWFC__: The one fan that did that to Kasey Palmer get fucked off you vile cunt

@spud8550: That Sheff Wed fan making racist gestures at Kasey Palmer should be banned for life and he should be ashamed of himself. #PUSB

@travmctravis: Whoever the racist Sheffield Wednesday (fan) is doing monkey gestures at Kasey Palmer is found, named and shamed, banned and arrested. Absolutely unacceptable behaviour. #cov #ccfc #swfc

@benswfc15: Don’t care if Kasey Palmer was pissing our fans off all game, nothing justifies that gesture if it happened. Lifetime ban for whoever made it #swfc

@ccfc1987___: @swfc ban them for life doing monkey gestures to kasey palmer. Nice one for the 6 points this season you tramps

@jac_wileman: Monkey chanting by Sheffield Wednesday fans at kasey palmer is fucking disgraceful how is this still happening

@JordanF_CCFC: We love you @kaseypalmer45 🩵

@swfcbethx: No place in football. I’m sure majority of swfc fans agree. I hope whoever made the comment is banned from all games at Hillsboro

@NatalieWoodbri1: No need for it. Hoping KP is ok. And this gets dealt with. Scummy 🤬 Great away win tarnished with racism.

@Willkells1: @swfc classy stuff. Racist remarks towards Kasey Palmer. Small minorities of fans letting the rest down.

@Moseley3_: Sheffield Wednesday fans doing Monkey gestures at Kasey Palmer apparently… #PUSB

@Wawaw2002: Hopefully the club find the person responsible and get him banned for life and Hopefully arrested

@Kane62578262: I know it doesn’t represent 99.99% of Wednesday supporters, but if Kasey palmer was just racially abused @swfc need to sort that asap

@swfcsc: Let’s get something 100% clear. If you’re suggesting Kasey Palmer incited what happened today then you’re almost as thick as the idiot who did it. There is NEVER any justification. EVER. Stay away from our club. We don’t want you #swfc

@KynanFTW: Sheffield Wednesday fans should be fucking embarrassed racially abusing Kasey Palmer, fucking scum

@skybluepablo1: Embarrassing and appalling in this day and age, infact at anytime.

@_jakesmalley: Why people think this is okay and think they can get away with it it’s disgusting

@ccfcPUSB27: KP45 we are with you kasey🩵

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