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Shaun Rooney gets sent off for Fleetwood then tries to fight anyone in his way

Shaun Rooney gets sent off for Fleetwood Town in their game against Sheffield Wednesday – then even tries to fight anyone in his way.

Darren Moore’s side came from behind to beat their 10-man opposition and extend their unbeaten run in League One to 11 games, after a lively looking Fleetwood found their opener 10 minutes in.

The ball found its way to Rooney, who fired an unstoppable shot past the helpless Cameron Dawson, leaving those in the packed out away end frustrated.

They weren’t feeling that way for long however as George Byers, who had made his first appearance for nearly two months, was able to score from Marvin Johnson’s effort 16 minutes in.

Strong wind played a huge part in in the second half it was poorly cleared corner that led to Johnson on the edge of the box finding the net on the 73rd minute.

Scorer Shaun Rooney then really showed himself up in a bad light with less than 10 minutes left, a second yellow card was handed out as he clashed with everyone coming his way.

Darren Moore said on the sending off, via ExaminerLive: “My reading of it was that he [Rooney] got booked for the first challenge on Tyreeq [Bakinson] and he came over to me and said ‘are your players soft of what?’ I said it was a booking because he had taken him from behind. In the rules of the game, it is a booking.

“We carried on and in the game I could hear he was really, really wound up. The second was a booking again and I think the referee got it right. As he came off (to the touchline), I’m stood in the dugout trying to bark out orders and he’s pointing straight at me and he’s decided to man handle me.

“He was fired up for the game and he had a go at the fourth official. From his perspective in a game where he could have been the hero and scored the first goal, he turned into the villain in getting sent off. Once he got sent off, the game went away from them.

“It is something that he can learn from but that’s my account in terms of what happened in the incident. I did keep my hands in my pockets when he did do it to make sure there was no malice on my side.”

Fleetwood boss Scott Brown slammed Shaun Rooney over his behaviour, saying as per Daily Record: “Roons has let himself down.

“It’s not the sending off, it’s the manner of what happened afterwards and for me, that’s not the way I want my players to react.

“If you get sent off, you take it on the chin, sometimes you might clip somebody if they get in, that’s fine.

“But you take it on the chin.

“You don’t start world war three in the middle of the park and then with the fans chanting start to go for everybody else.

“It’s not for me, that.

“We’ll deal with that in-house and I’m sure he’ll get a ban as well.

“It’s not the way you should act on the pitch.”

This is what social media users said as Shaun Rooney gets sent off for Fleetwood then tries to fight anyone in his way…

@jmcclaf: To be fair, he has a right to be annoyed, blatant dive. This is what is ruining the game, players dive and nothing is done by @EFL, the FA etc. Ref has had a shocker with that decision

@fatherofalbert: The lad’s right to be furious, blatant dive…. Not sure big Dave’s the best person to start on though.

@viewfromblockT2: The guy needs a serious ban for this, how he is going for the officials is bloody ridiculous. Being a professional footballer he needs to behave better than that. He has let his side down.

@_dylanandrew690: For everyone moaning about the foul not being a yellow and it being a dive. Whilst I agree it’s a soft foul, it might not have warranted a yellow. It could well have been a final warning from the ref. Second yellow could have been for trying to fight everyone? 🤷

@blueowl68: Rooney had not reacted like he did would of still been on the park. There was contact, fowel free kick no booking. got away lightly physically touched the ref straight red! Deserves everything the club and FA send his way.

@Porkyboxster: Apparently this is gamesmanship, also known as cheating back in my day. It’s a dive but refs fall for it most of the time nowadays. Never ceases to amaze me how players do this, roll around, rubbing parts of their bodies, get the free kick or whatever and 2nds l8r are sprinting

@GWilliamsLLM: To be fair the booking could have been for his reaction to the foul being given watching this through. Once he’s kicked off he’s earned the yellow and there’s only one outcome at that point. Behaviour thereafter might warrant another couple of games’ ban..

@GL7429: He plays for Fleetwood who does he think he is, what a complete belter. Needs a ban and a hefty fine. No respect to the officials. Then his outburst on twitter. Great role model, absolute plant pot. Cup final must have got the better of him. 🤡

@myleswaldron27: Was asking to be sent off from the early minutes of the game, too much gob on him. Not sure what he was thinking having a go at Moore, death wish son 🤣

@cowey26: That’s a shocking dive from the Wednesday player

@fidelgavstro: Would have loved to see him bounce off Daz Moore. Debatable as to whether it was a yellow, but there’s a lot of games where our players get the shit kicked out of them and we get nowt. Swings and roundabouts like every other team.

@HamishMackay11: Blatantly diving but Shaun has anger issues needs to take a step back and chill. It’s just football, hope he doesn’t take that anger home

@okwuk: Taking his life into his own hands shoving Darren Moore!

@1985Pete: What an absolute bell end 🤣

@RobLewisGordon: Felt sorry for the guy until I saw it was Shaun Rooney the absolute melt

@vale49ers: He should of been sent off against Ipswich when they played them recently

@KieranWClarke: What’s football coming to now blatant dive can understand his reaction and frustration for being sent off

@BladeLoney: Tbf hes got a right to be upset but as his Manager said accept the refs decision & sort it in the dressing room. Wednesday player played him big style and took a dive.The EFL should ban the Wednesday player and cancel Rooney’s yellow but they wont ? Rooney will get bigger ban ?

@adriangricey: Ref got both calls right. He drew the foul by cutting across but doesn’t make it any less of a foul 🤷🏼‍♂️😂

@SpikeJordan10: I trust the official was the first to apologise to Rooney when he’d watched it back. Shocking decision.

@Robbo03137398: Don’t blame him. That dive was embarrassing in the first place!!

@baggie1971: Good job that he was not up against Darren Moore in his playing days as he would probably now be paying a very large dental bill !!

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