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Several Southend fans invade pitch in protest before becoming heated with angry York fans

Several Southend United fans the invade pitch in protest towards Ron Martin before becoming heated with angry York City fans.

Video footage was posted on social media showing what had happened, with a group of those form the away end spilling out onto the field mid game.

It left a number of the Minstermen faithful frustrated after seeing the game stopped, despite the hosts being 3-0 up.

While some York fans around the ground applauded, showing their support towards the crisis club, others nearby the Southend fans weren’t as sympathetic it seems, telling those who left the stand to get back in it so the game could carry on.

ycfc.connor wrote: “Southend fans offering York fans in West Stand out for fights during the partial invasion – aware it’s the minority, but that’s embarrassing. No less than a month were we funding your clubs wages! Short memories!

“i can understand the frustration, football for some is more than a sport, can even be more than a family.
But this in my eyes is a step far, less than a month ago we had buckets out for your clubs staff, now we receive abuse for things out of our control?

“Of course this is the MINORITY of Southend fans, fair play to the majority who stayed in full voice, all 90 minutes, even after the debatable second red and 3 goals

“but unfortunately, your efforts at a peaceful protest have been overshadowed by the minority…”

@shrimperjon replied: “TBf you gave as good as you got. Telling us to F off constantly. I don’t condone the pitch invasion but if you don’t understand the upset and pain we are going through them sorry. We will always be grateful for your support but don’t pretend you were perfect.”

@ycfc.connor such a shame to see the minority of fans hearling verbal abuse at York fans too, some offering fans out for fights. Especially when a month ago we had buckets out for your clubs staff and players wages. *NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED* #YCFC #YorkCityFC #nationalleague #football #sufc #southend #southendunited #sufcrootshall #martinout #nonleague #pitchinvasion ♬ original sound – Connor 🔴🔵📲

The protests continued on Sunday, with Southend fans again standing outside the home of Ron Martin as the club have until the 4th of October to pay off a tax debt or face being wound up.

Southend currently sit bottom of the National League table, they had 10 points deducted for financial irregularities. They had a better than expected start to the campaign despite considering the problems they face, winning four, drawing one and losing four.

The club have also been under a transfer embargo since September.

As per Chris Phillips, they are restricted to having 16 registered players and currently have just 11 available.

Southend wrote in their match report that Kevin Maher only had 14 fit players to name in his matchday squad.

They picked up two red cards in the second half of the game against York, who picked up their first National League win of the season.

Left-back Thierry Latty-Fairweather with the opener from 30 yards out in the 26th minute.

Maziar Kouhyar and Zanda Siziba then made it 3-0 with goals in the 74th and 76th minutes to seal all three points for York.

Maher said: “I’m proud of the way the players played and of how the fans supported their football club. York hardly got into our half in the first half and had one shot that flies into the top corner. I thought we were in total control of the game, we just needed a goal.

“I don’t want to make it about the referee because he likes that. I think the stats before the game tell you everything about him. It is what it is.

“Everything’s been against us for over a year. We’re the ones that get punished for everything going on at the club through no doing of our own. I’m frustrated.

“There’s so much out of our control, so we can only do our best. Something’s got to change. The players have been unbelievable. Oli Coker was on the bench today but he had a tight hamstring from training yesterday so I didn’t want to put him on and risk him. We bear the brunt of the situation.”

Maher was questioned whether league rules may allow him to bring a player or two in on an emergency basis. “We’ll speak to the league and see where we’re at. We were light today and we’ve been light all season.

“I’m proud of the staff and everything they do for the football club, and to play the football we did in the first half and even in the second half up to the red card was outstanding.”

The Southend protest group said in the week: “As we hurtle towards another high court hearing 3 weeks today, where fans face another agonising day of trepidation, we again hear nothing from the club hierarchy.

“Aside from a painful exchange on Talksport where the chairman was challenged about recent charges placed by group companies on the club’s assets, potentially to sure up his preferential position as creditor in the event of administration, we have nothing else.

“This, remember, is from a man who stood in court at the prior winding up hearing and told the judge if the club was not sold by August, he’d satisfy the debt from his own monies.

“This is a common theme. For someone who claims to love the club (“you effing idiot”), they continue to put their own financial position ahead of the club’s interests. A deal for an entity that he constantly talks down as a loss making financial burden should in theory be something to get shot of as soon as possible.

“Contrast this to real fans of the club, who sacrifice their finances, time and labour week after week, paying for tickets and travelling in huge numbers, attending meetings, protests, hearings, donating monies, and giving time to clean the stadium or administer activities like junior blues for free.

“Real fans put the club above our personal gains, and at great financial expense. That’s loving the club, you effing idiot.

“He needs to pay up, sell up and pack up, and this is the only news we want to hear, and hear it now.

“We will continue to exert pressure via protest and with just three home games remaining before the next WUP, we are in extensive planning with the wider supporters groups in order to facilitate this. Stay tuned.”

This is how Twitter users reacted as several Southend fans invade the pitch in protest before becoming heated with angry York fans…

@brien_del: Think i won the contest for f### offs in a minute

@TomSalmon123: You won 3-0, bore off.

@CustardSplatPod: I dream of the day I can be annoyed at opposition fans running on the pitch for 20 seconds whilst being 3-0 up

@gafferwoody: I’m sorry you didn’t like this today but what can we do we have 12 players now and the end is near with an owner who is sitting on his hands. Appreciate massively your help but this is playing big time with our mental health.

@tommyharris57: And I thank you for your fans support. I can’t condone a few fans behaviour today, who have hurled abuse at you, & don’t support any pitch invasions, but you need to understand our fans are desperate ,as it seems likely now we will be history in just over 2 weeks time!

@DanBasildonBlue: To be fair, i thought York fans would understand, not tell us to fuck off? No wonder a few reacted back.

@T4ST3TH3R41NB0W: Doesn’t help when some fans are doing the exact same thing yet when our fans do it, it’s wrong? Grow up, we’ve gotta do everything we can for our club, venting our frustration any way possible. You’d be the exact same, I recall some of your fans doing the same thing last season.

@mally308: I don’t see why they were so aggressive to York fans considering we were stumping up a small contribution last month and no one gave the Southend fans or players any significant abuse today. Ruining what was developing to be a nice club relationship

@StueyDuvel67: Embarrassing. Been watching too much Green Street 😂😂😂. Most Southend fans OK tbf.

@Browny_90: The lad in the black trackies who approaches the York fans, gives it the big’un, then absolutely shits it when a steward approaches 😂

@Lee1980mason: We are frustrated, nothing to do with york. We have 2 weeks left as a club. Them fans are annoyed with 1 person. #martinout

@Lord_Football: That’s five guys out of 580 for context. One less than the six York fans who were offering a coach out later. Shame, but let’s be honest. On the whole we’ve got a lot of respect for each other which was evident beforehand. Let’s keep it that way?

@sufc_Tom16: Nothing against York doubt they meant it at you we only hate Ron.

@1rhysparsons: You don’t know what it’s like until you’re in that position, completely feel for them. It’s horrible, and it’s emotionally draining watching your club die infront of you. I can assure it’s nothing personal to your club, just high emotions!

@georgekelly21: The same people that have waited years to do anything against Ron Martin and still fill his pockets every home game 😂

@m_sexton97: Sooooo York fans are okay to swear & clearly give it to the fans then cry when they get abuse back? 🤦🏼‍♂️😂

@brien_del: 4 or 5 offering us out for fights and one lad in middle of them crying his eyes out at the mess his clubs in.. football eh .. good luck for rest of the season @SUFCRootsHall

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