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Sheffield Wednesday left appalled by repulsive racist messages from club’s own fan

Sheffield Wednesday left appalled by repulsive racist messages from the club’s own fan on social media in the last few weeks.

Andrew Inwood (@TinnySWFC on Twitter), made a series of appalling tweets before making an apology after causing huge uproar.

He targeted a number of individuals before saying sorry, and the account no longer exists, but now his club Sheffield Wednesday have been made aware and vow to punish.


Sheffield Wednesday are appalled by a repulsive racist message directed at Darren Moore posted on a social media platform following our game against Peterborough United on Friday evening.

We distance ourselves absolutely from this kind of abhorrent behaviour and have taken the appropriate steps by issuing an immediate ban on the individual in question from all SWFC fixtures and events.

Sheffield Wednesday stand shoulder to shoulder with Darren, the football family and wider society in condemning all forms of discrimination.

The club will offer our full support to Darren and we are working together with the authorities in ensuring this individual faces the full force of the law as a result of such a cowardly and despicable act.

Kick It Out reporting racism

Online Reporting Form | Kick It Out

Kick It Out is football’s equality and inclusion organisation – working throughout the football, educational and community sectors to challenge discrimination, encourage inclusive practices and campaign for positive change.


Together we will strive to make our social media accounts a safe space for all fans.

Hate won’t stop us in our goal of celebrating sport for all and all for sport.

PL statement: “The Premier League is appalled by the racial abuse suffered by Darren Moore. Nobody should experience it and as Chair of our Black Participants Advisory Group, we particularly stand together in support of him. Not in football. Not in society. There is #NoRoomForRacism”

TheFA: “Racism has no place in our game and we condemn the abuse directed towards Darren Moore.

“We welcome the swift action taken by Sheffield Wednesday to immediately ban this individual from all fixtures, and we also encourage the authorities to take the strongest possible action.”

Twitter users reacted with Sheffield Wednesday left appalled by repulsive racist messages from the club’s own fan…

@adamswfc_6: disgusting. well said to hear the supporter is banned which was inevitable is also great news.

@Chris_swfc: Spot on. Emotions are high but there’s absolutely no room for that. Lifetime ban and whatever else they can throw at him.

@swfcmunch: Well done to everyone that reported it on social media myself included, yes we were all frustrated but there was no need for the vile behaviour from said individual, thankfully they are banned and hope they get what they deserve and the club don’t stop until he does

@TrumanBradders: Well done lads 👏

@SwfcCal27: Bald mong, glad you’ve acted on it 👌🏼

@NathanM67936438: As a BWFC supporter. This is repulsive and shouldn’t be happening in sport. Yous should have every right to be disappointed because some individuals thought it were funny to pass racial comments via twitter and other social platforms. I hope they get their season tickets banned

@TBWBA: The fact this still a thing in 2023 is disgusting. Big Dave is a brilliant young manager but also he’s a lovely bloke, the fact somebody has abused him is absolutely disgraceful, hope whoever sent the abuse is prosecuted just like the scumbag that abused Romaine Sawyers.

@starspangle1: Glad that person got found & banned. Hopefully get further consequences from the police. Not acceptable at all

@RonnieOwl_: I get people want him out but racist abuse is proper pointless it won’t effect him half as much as you think it will, ignorant thicko bastards

@dannygeez23: Well said.. absolutely horrible.

@Afoxich: Good work 👏🏻. Zero tolerance is the only stance on this kind of behaviour, hope it is taken further by the club and or Darren himself.

@BonningtonAlex: The team deserved a hammering from the fans, but racism can never be justified. Vile

@_owlornothing_: strong and assertive statement, well done wednesday 👏

@andymcelwaine: Nice to see. I heard lots of similar comments in the concourse which were utterly abhorrent.

@_ohewitt_: People like that individual are never welcome in our club

@NJ1867: Well said, shite result but comments like that don’t belong anywhere

@MattHill77: Yes we’re all a bit upset, but if you’re going to be a racist cunt then you can quite rightly fucketh off and never cometh again… Well done @swfc for banning this idiot

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