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Sheffield Wednesday post TikTok video perplexed as worst ever offside call disallows goal

Sheffield Wednesday post a TikTok video perplexed as the worst ever offside call disallows a goal of theirs on Saturday afternoon.

The Owls thought they had gone ahead at Rotherham in the 18th minute but Akin Famewo’s header from Vaulks’ free-kick was ruled out for offside.

The club has since given their thoughts on it via social media, posting a clip of it for all to see, with some calling for VAR to be brought in.

Sheffield Wednesday captioned it: “Glad this didn’t prove too costly! 😮‍💨 #offside #efl”

@officialswfc Glad this didn’t prove too costly! 😮‍💨 #offside #efl #akin #famewo #fyp ♬ som original – ᅠslitzw

Luckily, Sheffield Wednesday managed to go on and get a winner that counted at the New York Stadium with Ike Ugbo getting on the scoresheet 66 minutes in, sealing another win for the Owls as they boost their own Championship survival hopes.

Sheffield Wednesday boss Danny Rohl said post-match: “It’s another incredible day with the results everywhere else but all the other teams will be saying the same thing.

“This is why I keep saying we have to focus on ourselves, this is the only way.

“We are the hunter and we will keep fighting, keep giving everything to stay in the Championship.

“This is four wins from five games, my players have been outstanding.

“We have given ourselves a good chance and we now have two home games at night to look forward to with Plymouth and Leeds.

“We have a huge week ahead and we need the points.”

Rotherham’s Leam Richardson said: “I’m disappointed for the fans, it’s a local derby and you want to win and try and get a positive result. Sheffield Wednesday started the game better than us, but we came back into it.

“The momentum stayed with them for a good 10 to 15 minutes in the first half. At half time we needed to regroup and take the emotion out of it.

“They were trying to do the same thing that we were but did it a little better, they turned our back five a lot more than we did to theirs. I think in the second half it was more even.

“We needed to make more positive decisions on the pitch and be a little more aggressive. We’re trying to improve on many fronts.

“We want to better and we need to keep moving forward. I’ve been in situations throughout my career and we’ve come through it and we’re looking to do that again.

“The honesty and endeavour of the group shines through, but at this level there is a lot of quality. I thought we were competitive but we didn’t do enough.”

Twitter users reacted after seeing Sheffield Wednesday post TikTok video perplexed as the worst ever offside call disallows a goal of theirs…

@nodevolucion_: He’s absolutely miles onside. That’s the worst decision I’ve seen in a long, long time.

@MmivTom: Fucking hell he’s absolutely MILES onside

@KielTulloch: What the fuck is this decision. How can you get something that wrong.

@Mikelunds: Oh wow a country mile onside 🤦‍♂️

@Guesty1406: That Lino getting sack after that… and an eye test. Only get that wrong at Sunday league level!

@Warrendonnelly: Came from way behind defender?! Never offside.

@rickinyorkshire: Wow that is an absolutely terrible decision from the linesman. He needs to hand his flag in and find a new profession 🙈

@webbo9: Shocking decision by assistant. Not even close to being offside.

@austinloveridge: What a joke miles on

@dannydannyrohl: Don’t understand how that’s off

@danhibbertSWFC: seen the replay and is a mile onside 🤦‍♂️ runs in from behind the defender. EFL refs 😐

@reorgegoberts: how the fuck is that offside?

@Amillocc: If the lino isn’t removed from service after that then what’s point

@Jack_0744: Somehow not the worst decision to go against famewo

@Brotonswfc: 😂😂 genuinely embarrassing. Linesman was very poor.

@AshFinney1: Still can’t get over this, not once does Famewo get infront of a Rotherham player even when heading the ball. How the linesman has given offside is absolutely ridiculous 🤣 Imagine if this had cost us yesterday, especially given the results around us #swfc

@RyanGoodo: Ref support won’t reply, because it’s quite clearly a monumental cock up from the linesman, and they refuse to allow or believe that this happens.

@andymurray75: Scandalous decision, no idea what the assistant ref is seeing there 🤷‍♂️

@NyeSpy: I can only assume he confused Ihekwe with Famewo? That’s the only way I can see it. Akin at no point thru the entire is past last man.

@MattHall1974: The bloke that gave this offside actually gets paid to do this job. Paid. You could pick a random Dad running the line at a U12’s Sunday league game for nowt & get better. #swfc #EFL

@tprowl: Rubbish could’ve relegated us that decision

@FlowerpotOwl: Absolutely ridiculous. Could see where I was stood it was never off side in a million years.

@_OWLS1: Joke decision that could have cost us big!

@SWFCNick: Blatant corruption

@ozzieowl71: Diabolical. There’s only 8 rovrum players playing Famewo onside. 🤷🏻‍♂️

@AllEnglandFlags: 😂😂 sorry that linesman gets no support whatsoever.

@GazRobinson1: It’s one of the worst offside calls I’ve ever seen… 😂😂😂😂😂 #swfc

@swfcjackk: Akin Famewo 🤝 Getting shafted by EFL refs

@thethomasgill: At no point is he ever offside 🤣 Even when he heads it there is a defender in front of him. This is a shocker. Imagine if we hadn’t had won the game. #swfc

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