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Sheffield Wednesday players considering walking away from club in protest

Sheffield Wednesday players are considering walking away from the newly relegated club in protest after not being paid for some time now.

It has been widely reported that the wages situation at Hillsborough is a problem at present, with payments not going out on time.

According to Star sources, it is alleged that a number of senior players – who are contracted to the club going into next season – are looking at handing in their two-week written notice because of continued unpaid wages.

Wednesday aren’t the only club to be struggling from the pandemic, with a lack of revenue over the past 18 months.

Following discussions between the English Football League, Professional Footballers Association and HM Revenue & Customs – Wednesday were one of several teams across the three divisions who were considering putting playing staff on furlough, whilst the national media has suggested that at least some players have rejected the request to do so.

Questions are being raise on whether Darren Moore will stay on as manager for the 2021/22 League One season following this news.  How can it possibly get better from here, with updates worsening as the weeks surpass.

According to FIFA’s regulations: “In the case of a club unlawfully failing to pay a player at least two monthly salaries on their due dates, the player will be deemed to have a just cause to terminate his contract, provided that he has put the debtor club in default in writing and has granted a deadline of at least 15 days for the debtor club to fully comply with its financial obligation(s). Alternative provisions in contracts existing at the time of this provision coming into force may be considered.”

If Sheffield Wednesday were over two months late on payments, and if players did contact the club in writing, then the Owls then have two weeks to pay them up in full or the player can then terminate his deal citing breach of contract.

Fans reacted after reading that Sheffield Wednesday players are considering walking away from the club in protest over not being paid…

@rayswfc: After all Milan done for the club getting us straight then this muppet then comes along and fucks everything up 🤬🦉😢

@LeeTurto: It’s at a stage now that will the club even start the season? It’s getting worse by the week.

@andymcelwaine: This club is an absolute laughing stock.

@BenNFFC2002: Wtf is going off @S_Greaves110? Thought the relegation was bad enough.

@S_Greaves110: Absolute disaster mate, clubs heading to liquidation

@bobbym7777: The owner simply just has to leave

@dharvey4: I can see Wednesday being in the lower league’s for a few years, until they get new owners.

@PhilipShortland: As a Bolton fan I gave a good idea where this is leading and it’s not pretty. Owls have my sympathy, you deserve much better.

@nickswin61: It’s not all bad news mate……..you got Morecambe away to look forward to next season……. 😎👊😎👊😎

@skaheadbob: Won’t start next season at this rate.

@dn4_1879: And @SkyBet have this circus favorites to win the league 🤣🤣🤣

@mark42swfc: Some mega problems are brewing. Fucking hell!

@darylmslinn: Not helped by the over rated players being overpaid on ridiculous contracts. Others around the UK have been furloughed and these wage stealers are refusing to help a business like the rest of us have done. Let them go.

@skaheadbob: Club signed them to those contracts. No sympathy for the club.

@reaganharko: surely he’s got to sell up

@DaveWoodward11: Joke of a club so badly run it’s unbelievable what chance have we got of attracting players capable of getting us back into the championship we’ll end up with a squad of players no one else will take league 2 here we come #chansiriout

@jonsissons85: Let’s just start again from the bottom as The Wednesday FC

@stuartjoszko: Very worrying indeed, could be the end of us as a club if this happens. Administration could be on the horizon too, its getting embarrassing now for the fans

@5wfc0wl: So next season the team will be made up of U23’s U18’s and from any fan whose turned up to watch.

@Pete_Owlsfan: @EFL please confiscate this club from the current owner. Or at least assume control

@Lesleyd83061610: As a long suffering Bolton fan I know what you are going through exactly the same as us hope it gets resolved and you get new owners like we have got there is always a light at the end of the tunnel wish you all the best just keep believing

@KiboSWFC: I genuinely dont care anymore, the cunt has made me not even care that the club I have lived all my life might be going into administration. Chansiri is pure scum

@johnada75157425: Just sell up chansiri ffs absolute embarrassment!! #swfc

@chrismcclure86: There’s no way back. The man in charge is a direct threat to the existence of our football club #swfc

@SheffWedWOTMT: 1st instance of players not being paid correctly was November 2019 – 4 months before Covid-19 hit football. Cashflow problems have been around months. Covid tipped the club, and DC’s ability to fund it, over. He now has to produce a plan for survival of our club or sell it #swfc

@nickdurnan: Chansiri is a disgrace and an embarrassment.

@SamNevin98: What’s the fucking point in liking football I cannot be arsed

@ConradDavies8: This club is everything to me in my life, had a season ticket for 12 years with my dad every single home game. Have the club tattooed on me. This man is ruining my club that I have adored for the best part of 15 years. Sort it out, and get out #chansiriout #swfc #football #league1

@BK24___: Get that horrible thai cunt out my club now

@nathshields15: It’s about time the fans pulled together and protested against Chansiri just like the Premier league fans did about the Super League. He has to go. Now! #swfc

@MarcWilcox13: Get that fucking wanker out of our club #Chansiriout

@EagleJagOwl: We’re absolutely finished @swfc

@fiddsy1: We’ll not have a club to support next season with that split eyed cunt running us!

@MikeRendle1: I swear this egotistical chopper is running our club into the ground intentionally. It’s time he packs up his golden elephants and orders himself a D-Taxi to wherever the chuff he wants, as long as it’s away from S6!

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