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Sheffield Wednesday fans furious with ‘disgraceful’ incident against Birmingham

Sheffield Wednesday fans were left furious with a ‘disgraceful’ incident in their Championship fixture against Birmingham City.

Some Owls supporters on social media are reeling at the decision to send Liam Shaw off, as he received a second yellow card in the 1-0 defeat to Aitor Karanka’s side.

The midfielder was given his marching order early in the second half for what looked to be a fair challenge as he got the ball before catching Maxime Colin in the follow-through.

It wasn’t a malicious challenge at all, he won the ball, but ran the risk of having his studs up, but in the modern game, it’s the type of tackle that can see you booked.

Charles Jones of SWN states: “We have to say that we think the referee was harsh to brandish a second yellow card for this challenge, and fans on social media were incensed by the decision.

“Their frustration wasn’t helped by the fact they went on to lose the game to their relegation rivals, and we can only hope that this decision isn’t one we’re reflecting on at the end of the season.

“The sad reality is that we could end up talking about this as one of the moments that condemned Wednesday to life in League One next season, but there’s still plenty of football to be played between now and the end of the season.”

Stand in boss Neil Thompson said: “It was scrappy first half. We played too long and we didn’t get on the ball.

“I thought for 30 to 35 minutes they didn’t cause us any problems.

“Obviously the second half, the second half changed things.

“It has been a disappointing week all round.”

On the red card: “When you are on a yellow, you run the risk. You can’t leave the ground.

“Liam is absolutely devastated he has got sent off. It’s disappointing.

“We were under pressure for large parts of the game.

“I’m sure he will learn from that but we all make mistakes.”

Thompson on the first half: “We were not brave enough in possession in the first half. It was a real game of cat and mouse.

“The sending off impacts on how you play the game.

“The lads came on in the second half and gave us a bit of impetous. It wasn’t to be.”

Birmingham goes two clear of the drop zone, and three points ahead of the Owls in the Championship table.

As mentioned, Sheffield Wednesday fans were left furious with the ‘disgraceful’ incident against Birmingham…

@adamrichards_1: What a joke. Neither of the yellows were fouls, disgraceful

@Gleadyy: He literally won the ball. Don’t want fans screaming Pelupessy shouldn’t be playing but criticise a poor refereeing decision.

@BonningtonAlex: Never a foul never mind a booking but there was no need to go flying in

@Haselgrove: Poor decision from the ref, but also a poor decision from Shaw…on a yellow, no danger in that position. A bit silly.

@AndrewCrowthe19: It was a great tackle. Firm but fair. What is happening to football 😡

@JimmyStew24: Nowt up with that tackle, but you always run the risk of that happening now

@JPMorrison1987: The tweets on this are absolutely vile. Young lads got sent off clearly making an honest tackle, almost certainly won the ball and even if he hasn’t to destroy a young lad like that just because he signed a deal to better himself shows utterly pathetic some fans are of our club

@FinnLodge: He got the ball. Appalling decision

@danielbarrass2: I’m done with modern day football. How the fuck is that a red! Absolute disgrace.

@lbswfc87: Wins ball twice. Gets booked twice. Ref looks like an egg

@Chrisw2286: Never a 2nd yellow

@LeighBron: @EFL tasking the refs to help us go down per chance? Looks like he got the ball there!

@bigladdd84: That’s a fooking horrendous decision

@TyTheOwlMC: He’s got the ball there ffs

@Beeboy0138: Terrible decisions. Both yellows were a joke…! Tackling is gone…!

@WLegend1978: Games gone.

@simonwhittaker1: Won the ball

@samcaley22: What a fucking tackle by the way!

@Sando19792826: Never a foul

@BenAdcock13: Thats a harsh booking

@hoppo_swfc: Great tackle by Shaw. Can someone tell me how you can make an impact tackle like that without showing your studs! FUCK OFF MODERN FOOTBALL! #swfc

@adam7485: How the fuck is that a booking and sending off! Behave ffs #swfc

@futsbc153: Rule now you can’t tackle joke

@St3v33ccl3s: Never a sending off #swfc

@_hazzy: Never a sending off that, solid challenge, played the ball, get on with it you soft bastards #swfc

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