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“Shambles”, “Embarrassing” – York City captain and manager blasts 6-1 defeat to Altrincham

York City captain Lenell John-Lewis and manager Adam Hinshelwood blasts their side’s 6-1 defeat to Altrincham on Tuesday night.

Alty boosted their chances of making it to the National League playoff places with a convincing victory against York at the J Davidson Stadium.

The hosts took the lead early on, with an own goal from York’s goalkeeper George Sykes-Kenworthy just two minutes into the game.

Justin Amaluzor put Altrincham 2-0 up in the 26th minute, followed by Jake Cooper scoring a third goal right before the break.

Maz Kouhyar managed to get one back for York just after the hour mark, but Alex Newby’s brace, along with a goal from Chris Conn-Clarke, proved to be a comfortable night for Phil Parkinson’s side.

The result means that York sit second from bottom, with 40 points from 39 games played, and three points adrift of safety. Altrincham are 7th, the final playoff place, with 58 points from 38 games played.

After the game, a message emerged from York’s co-chairs, saying: “We are beyond disappointed with tonight’s result and will be reimbursing the away fans for their tickets.

“We have genuinely tried to put all the tools needed to build a successful team, from recruitment, to housing, nutrition, and better training facilities.

“We have obviously got something wrong and will not stop trying until we it get right.

“Matthew & Julie Anne”

York boss Adam Hinshelwood said, per York Press: “The mistakes and how we conceded the goals was nothing short of embarrassing.

“We simply can’t do it, it’s nowhere near acceptable.

“Any football club, never mind one with the stature that we are working at, it’s (passion) got to be shown and shown again, it’s got to change out there on the pitch.

“They were all upbeat before the game but didn’t take it out onto the pitch, if you go a goal down then you’ve got to stay in the game.

“You’ve got to fight in every minute, and we didn’t do that.

“We started the game and the confidence just oozed out of the team from there, the second goal has come from our wide free-kick, the third goal has come a wide free-kick where they have ran the length of the pitch and we haven’t dealt with it.

“Tactics-wise, there is a huge responsibility on my shoulders with the team that has been picked, it falls on my shoulders.

“I think if we start the game like we did and we finish the half like we did, then we’re going to give ourselves an uphill challenge.

“In the one-on-ones we were second best. I’ve picked the team so I want to take full responsibility and all of the criticism that comes my way, if you start the game with a mistake, finish the half with a mistake then you’re going to leave yourself with too big of a task.

“The grit and determination you saw on Saturday wasn’t there on Saturday.

“We have to come in tomorrow and show the lads, it’s all we can do.

“We have to come in tomorrow, it’s totally unacceptable, the only way through is to keep working hard.

“The work and effort isn’t there all the time, and it’s got to be there.

“We just can’t flick that on and off. They seemed to be that way Saturday and before the game, but the mistake devoid the whole team of confidence. We’ve got to learn.

“I have to keep believing, our fans expect that of us.

“The fans were outstanding again today, and when criticism comes our way then I will be the one way to take it.

“We have to keep fighting, we are York City, a massive club for this level and we have to keep fighting until the last whistle of the last day goes.”

York captain Lenell John-Lewis said, per York Press: “I can only apologise. Without swearing, it was a shambles,” John-Lewis asserted.

“The fans were amazing, we can only apologise, I can only apologise. I’m lost for words, to be honest.

“I don’t have an answer for you, but we have to look at ourselves.

“We have to look at ourselves deeply, individually, as a collective from top to bottom.

“We have to find out a way to pick up points very quickly.

“The squad is together, it’s not divided, but today it did look like that and that’s why you’re asking the question.

“We have to look at ourselves, we have to talk tomorrow and find a way to very quickly put things right.

“I’ve been in this position a couple of times and I’ve made it out.

“I’ll keep going, I’ll make sure that the lads keep going and I’m sure the lads themselves will keep going until the end. That’s all we can do, try to find a way.

“We have to look at ourselves and we have to find a way, it’s as simple as that.

