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Sheffield Wednesday players left shocked as Dejphon Chansiri makes request

Sheffield Wednesday players have been left shocked this week at Dejphon Chansiri as the owner makes a request to furlough it would seem.

The footballers have been left so annoyed by the club’s attempts, that they’ve in fact rejected it, according to reports.

Yorkshire Live understands that owner Dejphjon Chansiri has asked the newly relegated club’s playing staff about the possibility of being furloughed as part of the government’s job retention scheme. This is in an attempt to solve their cash flow problems.

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However, reports from the Telegraph state that the players have been left ‘stunned’ by this and have since rejected the approach. The report adds that the players have not been paid their salaries on time this month.

The Owls have suffered from serious cash flow issues this season with owner Chansiri admitting they have been hit hard by the pandemic with revenues dropping dramatically as a result of matches being played behind-closed-door.

It came to light back in November that the players had only received a percentage of their salaries and the PFA were called in to mediate the situation. Players received a maximum of £7,000-a-month of their wages, with the rest promised later.

Speaking on the issue in December, Chansiri said: “With the COVID situation, we don’t have any revenue. We didn’t defer the players’ wages like other clubs. We tried our best to do it.

“The payments will be paid, just a little bit late. We have expenses every day, every month. Everyone has a problem, we have a problem with cash flow, but at the end the players will get paid.”

Over 8,000 members of the fanbase applied for refunds for matches missed at the end of the 2019/20 season due to the Covid outbreak and are still no closer to discovering when they will be reimbursed.

Meanwhile, Sheffield Wednesday have issued an update to supporters on the current situation regarding 2019/20 Season Ticket rebates, together with some important information ahead of 2021/22 with the club going to be in League One.

As previously communicated, the process for those who selected Option 8 for a cash refund has taken significantly longer than anticipated.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted on every area of the club, with revenue streams decimated over the past 14 months, alongside an integration to a new ticketing system that means all refunds are being actioned manually and individually.

Cashflow has been affected dramatically since March 2020 and all we can ask is for your continued patience through these most challenging of times.

Refunds are being issued in chronological order when respective applications were made and although we did aim to conclude the process by this point, this unfortunately has not been possible. We apologise sincerely but can reassure all supporters who applied that refunds will be honoured as promised, at the earliest opportunity.

Alternatively, and following a productive Supporters Engagement Panel meeting on Thursday evening, a suggestion was put forward to offer fans awaiting a refund the option to redeem against a ticket or retail equivalent credit. We are pleased to confirm this option will be available, which would be of enormous benefit to the club’s current cashflow situation.

For supporters wishing to select this option, please email: ticketenquiries@swfc.co.uk with your name, Season Ticket ID number and preference of ticketing credit or retail credit. Relevant accounts will then be adjusted next week.

2020/21 Season Ticket holders
Like all clubs, we had hoped to welcome supporters back last October but, of course, it transpired that the whole of the 2020/21 season was played out behind closed doors.

Many Season Ticket holders purchased iFollow passes for home games and select evening away fixtures, with the £10 cost deducted from the final credit at the end of the campaign.

For example, if you paid £455 for a Season Ticket and purchased nine iFollow passes (9 x £10 = £90) your account will be credited with £365 (£455-£90).

If you paid £555 for a Season Ticket but opted for zero iFollow passes, your account will be credited with the full £555.

2021/22 Season Tickets
The return of fans and relative stadium capacities remains unclear and we await Government guidance to that end. Consequently, when on sale, the first phase of Season Ticket sales for 2021/22 will be open to supporters who purchased a 2020/21 Season Ticket only due to current restrictions. Any further sale windows will be announced depending on availability.

Multi-Year Season Tickets will be honoured as normal and processed by the Ticket Office, with any refunds for missed matches offered as a credit in line with the above.

We will announce the new pricing strategy and sale dates in due course and once again thank you all for your patience, support and understanding.


