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Serie A Relegation Battle: The Fight for Survival in the 2023/24 Season

Another year, another fight for survival in Italy’s top football league. As we’ve seen the 2023/24 Serie A season progress and as we approach the new year, the relegation battle is heating up. Who will be fighting in the colosseum for survival? Certain teams are preparing their gladiator gear, and hope for the best. Using the odds from the best sports betting sites, we gain insights into which clubs are more likely to battle the gladiator survival arena until the last day of the season.

Salernitana’s Dire Struggle

At the bottom of the league table is US Salernitana. Before the start of the season, US Salernitana made several transfers while spending around  €26 million on six new players and loaning five players. Permanent deals with the club signed Boulaye Dia from Villarreal costing them €12 million and Lorenzo Pirola from Inter costing them €5 million. Their loan business made them work with Lazio to loan them Luigi Sepe, and Hellas Verona getting on loan  Federico Bonazzoli.

They have only five points from 12 games and not a single victory to their name. Their form is quite weak both offensively and defensively. They have found the back of the net only six times while their defense has been breached on 22 occasions. The odds reflect their predicament, branding them as the favorites to drop, with figures hovering between 1.5 to 1.6.

Empoli’s Uphill Climb

Empoli made several transfers before the 2023/24 season spending around €9 million on eight new players like Sebastiano Luperto from Napoli for €2.50 million and Emmanuel Gyasi from Spezia for €2.00 million. On the loaning and selling side they let nine players go such as Leonardo Mancuso to Udinese for €10 million, Nedim Bajrami to Torino for €7 million.

This season, Empoli is in the danger zone. They have collected just seven points from their fixtures. With a paltry two wins, their goal difference isn’t doing them any favors either, having conceded 21 goals against a meager 4 scored. The betting odds sit at 9/10, indicating a strong likelihood of relegation unless there’s a significant turnaround.

Verona’s Fight Against Odds

Verona transfers before the start of the 2023/24 season made them spend nearly €7 million. They acquired six players such as Yayah Kallon from Genoa for nearly €3 million and Ondrej Duda from 1.FC Köln for nearly €3 million. On letting players go side, Verona sold or loaned 12 players such as Federico Bonazzoli to Salernitana and Marco Silvestri to Lazio.

The season for Verona did not have a good start. Their manager Eusebio Di Francesco was replaced this October with Marco Baroni. However, this didn’t change a lot so far. Hellas Verona, sits in the third position from behind and is battling with Cagliari about the safe positions. They are one point behind, with 2 wins, 3 draws, 6 losses and goal difference of -8. They stand the odds of 5/4 for relegation meaning there is a high risk for it. Verona will need to capitalize on every opportunity to escape the bottom four.

Cagliari’s Precarious Position

Cagliari transfers business managed to take  €22 million out of their pockets. With that money they acquired players like Mateusz Wieteska from Clermont Foot for €5 million and Matteo Prati from SPAL for €5.00 million. The cleaning business was also a thing that the Cagliari club board did with selling or loaning 11 players, which include João Pedro to Monza for €7 and Alessio Cragno to Lazio for €10 million.

Regarding their current form, cagliari’s struggle isn’t far behind, sitting fourth from the bottom with nine points. Their performance mirrors Empoli’s, with only two wins under their belt. The goal statistics are slightly better, with 11 scored and 22 conceded. However, the odds coming from football betting sites suggest a 50-50 chance, placing them in the midst of a fierce relegation scramble.

Analyzing the Odds

The odds coming from betting sites are more than just numbers; they represent the culmination of in-depth analysis, public sentiment, and the harsh realities of on-field performances. As bettors place their stakes on these outcomes, the teams mentioned are not just fighting for points but also against the perceptions that peg them as likely candidates for the drop.

The Importance of Mid-Season Transfers

As the January transfer window approaches, these teams will be looking to strengthen their squads. Strategic signings could provide the much-needed impetus to climb up the table. It’s a time for management to step up, for scouts to deliver, and for new signings to prove their worth.


In these testing times, fan support becomes more crucial than ever. The unwavering voices from the stands can often spur the team on to defy the odds. As the season unfolds, the relegation narrative will continue to evolve. Will Salernitana find the resolve to mount a comeback? Can Empoli and Cagliari turn the tide in their favor? And will Verona escape the specter of relegation that looms large? Will someone else join them? Things are getting heated in the gladiator arena! Only time will tell, but until then, the odds changes will keep the speculations rife, and the fans will keep the hope alive.

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