“I don’t have much words for you to be honest and I’m sorry about that, because without swearing it was a shambles.

“We have three days and it’s a quick turnaround, but when you’re winning it’s quick and you like it.

“When you’re losing it’s a good thing as well, because it doesn’t give us much time to think about it and we have it in our grasps to make it right.”

“GSK [George Sykes-Kenworthy] has been unbelievable for us, since he’s come in.

“I said it to him as soon as he walked off, keep your head up because he has been unbelievable.

“He has kept us in a lot of games and he has won us points, so it will be tough on him because that’s the position he’s in, he’s a goalkeeper and it is hard.

“It’s hard for us as strikers when we miss and we know we should have scored, but for him particularly it is hard.

“We’ll get him up and going again, because again he has been fantastic for us.

“It’s easy to say that the chances we had summed up our season, but at the end of the day we should have scored them and we need to make that right.”

This is how fans reacted as the York City captain and manager blasts their 6-1 defeat to Altrincham…

@tombarneybarnes: Silence from Matt Uggla, silence from players, silence from backroom staff, just an NLS Manager’s false excuses

@morganzwynne: So in space of a month. York have sacked a manager who would keep them up. Appointed a pe teacher and single handedly ruined his career. And also catered for away fans more than their own in a relegation battle. The silence is deafening. Answer’s needed @matt_uggla

@WillCrisp13: Don’t let this attention seeking billionaire manchild anywhere near another football club jobs for the boys and arrogant assumption you can buy success only to build a team who don’t care, ruined Yeovil last season killing our club now

@Ryan7Morris: @matt_uggla Sack him NOW!

@LiamRawcliffe1: rip up every players contract embarrassment to the club and the city. not one of them could care less, jobsworths stealing a wage

@MarkReynard3: It’s important to recognise this was a huge mistake and send the management team back down south, they are totally out of their depth. Get Askey in for the remaining games and look at things in the summer.

@Walwynstatue: That is embarrassing. I dread to think how long we’ll be stuck in a part time regional league.

@Harry98390122: @matt_uggla what show was that meant to be heard it was the Castro did it go well

@JaniCPFC: You can make whatever argument you want for getting rid of Ardley when it happened, and maybe it wasn’t working – but I’m absolutely adamant these last 4 don’t go THIS badly as if he stayed. If it wasn’t confirmed already, it’s Blyth and Spennymoor away next season.

@samrawnsley17: Hope all the ardley out people are happy now 👍

@joshua_ycfc: Hinshelwood OUT. NOW.

@MickCordukes: Everyone out !!!

@cal_ycfc_efc: Just play the rest of the games behind closed doors lads 😂

@JoshuaJ18864798: Time for someone to start taking responsibility

@YCFC1922_: Unlucky lads could’ve gone either way

@LiamHen08364023: “If we didn’t concede 6 we’d have won 1-0”

@GreekGinster: Awww did we roll over and have our tummies tickled York. FFS York. I love this club but I’m absolutely embarrassed by the lack of care, pride, passion, fight. Nothing or no-one at the club making it tick now #ycfc

@inaminute23: Worse team I’ve seen this season at Alty. Your keeper needs support. Took no satisfaction in him making so many errors.

@TomH58223938: Real questions you need to address and answer @matt_uggla, we are a disgrace. Please stop treating us like your toy

@ycfc_TWS: Get Hinch gone. That was disgraceful. Im sure he’s a young manager with good potential, but bringing a NLS prospect into a relegation scrap with the wasters we call players… was scandalous. #ycfc

@JackgHUFC: glad @matt_uggla went here now 😉 ruining that club 🤣

@kentwix12: Had some lows watching this rabble over the years but, fair play, this is a real nadir. No point before Wealdstone (h) did I believe we would go down, and now I’m 110% certain we will. That’s not even two weeks. We’ve absolutely torpedoed the club and sabotaged our future.

@harry50696659: Genuinely this is the most depressed I’ve felt it’s sad to think that I’m always in a bad mood every week due to this at the moment. I really hope things get better #ycfc

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