Fans reacted with Sheffield Wednesday players left shocked as Dejphon Chansiri makes his request…

@No_Gimicks: Cheeky bastards, they’re lucky to be getting that with the state of their performances this season

@laparkin: But the players relegated the club as well has Chansiri so they need to help the club out. Reduced wages then. Works both ways….end of

@koemanswfc: New players are going to be queuing up to sign for us aren’t they

@rmctom380: 2/1 Moore resignation before transfer window 🤭

@GlenEdley: I’m really fed up with things that have gone on with this club

@andymcelwaine: This club gets more of a joke by the day.

@tramowl: So the players cant manage on £7k a month, thats easily 4 times more than the national median wage. Multi-millionare attempts to avoid responsibilities by nationalising the players wages, this is a fecking joke. Everything thats wrong with football in one full sweep.

@GoalShort: If you earnt 20k a week you probably wouldn’t live in a 150k house. You have to put it into context no matter how wrong you think it is.

@Woza_8: Poorest rich bloke in the history of money #swfc

@macca_04: Fucking hell 🙈 what a shambles

@dalehaywood40: How the fk are we going to attract any players before the season?

@ianowl: Why the hell should tax payers pay our players. Sorry, Chansiri and the rest were in it for top dollar. The owner and the rest are a disgrace. Not the players fault apart from being rubbish on a pitch

@bowler1867: Cue mass exodus

@ShawBladeMan: What’s happened to weds?

@itsslimupnorth: Privileged

@JezekGarry: Shows you today’s players don’t live in the real world . Shame on them

@hawky06: Fans getting hook on this story, when not knowing the full story miles reasons why it could have be rejected. The players may have said pay us what is owed and we will go on Furlough and Chansiri might have not be able to do so, so they rejected the proposal one example #swfc

@AndyHeath1867: Players like are going to want to stay with us aren’t they 🙈 They’ll say they will do that they can negotiate a higher wage elsewhere. Windass, Bannan, Urhogide, Iorfa, Luongo be amazed if we have 2 of them come end of transfer window. #swfc

@LukeLaister: Very little sympathy with the players if that’s the case. He has paid them in full throughout the entire pandemic.. for a season where.. well, they were s***. He’s asked them to go on furlough for 8 weeks…. And still receive 80% of their over priced salaries. Disgrace.

Reaction continued with Sheffield Wednesday players left shocked as Dejphon Chansiri makes a request…

@LifeIsPeachy82: Just get out of our club Chansiri. Scum.

@Truthteller1987: We are fucked. Plain and simple

@jimmymi10322104: The chairman needs to fuck off. Why is it that small clubs are not having the same problems as us. The chairman as got big earners out of the club but can’t pay wages on time the guy should know how to run a business.He rather let young talent leave than keeping them

@ShiregreenOwl: Didnt chairman chancer once say something along the lines of, gate receipts were negligible regarding revenue.. Thick as mince lying twat comes to mind. #chansiriout

@mattwilli86: What the fuck has happened to our club.

@j17_jj: Laughing stock – Moores in tears

@jack_roberts_44: Banter club


@Blaggy1867: Tell you what, Chansiri must have given Moore some reyt spiel to come to us. Either that or Darren is fucking mental.

@Stento1867: This club is fucked.

@GGlossop93: Joke of a club if this is true

@Gazz_Plods: You’d need to be crackers to touch this club under the current ownership.

@JamieGolby: Say it ain’t so???

@Matt_Walker96: Darren Moore’s decision to go there gets funnier every single day

@TerryDamms58: Quite unbelievable this – if true…. to be honest this is probably the last straw for me … small businesses going bust – I see people & families struggling – no way – if true – he should accept defeat – and go …. outrageous

@stoney_s6: Daz trying to overhaul the squad and attract new faces, not a prayer with this chancer at the helm, how the Donald Duck do you get someone to sign for a club that won’t pay you in full for months and then try and lay you off

@JBH_swfc: Announce Chansiri putting us in to Admin

@deanrowdingswfc: Club is absolutely fucked anyone who thinks we’ll bounce back up at first attempt is off there nut if you’re struggling Chansiri sell up & fuck off tha wank at running us with cash never mind without any #swfc

@HarryJM01: My club is well and truly in the mud

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