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Sheffield Wednesday condemn yet another racist post this time aimed at club’s chairman

Sheffield Wednesday condemn yet another racist post by one of their own fans, this time aimed at the club’s chairman Dejphon Chansiri.

Just two days after releasing a statement on racial abuse aimed at Darren Moore, Sheffield Wednesday find themselves having to do it again.

The Owls lost 4-0 going in the first leg of the League One playoff semi final at Peterborough, with it looking incredibly unlikely we’ll be seeing any kind of comeback.


“Sheffield Wednesday manager Darren Moore was subject to a disgraceful racist comment on a social media platform this week following the Owls’ game at Peterborough United on Friday evening.

“It has since come to light that a similar appalling racist post was made in the direction of our chairman, Dejphon Chansiri.

“This incident is also in the hands of the authorities and the individual responsible will be subject to the same consequences demonstrated within the above statement.

“We are fully conversant with the emotions stirred by football and the immediacy of social media platforms.

“However, when comments cross the line of moral decency and indeed the law, this will not be tolerated.

“We stand together with our chairman, manager and society as one in condemning all forms of discrimination and will continue taking every step possible to stamp out this wholly unacceptable behaviour.”

The club’s social media policy in full…

“Sheffield Wednesday are a family focused football club and we welcome constructive debate and feedback on all things relative to SWFC.

“We are fully conversant with the immediacy of online platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and their ability to generate comment.

“However, on occasion, some posts cross the line of what is deemed moral decency and indeed the law and as such will not be tolerated.

“For the avoidance of doubt, we refer to any comment of a racial, discriminatory, anti-social or overly distasteful nature.

“While all supporters who post on social media forums are responsible for their own actions, it should also be noted that breaching this policy can lead to sanctions issued by the club and intervention from the authorities.

“Thank you for your cooperation.”


Sheffield Wednesday are appalled by a repulsive racist message directed at Darren Moore posted on a social media platform following our game against Peterborough United on Friday evening.

We distance ourselves absolutely from this kind of abhorrent behaviour and have taken the appropriate steps by issuing an immediate ban on the individual in question from all SWFC fixtures and events.

Sheffield Wednesday stand shoulder to shoulder with Darren, the football family and wider society in condemning all forms of discrimination.

The club will offer our full support to Darren and we are working together with the authorities in ensuring this individual faces the full force of the law as a result of such a cowardly and despicable act.

See more on that by clicking HERE.

This is what fans said as Sheffield Wednesday condemn yet another racist post this time aimed at the club’s chairman…

@SlimrimOfficial: No need whatsoever. Our club is for everyone, regardless of creed, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation etc. WAWAW 💙

@superjeans: They are a minority and are not welcome.

@ShaneLevitt11: Really grim to see.

@scottcain1312: We are all angry about last week but why do people constantly have to over step the line it’s 2023 can people not get a point across without reverting to racism way to many keyboard warriors and you just embarrass your self and the club !! WAWAW means everyone!!!! #swfc

@mja_owl: Find them, fine them and ban them for life. Then put their photos on a wall of shame

@adamswfc_6: embarrassing to take any abuse as far as being racist. makes me embarrassed to say it’s my club when 2 of the same incidents have occurred days apart. ban these people and name and share them

@NikPRobshaw: How the hell is this still happening? 🤮

@Dooley222: No matter what happens on the pitch, there is never a reason for anything like this to happen. Pathetic individuals. 🦉

@desertgold2: This is disgusting behaviour and they are NOT SWFC supporters if they think it’s ok. The police need to taken action on these people

@NJ1867: 🤦‍♂️ some of our fans are embarrassing

@wardiesholay: @owlsfan4eva that’s your south stand season ticket cancelled you racist prick!

@IChambers82: No need for this in football, if this was you, your a wanker who needs a lifetime ban

@Lente25: Exactly the right stance to take #SWFC . There is no place for discrimination and I’ll be calling it out if I hear it said from scum.

@Laurenjessica96: Doesn’t matter what’s happening on the pitch, no need at all for stuff like this! Hope they all get found and banned 🤞🏼

@salopcast: A club with a fanbase that loudly boo’s the knee having discrimination issues. Not surprised.

@HatScarfShirt: It’s never a one off, is it. It’s a virus that is allowed to flourish by inaction. For a long time, elements of our fan base have been allowed to do and say whatever they want under the guise of ‘best fans in the world’, and if anything they’ve been talked up not down.

Being pissed off with performance is one thing.
Discrimination of individuals is not acceptable in any way shape or form, at our club or any club or community.
We stand with Darren & Dejphon

@_ae19_: Absolutely spot on. I don’t want to share a matchday with anyone openly confident enough to spout racist drivel. Well done @swfc on reacting so decisively on this matter.

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