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Seven England fans arrested in Munich for number of ‘offences’ prior to game with Germany

Seven England fans have already been arrested out in Munich for a number of ‘offences’ prior to the Nations League game with Germany.

Sky Sports News report how they have witnessed a number of people taken into police custody on Monday night, along with repeated anti-German chants, and songs related to World War Two such as the German Bombers, which can be seen HERE and below.

These related to public order offences and abusing German police. One fan was arrested for hitting an officer, two for Nazi salutes and another following the discovery of a pyrotechnic in a hotel room. 

The UK police described the disorder as primarily alcohol-fuelled anti-social behaviour rather than any widespread violence.

Riot police had already set in at midnight with a coordinated march to move large groups of England supporters out of Munich city centre and towards the train station.

The arrests come on the same day that England manager Gareth Southgate told fans to behave themselves before Tuesday night’s Nations League fixture against Germany – admitting that pre-match issues has a negative impact on his squad.

Police have confiscated 880 passports of England fans ahead of the fixture, and a man has been arrested and charged with possession of a bladed article after allegedly attempting to smuggle a knife on board a plane bound for Munich.

UK police have mounted their biggest border operation since before the coronavirus pandemic, to try to prevent troublemakers from travelling to Munich for the game.

The game has been designated as high risk, with more than 6,000 England Supporters expected to be in Germany for the game – almost double the 3,500 official England tickets that are available for the game.

Questioned if it was important for England fans to behave on a big occasion in Germany, Southgate replied: “Yes, it is.

“I think we know, because of the landscape at the moment that the spotlight is going to be on, so we all want to be coming away talking about a brilliant night and be talking about good football and a stunning atmosphere.

“We don’t have any control over that. We can only ask that’s what our supporters deliver.”

Germany and England will be hoping to get their first UEFA Nations League victories at the second attempt when also renewing their long-standing rivalry.

Hansi Flick’s side began proceedings in League A Group 3 with a 1-1 draw against Italy, while the Three Lions put in a rubbish 1-0 defeat to Hungary.

Germany Nations League form:

Germany form (all competitions):

England Nations League form:

England form (all competitions):

Gareth Southgate wants more of his attacking players to start scoring, saying: “What is clear is that in terms of goals, we are heavily reliant on Raheem and Harry.

“There are opportunities for others to step into that fold, because the squad we have got with us, I think Harry Maguire is the next in terms of goals scored.

“We do need those attacking players in particular to step forward and start to give us threats from other areas.

“Bukayo Saka has started to do that and Mason Mount has got the odd goal, but that is the challenge now for this whole group.”

“Germany and Brazil are still the benchmark in terms of the countries who have consistently won tournaments,” added Southgate.

But Southgate said: “Even when everyone will talk about the 5-1 here, Germany ended up in the World Cup final on the back of that qualifying campaign.

“So you have to respect what they’ve been as a country and what they are as a country in footballing terms – and that mentality is what we’re trying to create.

“We’ve got to keep getting to the final stages of competitions, and games like tomorrow are brilliant for us. They’re exactly the kind of test we need.”

Germany coach Flick praised England’s “extraordinary players” and said “they could form three national teams”.

“Their game is very physical. Harry Kane is a world-class striker, he has a huge quality,” he said.

“It will be a big game for us and it will be important to implement our plan well.”

Twitter reacted with seven England fans arrested in Munich for a number of ‘offences’ committed prior to the game with Germany…

@Bootleultras: Classy England fans yet again….

@biig_jordo: Bagged for having a pyro in a room? Whattttt🤣

@lauren_sadlerx: A pyro in a hotel 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 nah stop it

@AyWeWolves83: Hold on, when is having a pyro in a hotel room a crime?! Reckon one these arrests was in my hotel yesterday especially after the old bill knocked on my room first ha

@PrinceNianzouV2: They in for a MASSIVE shock if they try this at Qatar

@Loveaflutter1: Ffs just behave yourselves, it’s not difficult.

@kopite_kai: The same people, no doubt, who were all outraged TAA didn’t sing the national anthem. No surprise here at all, it’s always been thus.

@Billclinteezy: I cant wait for the England fans vs Qatar police this world cup

@riobeare: Pyro in a hotel room 😭😭😭 what a country

@staffsref: Sadly, for some, such behaviour is seen as a badge of honour. It’s pathetic and is not going to change anytime soon. At 54 I cannot see us host6a world cup in my lifetime and it’s probably for the best that we don’t.

@DonalPower1996: Typical bad behaviour gives England a bad name no one can say differently should be ashamed of themselves letting the good well behaved people down and England as a nation too .

@welshy1000: Imagine the shock!

@LaurenceNew: This is why club fans get a hard time abroad, absolute muppets representing this dump of a country

@DMARTINEZ_85: Violence, racism and fascism go hand in hand with wherever the England National team goes. Yet, English football fans claim that *Liverpool* supporters are the ones with the problem. Funny, that isn’t it?

@JP10n: Can you imagine this lot in Qatar? They aren’t coming back alive if they carry on like this out there.

@IanTurner_: This is why I can’t get excited about England.

@thelukegriffin: God we’re an embarrassing nation 🙄

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