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Sheffield United threatened with partial stadium closure for what fans deem a ridiculous reason

Sheffield United have been threatened with partial stadium closure by the council for what fans deem a ridiculous reason.

The Blades have issued a communication to supporters this afternoon, amid concerns the Kop could be shut down at Bramall Lane.

A warning was made to supporters that any more persistent standing and not sitting in the correct seat could result in more severe punishment. For now, the Championship‘s club board have decided not to sell any further matchday tickets on the Kop. It is hoped they can review procedures with less fans inside.


Sheffield United Football Club would like to communicate to supporters the potential repercussions associated with not sitting in the correct seat and persistent standing within the Kop Stand. The following has also been delivered, via email, to season ticket holders on the Kop.

For some time there has been issues with supporters not sitting in the seats that correlate with their ticket as well as standing at the rear of the Kop stand, and the club has attempted measures with the safety of supporters at the paramount of any decision-making.

As a football club, Sheffield United work under a safety certificate, issued by Sheffield City Council. Additionally, in accordance with the Football Spectators Act 1989 Act, The Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA), the UK Government’s advisor on safety at sports grounds, is responsible for issuing and ensuring compliance with licences to admit spectators to sports grounds to watch designated football matches.

Both the council and SGSA have been in contact asking the club to intervene on matters of safety within the Kop before they take further action. Should safety procedures not be followed, blocks of seats – or a full stand – can be closed. It is unfortunate that this approach is fast becoming a reality and the repercussions will effect a significant number of supporters.

The club’s safety team has made numerous attempts to resolve the situation, including marked signage, terms of business and clearly displayed ground regulations, along with increased stewarding and safety procedures. It has now been agreed that no matchday tickets will be sold for the Kop stand for the foreseeable future to enable the club to review operations.

Sheffield United is dedicated to ensuring Bramall Lane is a safe and enjoyable environment for all supporters, and through this communication appeal to supporters to sit in the seats that are clearly marked on their ticket and to desist with standing before further measures are forced upon the club.

We thank supporters in advance for their understanding and co-operation.

Sheffield United are threatened with partial stadium closure for what fans deem a ridiculous reason, this is what they had to say…

@juancl78: Can’t understand why people don’t want to sit/stand in their own seats however why I don’t get is that for every away game every set of fans is stood up….so why is it a problem at the Lane? 🤷‍♂️

@Bennysufc93: I’ll stand where I wanna stand thanks

@JoelBeighton: People have been stood up on there since seats were put in in the early 90s. There’s never been any incident occur whatsoever, so I’m not sure what the issue is.

@HW1889: I have to buy match day tickets to sit with my dad who has a season ticket on the kop and now you’re telling me Iv got to go and sit in another stand and can’t enjoy the game with my old man!!! Fucking jokers

@DanHector84: Had my season ticket since 2008, not once have I sat down, always been stood on the back row and always will, good luck trying to get several thousand other fans like me to sit down. We are the ones generating the atmosphere you keep demanding, stop trying to punish us!

@SeanWhite15: Lets be clear before people blame the club. It’s not the club! The latest example of how SY clubs are policed/governed more strictly than anywhere else, ridiculous.

@ColinVClayton: Why can’t you fit rail seating like other clubs, some in our own league.

@Aidan_Mitchell1: Should be trying to improve atmosphere not make it worse

@Ben63773594: This is going to ruin the atmosphere in the whole stadium

@CDNY00: Sheffield Council aren’t fit for purpose. What a joke

@mlaughton27: People won’t sit down 😂 Fuck off

@zoeellison_: Really pathetic response. Punishing many because the behaviour of the few won’t help anything.

@vickydrip: Derby Fan here – you always get fans who want to stand and watch a game anywhere. Get a safe standing area put into the ground. Fans stood up help to create an atmosphere. Do you have a go at away fans who don’t sit down during the match?

@1984_mjb: Get safe standing in… problem solved

@DemBlades85: Sort safe standing then Blades asap

@Banksy1Art1: At a good ground like yours you should have the whole Kop safe standing.. would be mint

@foxblade98: Why aren’t you banning away fans??


@chavis1910: No other club like it, manager calling out for a better atmosphere meanwhile the clubs shutting a stand to match day tickets and stopping people from standing 🤯

@uptheblades: Are you going to insist the same for away teams. @SheffCouncil? The percentage of away fans standing up is pretty much 100% game in, game out. If you stop the sale of away tickets that might help us, and might make this look like it’s not just a hypocritical meddling matter 🧐.

@BladesAnalysis: So let’s make the most accessibly priced tickets unavailable to those who dont have season tickets. Completely not hit the nail on the head here #sufc. Should be looking to improve the Kop and introduce safe standing, not lower the quality of match day atmosphere. #twitterblades

@_windridge_: Absolute joke. “Be the 12th man” “Your support gets us over the line” then tell the people creating the atmosphere to get stuffed. Shambles of a club, shambles of a council. #twitterblades

@AllThingsBlades: Club will no longer allow tickets to be purchased for the Kop Stand for match days. Looks like it will be a season ticket only stand. Expecting attendances to drop massively.

@SufcLucas: no longer allowed to stand up at my own season ticket seat 🤣 this is so ridiculous, been standing up every single game since i’ve had this season ticket and not once has someone been hurt around me 🤣 #twitterblades

@ZakParkinson3: hahahahah what a fucking joke

@LukeMitchellUTB: Why has it taken the council 30 years to care? 🤔 Install safe standing and there is no issue

@HW1889: Hope this statement from the council has been delivered to every other football club in South Yorkshire and not just us… if you want to talk about standing up, injuring and hurting people look no more further than S6. 🖕

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