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Sheffield pub landlord says violent Birmingham fans piled off coach and smashed windows

A Sheffield pub landlord says violent 30-40 Birmingham fans piled off a coach and smashed windows leaving families terrified.

A Blades supporter is also said to have lost two teeth after being kicked while he was on the ground during the disorder outside the Sheaf House pub on Bramall Lane after the 1-1 draw between Sheffield United and Birmingham City.

Mark Rainey recalled the shocking scenes which played out at the pub following the game, telling how glasses and bottles were flying and terrified families had to be ushered upstairs to safety.

Two windows at the Sheaf House pub on Bramall Lane were smashed as trouble flared outside following the Sheffield United v Birmingham match

He did however send praise to the staff and the majority of Blades supporters for keeping Blues supporters out and making sure everyone was safe.

Mark Rainey was on the door when it all started, telling The Star three or four coaches had already gone past the pub when the last coach stopped.

‘Birmingham City fans were banging on coach windows trying to get off’

“There were a few people banging on the windows from inside and you could tell they were trying to get off the coach,”

“Some of the United fans walked towards the coach and as they did the door came open.

“Only about three fans got off the coach at first and there was a bit of a skirmish, and then some more United fans went over.

“Then at least 20 or 30 Birmingham fans seemed to come off the coach at once and just ran at the United fans.

“They had a fire extinguisher which I think they must have taken off the coach and they used that to smash two of our windows.

“We later found out they’d threatened a woman with the fire extinguisher, and one man got kicked on the floor and lost two teeth.

“We had a lot of kids in and I think most people were trying to get the kids out of the way.”

Rainey adds Birmingham fans tried to kick down the door, which had been locked with everyone inside including kids and mothers ushered upstairs. He said staff also helped families go into the private back garden.

It was when Sheffield United fans emerged from the pub garden that the Birmingham lot backed off and attempted to get back on the coach after their outburst.

A number of windows on the bus was smashed, he said, and reckons the pub lost around 100 glasses, with bottles and glasses also chucked about by fans of both clubs during the heated moment on Saturday.

Rainey said he had only taken over the pub during the Covid pandemic and this was the first serious football-related trouble he had experienced in all his time of being there.

Police arrived at the pub 10 minutes to turn up and he said there had been just six officers at first, who of which were ‘a bit overwhlemed’, but five minutes later another 30-odd turned up in ‘full riot gear’, as you can see the rather dramatic scenes in the video above.

Rainey said he was ‘gutted’ that they were again facing yet another bill to fix repairs having been the target of an arson attack a year ago.

Sheaf House Sheffield via their Facebook page: “Just an appreciation post for all our staff yesterday who did incredibly well in a not so nice situation, we are incredibly grateful for you all ❤️ and also to the majority of our fans who helped us out and treat the staff and the situation with respect and tried your best to keep everyone in the building safe ❤️”

As reported, another incident saw trouble, in the London Road area, after the game with police investigating the disorder.

South Yorkshire Police said two people had been arrested and continue to look at others involved. It said no injuries had been reported to the force. However others say different and have evidence to prove it.

One social media user, Nick Glynn, said in a video tweet: “@syptweet South Yorkshire Police at @SheffieldUnited v @BCFC. What a disgrace. The ONLY disorder today was CAUSED by the police. Disgusting. They have obviously learned NOTHING from Hillsborough. Creating bottlenecks and danger.”

He says fans were being attacked, thrown on the floor, he had his hoodie ripped off by police, his daughter had an injured knee, she banged her head on the ground after being pushed over by police.

Nick adds that Sheffield United fans came up to him and described the scenes a disgrace, then goes to add that police created a bottleneck and battered individuals within it. See more on that HERE.

This is what social media users said as the Sheffield pub landlord says violent Birmingham fans piled off the coach and smashed windows…

@ScottyDshaw90: Absolutely ridiculous pal

@will11ship: Agreed! Literally no need

@silverfoxblade: Why did the police allow this coach to stop? This coach firm should be banned from football. Where were the police? Seems to me they lost control totally from the other reports. Not good enough @syptweet

@cherrystreet71: I thought these kind of mindless incidents was over, seems not. 😡😡😡

Keeley Joel Reader: Grown men at this if ya can’t go to a match and just watch football then theirs something wrong with ya. Grow up

Lisa Taylor: Birmingham was doing it in the ground throwing bottles, flares and even stewards stools on pitch nothing got done about it 😡

Nile Biggs: Blues fans have no shame. They were ripping seats out and throwing them into the home end when they came to pride park last season

Maggie Starkes: That coach driver should not have dropped them off there.. where was police ?..

Jemma O’connor: South Yorkshire police didn’t help this at all. They knew they were going to be trouble with the amount of police. So why not keep the fans back till home fans had gone.

Richard Gill: You never see childish behaviour like this at rugby matches or mma events! 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️. Pissed up chavs!

John Baxendale: Has the coach driver been arrested for stopping and opening the doors when it was obvious what would happen? Should have driven on.

Janet Cummings: Coming back from shops coach went past on chesterfield road banging on windows of coach bloody idiots they are 🤢

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