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‘Secret interview’ held with three candidates to replace Jeff Stelling on Sky Sports

A ‘secret interview’ has been held with three candidates, say reports, to potentially replace Jeff Stelling on Sky Sports.

Adam Smith, of Sky Sports, is the frontrunner to replace Jeff Stelling in hosting Soccer Saturday after he is said to have held talks with the broadcaster last year.

He was interviewed in secret for the position alongside Mark Chapman and Julian Warren, and news of this has caused quite a debate online.

Insiders say that “Smithy”, who is presenter of The Saturday Social, also smashed a screen-test for the role, which “went down like a storm” with bosses.

A source said: “Smithy is the frontrunner to take on Jeff’s role.”

They added: “There are a lot of people behind the scenes who are batting for him to get the job.

“Soccer Saturday is a tough gig and it needs a solid broadcaster who is quick on their feet.

“Stepping into Jeff’s shoes is a massive responsibility but plenty of his colleagues think Smithy is the right person for the job.”

A second source said: “No decisions have been made yet on Soccer Saturday and discussions are ongoing.”

Jeff’s last show in the role will be on the 28th of May when the last Premier League games of the 2022/23 season are being played.

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Stelling said he was leaving for definite just after the weekend’s 3pm games had got underway on Saturday.

Speaking live on the show, he said: “It is Groundhog Day, that time of the year when I announce that I am leaving Sky Sports and Gillette Soccer Saturday.

“This time it is true. After 30 fantastic years on Sky, you lot out there have supported me, as have Sky, but it’s time to give you a break from all the VAR rants and bad gags and over the top celebrations when Hartlepool score a goal and give someone else the chance to do this fantastic job.

“So I’ll be leaving on May 28th, we’ve got a few programs between now and then, this is the last six hour Saturday Gillette Soccer Saturday… so we’d better get on with it!”

This is what social media users are saying as a report claims a ‘secret interview’ was held with three candidates to replace for Jeff Stelling on Sky Sports…

@DecUTD_: Wouldn’t mind this but there will never be a perfect Jeff Stelling replacement

@ConnorWhiten: Julian Warren deserves it tbh

@timjohn92943131: Jeff is irreplaceable it doesn’t matter who takes over it is what it is

@HarryLloyd10: The work Julian Warren has put in for countless midweek games surely puts him in pole position. He’s superb at what he does

@BennoGriffiths: Should be Jules, he does soccer special for the midweek games and does a bloody good job of it

@MattW16x: Should be Julian Warren, he’s excellent on the midweek show

@andyyoung176: @AdamJSmithy would be a brilliant choice. Quality entertainment at @SoccerAM, especially ‘Frankie Fryer Away-Days’ 😂😂….a little bit different to @JeffStelling but still a potential great appointment 👍

@ronniemac93: Yeah I’m all for this.

@markbarber1401: Best option I’ve seen. Replacing Jeff is similar to replacing Ferguson at United, no one would match his charisma, presenting style and resonance with the people of the country.

@AndrewStokes200: I like this. I dont understand the hate. Jeff was incredible nd. No one can replace him. But as he leaves a new guy has to come in. Adam smith would be brilliant. Great host

@matthayesthfc: The show will never be the same without Jeff, but this is the first touted replacement I’ve actually been excited about. Good luck @AdamJSmithy 😉

@gordiejennings: He’s come a long way since Frankie Fryer 😂 fair play!

@AidyDews: 🤣🤣🤣 Jules is the best shout! But that show is gonna go down with Soccer AM with all the changes and the loses it’s had , the characters

@CraigEtherton: It’s gonna go like Soccer AM. Most people from who I know watch BT Sport now anyway.

@JackColquhoun10: Gotta be jules or laura woods. Only decent replacements for jeff. Jules does a terrific job in midweek and efl matchdays. Laura is a brilliant presenter and cracks good banter. Either or really but not him

@markers19570: Any show featuring Clinton Morrison is immediately turned off, got to be Julian Warren as Jeff’s replacement

@ogmorebyseakid: It’s a thankless task whoever takes over from Jeffrey Stelling because as most of us know……there’s only one Jeffrey Stelling and Soccer Saturday will never be quite the same without him. My choice to replace him? Gotta be his “girlfriend” – Bianca Westwood🤦‍♂️

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