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Sheffield Wednesday launch 10-YEAR season ticket costing over £6,000

Sheffield Wednesday have launched a 10-YEAR season ticket which will cost their supporters up to £6,400, and as little as £4,550 this week.

It sees fans pay for ten seasons of football and get to see a minimum of FIFTEEN with prices set at the current “early bird rates”.

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It could be even more than ten seasons of football depending on promotion to the Premier League.

If the club are promoted to the top flight between now and the 2024/25 season, fans will get the minimum 15 season for their money.

But for each year past that seasons the Owls fail to get that all important promotion, the supporter gets an additional bonus campaign.

So, if a fan signs up to the scheme and Sheffield Wednesday don’t get promoted for the next 70 years – and the fans survives that long – the supporter will have paid just £6,400 for 70 years worth of season tickets, as summed up by the The Sun.

Ticket prices range from £4,550 in the Kop stand up to £6,400 in the South Stand.

A mid-range option is available in the North or Grandstand for £5,550.

In a club statement, the Yorkshire side said: “Incredible savings are on offer, with every supporter signing up freezing their Season Ticket price at 2020/21 Early Bird rate for a full ten years.

“But that’s not all! Whilst Wednesday are outside the top flight, the ten years will not commence until the club reaches the Premier League, be that at the climax of this or any future campaign.

“So, if the Owls are promoted in 12 years’ time for example, Ten-Year Season Ticket holders will have accumulated 12 seasons before the ten-year package has even commenced.”

‘Ten-Year-Tickets’ are limited but they are all expected to be snapped up by lifelong supporters and your usual hardcore fan.

The Owls admit they are prepared for a loss of revenue if it takes them years to win promotion and confirmed if they got in new owners, the tickets would still be valid.

Fans can also sell the tickets back to Wednesday on a single season basis at the club’s discretion and – while they continue to play in the Championship – will be reimbursed one tenth of the overall price paid for each season sold back.

Garry Monk’s side are currently sixth in the Championship table and ten points of the automatic promotion spots.


@superowls11: Can i transfer it if anything happens to me in next ten years u know killed by wife for buying a 10 year season ticket etc

@Gavrisk: Weird way to announce @ConnorWickham10

@andymcelwaine: Prices may still be higher than fans like but credit to the club for thinking out of the box for the ten year option. Hope it catches on.

@1867Lee: ?????????????? 10 years. I’m watching Wednesday not Man City! 10 years to watch average players chuck games away, where Nuhiu is now 40 and coming on for the last 10 mins of games. I’ll stick to my 1 year renewal. Cheers ?

@wannao7: Why can’t these owners grasp that if they lower prices e.g, make ST prices £300 on kop, they’ll sell several thousand more. And with it extra counter sales & building the fan base of the future. Short term thinking once again from our club isn’t the way forward.

@wellbeaten1977: If you have the money it’s a great deal

@dicko1977: I’ve Read the small print and at no point does it say you have to have a 1, 3, 5 or 10 year season ticket. so it’s quite simple really if you want any of the 4 options and you can afford it, then feel free to get the 1 you want, otherwise stop moaning for the sake of it

@s26kel: Actually decent *if you have spare grands* ? Kop 15 year ST works out at £13 a game based on 23 games per season.

@robhaines1973: If you can afford it, it’s an awesome deal

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